Gibby Miller (Panic) From DXR#1

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Hey Gibby how’s LA?

LA is great.  I’ve been here nearly 9 years.  It took some getting used to coming from the east coast but I love it now.  I think I’ll be staying.

 You’re from Boston originally right? What made you move to LA apart from obvious reason, weather ETC.

 I was born in NYC.  Was there until I was a little boy then moved to St LouisMO through middle school.  Left for Boston and spent the high school and college years there, then off to NYC again.  I moved to LA for work… the internet.

Panic did some reunion shows in the summer didn’t they? how was that and where did you play?

Two shows, a small gig in NYC with friends, and then a larger show in Philly at This is Hardcore.  Both shows were amazing, and a reminder that we just dont fucking get out enough anymore, but we all live so far away, etc.  Masek and I are out here, the rest of the dudes are between Boston and NYC.  Still – a great opportunity and a great show.

How does playing shows compare now to the Bridge Nine days? Do you still get as syked or not so much these days?

Boston in 2001 was just a different time.  I think it’s easy to look at things nostalgically and wax poetic – so I wont.  I’ll say that if you’re hearts still in it, keep playing when you can.  I think we’d do it more often if logistics were different.   I definitely get psyched.  It’s flattering that people remember us and still want to see us, and make an effort to organize shows over a decade on.

What do you have going on over there at the minute work wise and stuff?

I stay busy.  Record label, Makeoutclub, music, etc.

 I know you’re a big dog fan, how many have you got now? And what types have you got?

I’ve got two rescued chihuahuas.  They are everywhere in SoCal.  On the streets, in the shelters, etc.  They really need help because there are just so many – I actually rescued both of mine from the same rescue agency, who (believe it or not) flies chihuahuas to other parts of the country where they are considered rarer.  (northeast, etc).

How was your recent vacation to Europe in the summer. 

Europe is always a blast.  I hadn’t been since 07 or so… (Berlin), and the huge Panic tour (15 countries or something) in 06 – so it was nice to relax in the UK and Paris with my lady and unplug from the grind.  We got to hang with buddies in London, which is always a treat, and were at the finish line of the Tour De France and watched them cross over, which was insane… Probably never see that again.


How’s the food scene in LA just out of interest? I assume it’s pretty diverse? I’ve been over to the states 3 times but probably didn’t eat the best stuff while I was there, definitely not when I was alone, haha.

The food here is pretty next level, especially if you’re a foody.  Lots of amazing sushi, lots of michelin star shit happening – but honestly, it’s all about the diners and mexican food spots.  Fred 62 is the MUST visit for late night diners, Mexican food – hit up Teri’s on Melrose or “best fish taco” on Hillhurst.  Sushi – En on Hillhurst or Shibucho on Beverly.

Do you have much interest in the Hardcore Scene these days?

I follow what I can, when I can.  I’ll always be deeply, deeply ingrained.  It’s in my blood.

Back when Panic were touring a lot where did you like to play shows the most? What country and venue

Hands down Philly.  That was our home away from home.  Best reception, most insane shows… Killtime on Halloween night in like 01 or some shit was wild.  Car crash outside with police chase, Ink and Dagger cover band, we all dressed up in bloody tuxes with roses and zombie faces, fights left and right at the show, after the show, fucked up after party… oh man.  Different time, wild days.

Are you still gaming a lot these days? I’ve always been a geek for collecting toys and lots of other stuff, also watching a lot of movies etc but I never really started on online games. I was going to give WOW a try once but ended up basically not bothering as I’d never have time to play it.

I’m not so much anymore, working on a new record with Louderbach and so busy with the label.  My “hey day” was 04-07 in World of Warcraft, but thankfully I survived that addiction.  Hahahha…  Too much of a time sink.   If I play, its single player games like Dark Souls.  Hardcore RPGs…

Are you a social guy, what do you usually get up to when you go out?

Sadly I’m not too social… I usually go to the movies or to dinner.  At one time I think I was a bit of a maniac but again, different era!

What movies  and music are good in your eyes at the moment?

Really loving the stuff coming out on Items&Things, Sacred Bones, and of course all the wonderful stuff Im lucky enough to release on Dais. There’s a new CA band called “T.A.U.T” that we are working with in 2014… stay tuned.   Movies – nothing but disappointment for the most part lately though I did like The Way Way Back.  That new hobbit movie was not good.

What’s your all time top five bands or musicians in any genre?

Beat Happening

New Order


Dinosaur Jr

Harold Budd

You’re heavily tattooed and have been since I can remember seeing pics of you in bands and stuff… do you still get tattooed these days? When was the last time?

I do, though infrequently.  Maybe once or twice a year, if that.  Bryan Burk at Spotlight in LA did my stomach and chest, and I’ve still got some shading and color to wrap that up.  Maybe next year….

Do you have any future plans to be involved in music or in a band or whatever? Or are you already working on stuff?

My label, – releases something every month.  And my project with Troy Pierce “Louderbach” will have a third LP in 2014.

What clothing style would you say you go for?

Dragon Wizard

I known you are a big Game Of Thrones fan, as am I. What did you think to last season? Heavy right?! What are you stoked for in the next season? Also what other shows get you high at the moment?

 GoT is sick.  Insane production.  HBO brings it in every way – always.  I know what happens next due to the books but I wont say!

Other shows: House of Cards, Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey!

Anything you would personally like to say?

Thank you very much for this, Ed.  Appreciate it.


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