Hardcore History – A Look Back At Dead And Gone Records Part #2

This is part 2 of  2  of a look back at one of Europe’s best Independent Records labels of  its time.

This time some more history by Ian Wiles and a look at some of the advertising and flyers from some of the bands and shows of that era.


 Bio by Ian Wiles: (Continued)

I only ever put out one record with a band that I wasnt friends with before hand and in the main these are friendships for life.I know I can goto Seattle, etc and have a friend to hook up with. It had big highs and big lows but what a journey. The bad memories are fading away now and I only look back with fondness


Favourite records – Justice “Elephant Skin”, Down & Outs “Boys from the blackstuff” and Death Is Not Glamorous “undercurrents”

Best vinyl – The half black, half white “Newcastle United” Break It Up LP

Best artwork/project – Walk The Plank

Worst records –  a couple that I only listened too a couple of times



After the In The Clear LP D&G was me, Max and shaunxcore (messageboard, web stuff). It ways that way for the first few years until 2004 when we went our separate ways. It wasn’t pleasant and isn’t something that anyone is proud of. Max continues to do great things for hardcore and has put on some incredible shows in Sheffield.


Whilst it was just me for the bulk of the years I got incredible support from friends especially those with design and web skills. I rallied the troops especially on pre-order packing duty. I remember having a chain gang of about 10 people together for the Champion LP – pizza, coke, music and packing parcels. Nothing better right?


Looking back? The shirts are the things that everyone remembers. Max was responsible for the iconic Latin beauty which sold by the bucket load. Carry The Weight did a version of that shirt which I wear regularly  with pride. We also did a more riske straight edge shirt with a varsity hangman motif! This was done by Michiel Walrave who went on to sing in Nothing Done a D&G band. The other shirt that springs to mind was the Lion/Sheffield shirt. This was part of a holy trinity of shirts with On Thin Ice and Second Out. People should collect them all. Sweet Shirts.


Records I regret not releasing –  The SecondsXOut 7″ as it was never finished, an On Thin Ice LP (Nate got bored) and another Dirty Money LP. I also passed on Desperate Measure, Title Fight (first 7″) and the First Step. Not smart.


The shows are also things that people remember. Annual sweatfest shows at the old angel in Sheffield and the last one at the 1 in 12 club in Bradford. The Old Angel gigs especially were brilliant with every band getting great reactions. Great hangouts and the only time I have ever had fun in Nottingham.


I would love any old footage of those D&G showcase gigs and any footage that people have lying about of In The Clear or The Last Chance.  Email me : ianxwiles@gmail.com




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