Cut Loose -Interview with Nico G!

By: Ed


I’ve wanted to talk to Cut Loose since the first time i heard them, so i started talking to Remi who plays bass and is also in Jack Move. He sent my questions over to Nico G (Vocals), as he said his English wasn’t good enough (haha, it was fine in the emails!) so here is what Nico said:

DR: hey ……how is everything at present?


NG: Everything’s fucked up man. It’s Kali Yuga. Time to cut loose!


DR: where and when did cut loose start?


NG: Cut Loose started in 2013 inParis


DR: Tell me who Everyone is and what they do?

are you all from The same area or are some of you from elsewhere.


NG: This is Nico G., singer. I live in eastern France at the moment but we all know each other from the Paris hardcore scene. Nico B. plays the guitar, Remi the bass and Ben is drumming. We all have jobs and we’ve all been going to shows for fifteen years.


DR: what’s your favourite place to play shows,and where was the last show you played and with who?


NG: We only played a couple of shows so far, in small clubs and that’s the way we like it.
Shout outs to Raw Justice we played our first show with, and especially to Alexis who put out our demo tape last summer. Our last show was with Rotting Out in Paris.


DR: Are you pleased with how the Tape worked out?


NG: The tape did pretty well. It’s long sold out now.


DR:  What kind of hardcore did you grow up on,what are favourite Hardcore bands?


NG: Speaking for myself, I found out about hardcore with nineties bands but the very first band that got me into it was Minor Threat.


DR: do you ever cover any songs,what bands do you like to hear covered at shows?


We’ve been covering Cro Mags and Warzone. We’re gonna cover Floorpunch & early SOIA in the future.


DR: what do you think about reunion shows,and who do you want to see?

NG: I personally think it’s great as I was 6-7 years old when all the youth crew bands where playing, and I’m happy to watch bands that influenced tons of hc kids over the years. Thanks to reunions, I was lucky enough to see YOT, Insted, GB, COS, Judge… even Negative Approach! I’m happy that Minor Threat will never get back together though.


DR: ppl never used to really give euro bands any props what do you think about that, I think the stuff coming out of europe is as good as or better than American Hardcore at the moment.


NG: America’s still where it all started and there’s a particular feeling to it when you go to shows there. However there are great bands from all over the world. Just as there are much better punk bands outside the UK now.


DR: whats your favourite era of Hardcore?

NG: We’re all pretty open minded I guess. I’m into old school to new school. But only Ben’s the real metalhead of the band.


DR:  Tell us about what other bands you have been in?

NG: We’ve been into all kind of different bands over the years including Get Lost, Providence, First Failure, Black Spirals to name just a few.


DR: what do you look forward to from cut loose?

NG: Having fun together no matter what.


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