Rot In Hell

By: Ed


I wanted to do some sort of RIH post for a while so i got in contact with ex bass player Mark Boardman who i have known through the Hardcore scene for years.

He sent me some history from his time with the band.

 He also some pictures from his and Nate’s time with RIH.

image (4)

Words By Mark Boardman

I joined in October 2008 just as the songs for “as pearls before swine” were coming together.


my first show was with Fucked up at the roadhouse in Manchester in November 2008. a band called “lets wrestle” played. I knew I was out of step with the world.


 nate edge

note sweet 90’s orginal straight edge shirts xchorusx and undertow!


recording acoustic interludes in the haunted lift shaft at Mutiny Compound

bringin it back

CTW Fest 2

during my time in RiH I played bass on more records than I have ever recorded before in my life, drove from Manchester to Paris and back without sleeping, saw a ghost at Mutiny Compound, got hypnotised by Atko,  lost my mobile phone in a cab in Baltimore while trying to see Cheese Wagstaffs corner, got blown away by Thou in Nottingham, ate a lot of Nandos, got to fuck around with some of my best mates and generally have a right good old time.

eyes is eyes is eyes

it all came to an end for me after we played in Baltimore. on returning home I decided that I would hang up my bass for good as the drain of practising at least once a week and also playing an ever increasing amount of shows was getting to my family. RIH were looking to do a european tour with Integrity and I couldn’t commit to that so I thought it would be best for the guys to get someone in who could commit more time to the band.

image (1)


the RIH gear set up for recording some demo tracks in the Mutiny compound 

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