Vengeance -New Jersey Hardcore!

By: Ed


Vengeance are a relativity new band out of New Jersey, formed from members of Floorpunch,One Up and Reign Supreme. They played there first show with Slap Shot in February.

Bio by Jay Pepito

Vengeance was started about a year ago.  Mike Kingshott, Zev and I had been jamming with a few other dudes from the Jersey shore on a project that was kind of heavily Quicksand-influenced, more of a post-hardcore band.  Well, truth be told, I really can’t sing that kind of stuff, and we got sick of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


One day, Kingshott calls me and tells me that he and Zev began work on a second Floorpunch LP like ten years earlier, and that he just found the demos.  He wanted to finally put the songs out, and asked me to sing.  Since FP was one of my favorite bands growing up, I was thrilled, and we recorded the demo that same week.  We needed a second guitarist, and my friend Don was a huge fan of FP growing up, and he had played in a few bands, (One Up, Accident Prone, Quiet Arcs), so I asked him to play guitar for Vengeance, and he’s been writing and playing with us.  We got the name because we were brainstorming, and Mike said he wanted to call the band American Vengeance, and I kind of thought he was poking fun at my band Reign Supreme’s first EP, (entitled American Violence), and it turns out he had never heard it and was dead serious!  So we just kept the Vengeance, which is cool, because that’s one of the best Breakdown songs.


We released the demo via bandcamp, (, and it got over 10,000 plays in just a few weeks.  We just played our first show with Slapshot in Philadelphia, and we are currently writing a ton of new stuff, and at least some of it will be on a 7” on Six Feet Under Records, courtesy of Blacklisted bassist Dave Sausage.




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