Legends Of Hardcore #2 Sweet Pete: In My Eyes

By: Ed

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In My Eyes are another long time favorite of mine and I still listen to them pretty regularly.

I managed to grab Sweet Pete to answer a few questions recently, but hes pretty busy and hard to nail down.

So the interview is shorter than I wanted it to be, but i’m  just happy I got to at least ask him  this…

 DR: Hey Pete how’s it going?

 SP: I’m doing well. I have been enjoying life to the fullest. Thanks for asking.

 DR: What have you been up to recently?

 SP: Working, hanging out with friends and family and going to shows.

 DR: So when did IME start out? Where and who was in the OG line up?

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 SP: In My Eyes started out in January 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts in the basement of 103 Calumet Street. If you look on the cover of our “Nothing to Hide” LP you can see in the collage a picture of a door with “103” on it. That is the actual front door to the house where IME formed and practiced for our first year or so.

 The original line up was Anthony Pappalardo on guitar, Damian Genuardi on bass, Neil St. Clair on guitar, Luke Garro on drums and me of vocals.

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DR: How was it for you being a fan of Rev Records bands then actually having records put out by Rev, also how did it all come about?

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SP: It was a dream come true to have a record come out on such a legendary label and the label that helped shape my life in the 1980s when those first classic releases they put out. We were offered deals by a few other labels and honestly Rev’s offer to us was not the best financially, but we didn’t care about money. We went with what we loved over what money anybody could offer us.

 The way Rev first got interested in signing us was we put out our demo ourselves in April of 1997 and then set out on a tour of the US in July and August of that year. We hit the west coast and someone from the label was at the show. Rev said they were impressed with our demo and our work ethic to tour with only a cassette demo out. They say that showed what we were willing to work hard and support our release.

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 DR: were you ever in any other bands before IME and were other members of IME in any other bands when you were in your prime?

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SP: IME was my first band. The other guys all were in bands before (and after IME). Some of the bands the guys were in before IME are: Ten Yard Fight and Fastbreak. Luke and Neil were in both Fastbreak and IME at the same time until Neil left IME to concentrate on school and Fastbreak more.

DR: I used to watch the Ten Yard Fight VHS tape over and over again and just wishing so bad i could have been at some of those shows, what do you remember about that Edge Day show in 99?

SP: That whole day (10/17/99) was surreal. It was the best vibe ever as Boston as overtaken with hardcore kids and everybody there was there for one reason. They came to Boston to have a good time and celebrate a VERY important band in Ten Yard Fight.

 I just remember there was a true feeling of “unity” in the air and it was honestly one of the only times I have felt that type of togetherness and unity.

 I looked out over the kids and it felt like everyone loved hardcore and most everyone was X’d up and straight edge that day. It was definitely a day I will remember for the rest of my life and it is in my top 5 days of life ever.

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DR: And what were some of your favorites of the time?

SP: If you’re asking my favorite bands of that time then I would have to say: Count me Out, Bane, Ten Yard Fight, Follow Through, Time Flies, The Trust and Floorpunch.

DR: how many tours did you do with IME and how far did you tour?

image (8)

 We did only 2 full US tours and one European tour.

 On top of those tours we did a bunch of mini-tours up and down the east coast of the US and flew out to the west coast and played about 4 other times for week long runs.

 All the members of IME were in school or working, so we did the most we could working with everyone’s schedules. We played almost every weekend in our 3 ½ years as a band and I can’t tell you how many Monday mornings I would roll into work on no sleep as we just got back into Boston for playing out of town on a Sunday night. It was hectic and tiring, but I would have had it no other way.

pic 213

 DR: what bands were you listening to while recording from the Demo to Nothing To Hide?

SP: I was listening to the bands I listed above in my favorites of the era and all the classic 80s hardcore and punk.

 I don’t understand hardcore bands that play a style of music, but seem uninterested in that style of music anymore.

I have always loved aggressive music and hardcore/punk and listened to it before we were a band, while we were a band and still to this day. It is a love that will never fade in my heart.

 DR: who did you really like to play shows with?

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 SP: We loved playing with Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight and Redemption ’87 the most.

DR: you have played Reunion shows right? How were they compared to OG IME shows the vibe etc?

SP: They didn’t compare at all. Our flame burned out in 2000 and it was a mistake to try to rekindle that flame in 2012.

 A band is special because of a time and place. I don’t mean a location when I say place. I mean the place everyone in the band is in at that time. I’m talking their frame of mind and passion at a specific time. Once that fire goes out and everyone moves in different directions you can’t get that same 5 guys and put them in a room or on a stage and get that specialness back or reignite that flame in the same way it burned years ago.

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  1. B

    Sweet Pete! Hey if you ever happen to read this, you should know that your 2012 shows were not a mistake. IME changed my life as a kid, but I never got to see you play. In 2012 I finally did. Thanks for that!

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