50 Lions: Oscar McCall

By: Ed

50 Lions sticker- High Res

50 Lions have been around for a while now and I have been pretty interested in them and the Aussie Hardcore scene from the start.

Here’s  an interview I did recently with Oscar McCall.

DR: So ….how’s it going?

OM: Pretty good,chilling in the weekend right now.

DR: whats the back story on 50 Lions man?

low res 50L 2

OM: We started the band in 05 as something to do when we all lived in Byron bay and everyone was into metalcore.Boz (bass) and myself are the only original members left in the band.

DR: who’s in the Band? do they do any other bands too?

OM: 50 L is Skan-drums ,Elmsy-guitar,Baina-guitar ,Boz-bass and myself on vocals.

Elmsy plays in survival,Baina had outsiders code,Boz plays in a rock band called pilots and I have a side project called higher power.I think Skan had something in the works but I’m not too sure.

low res 50L 1

 DR: how many Releases do you have out now? And who puts your stuff out?

OM: I think we have about 8 releases out now not including a piece of shit demo cd.These days six feet under records does our stuff outside of Australia and resist records takes care of Oz for us.

DR: I hear the HC scene is huge is Aus man, what do you think has happened in the last 7odd years to make it explode like it has?

OM: To be honest I think its shrunk over the last few years.theres less bands putting in a solid effort and establishing themselves.In saying that we also have some great bands coming up too.

DR: What’s an Aussie HC crowd like, generally?

OM: The sam as everywhere we’ve played.kids love to mosh.sing alonng etc.kids generally act the same worldwide at shows .

DR: Where is gnarly to play shows over there? And what’s your favourite spot?

OM: I will always love playing Byron bay.i may be a bit biased as that’s where I grew up going to shows but we’ve never had a bad show there.

We toured SE Asia in October last year and Indonesia was some really bizarre / weird shit.

DR: Who kills it in Aus HC wise?

OM: Right now outsiders code,survival,Warbrain,the others and miles away when they play.

DR: Have you Toured much outside of Aus?

OM: Yeah we have been touring internationally since 07.we’re yet to hit South America,Canada  and some spots in Asia.

DR: Where does 50 Lions get inspiration from? And what bands did you guys grow up on?


OM: In the beginning we were a straight up no warning ripp off and I’m happy to admit that cos I still love NW.

As we grew and members changed we found inspiration from all kinds of bands and music so it’s hard to pin point these days.

DR: What if anything are you currently working on?

 OM: We aren’t up to much at the moment.survival are writing an LP so we aren’t doing anything till that’s done but we do plan on a new album in 2015.

 DR: Any of you guys Skate or Surf or both? If so where’s the good spots at?

OM: Boz skates and surfs,Elmsy and myself both bodyboard too.skan and Baina are city kids so they don’t do water sports.

Elmsy will say the good spots are on the Gold Coast where Boz and I will both say Byron is the place to surf hahahaha.

DR: What do you guys personally like music wise other HC?

OM: Anything really,rap,punk rock,metal.

Personally I listen to chill stuff like the national and all those bands on run for cover records like balance and composure and citizen.


DR: Who are you listening to HC wise right now?

OM: Mainly my friends bands like Warbrain and outsiders code and ill occasionally revisit a classic like the promise or in my eyes.

 DR: is there any where you really want to tour?

OM: I’d love to go to Russia and South America.

 DR: Any last words?

OM: Check out the new bands coming out of Australia

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