Rich Labbate: Insted – Part Two Of Two.



DR: What are some of you fondest memories in Hardcore?

RL: 2 things in general come to mind. One is all the people/friends i’ve met through touring and going to shows. It makes have faith that there are still decent people in this world amongst all the awful things that are happening.The other is all of the crazy and dangerous situations i’ve been through in those early days. They were exciting looking back but i hope i don’t have to deal with that stuff now. I guess i’ve learned a lot and i’m happy to be here today.

 insted tracy photo

DR: you have a band with Roger Miret right? tell us a bit about that.

RL: Yes. ‘The Alligators’. Roger and I have been friends since 1985. We had randomly talked about doing a hardcore side project for years. The time came when the Insted reunion shows were about to happen. I had written some songs and took the opportunity to record them. We have done a few studio sessions since then. All recordings appear on ‘times up, you’re dead’ released on Bridge 9.


DR: Do you still feel the same way about The Straight Edge? And how do you see it today?


RL:  As far as how i see it today, i really don’t think too much about it. The name is just a label. What other people do is their choice. It has no effect on me. But just for the record, to me Straight edge wasn’t a trend like it was for most

of my peers. I’ve been ‘straight edge’ my whole life. That’s not going to change. It’s just part of who i am. Just like vegetarianism.


DR: Tell us a bit about The Underground Faction.

RL: I started The Underground Faction when i moved to Arizona in 2011. It was more of a creative outlet for me since i wasn’t in an active band. I wanted to continue to express myself ‘creatively’ so that’s how it started. It really didn’t become focused until the 2nd year. Now i realize i have the opportunity to raise awareness and continue to promote things that are important to me like animal rights, drug free lifestyle, social issues, etc. Each shirt is like writing a song.


DR: Are you a record collector?

RL: when i was a kid i was really into it. I would save my lunch money in school so by the end of the week i could buy a couple records. I was trading records with Ray Cappo before Youth of today even came to California. It’s still my favorite music format. I really like looking at the lyric sheet, front and back cover, artwork, etc. Nowadays kids just want the song on their ipod. They don’t even know what the band looks like or anything about them.


DR: what are some of your Hobbies and interests?

RL: I like traveling, photography, graphic art, music. I’m interested in like minded people who are trying to do good in the world through some sort of activism.


DR: anything that we haven’t covered that you would like to say?

RL: Thank you for reaching out.

Peace, Rich Insted

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