Ryan Taylor: Suburban Scum

By Ed


One of the first interviews i did for Droid x Rage issue one was with Ryan from Suburban Scum.

I  have decided to post a few of my early interviews up.

DR: Hey bro what’s been happening?

RT: Not much man. Chillin. Had a wild evening in NYC last night so I’m feeling a little under the weather. Seeing the Cro Mags in New Jersey tonight, that’s whatsup.

DR: Give us some back story about the band Members who does what etc.

RT: Band started in 2007. Just wanted to play NJ/NY influenced hardcore. As years went on and we went through member changes we started taking the band a little more serious into what it is now. Not just a hobby but when we get together it gets us through the week.

sub scum 1

DR: Have you been touring much recently and what tour plans do you have for 2014 you need to come to Sweden or Denmark man.

RT: We recently got back from a tour in Japan in September. That was an unbelievable experience. Never in my life did I think hardcore and music in general would take me that far and it did and it was a beautiful, eye opening, heart warming experience. Ever since we got back we’ve been writing ALOT. Just recorded an intro, 2 new songs, and a Cold As Life cover for a split with Xibalba. That’ll be out in Jan/Feb sometime on Closed Casket records. Other than that we’ve been taking it easy on playing shows and are focused more on finishing up our debut LP. Have like 7 new songs we’ve been working hard on. Can’t wait for people to hear this shit. Were still very pissed off. We would LOVE to come to Europe. Once the LPS out you’ll see us

sub scum 2

DR: What are your personal music tastes?

RT: I’m a variety guy. It depends on the mood. Lately I’ve been really digging that new Pity Sex LP and that World Collapse record Reaper Records put out. It depends on the mood. Deftones are my favorite band of all time. I keep up with hardcore and there are so many bands I love right now. Hip Hop is my shit. 90s alternative and emo stuff I really dig on. I fuck with everything except like Dub Step and Country. That shit is whack to me. Brother Hawk from Atlanta is an awesome band. Recommend them to all my people out there with the blues. I could sit here all day but for now ill shout out that Pity Sex record because I’m playing it now and it’s beautifully depressing.


DR: How did you get into hardcore like through metal,punk or something else?

RT: Umm a good friend of mine who passed away, Mike Fry, took me to a show once and I never looked back. Starting seeing E Town Concrete on a regular basis and it changed my life haha.

DR: Where do you like to play shows the most?

RT: Honestly, at home. New Jersey is fun but rough. I love NJ. A lot. No place like home.

DR: What kinda of funny crap goes down while your on tour,have you seen much weird/bad stuff.

RT: Haha oh god. I’m usually an advocate for any bad stuff but we aren’t a bunch of badasses. No fairy tales here. Me and my bassist Madden have been known to party very hard. The rest of the band is straight edge and they are also just as much sickos as me and madden. It’s a good team. I’ve seen plenty of silly shit. It’s fucked up but I like fucking with people at tollbooths. Really gets me hard.


DR: What do you think about all these bands doing reunion shows at the moment?

RT: Hmm honestly if a band is full on into it and wants to play shows/write music I think it’s awesome. A few times I expected disaster and was pleasantly surprised. If the heart is there then I full on support it. If you’re reuniting to cut a check at the end of the night, that shit is whack and you can smell it from a mile away.
DR: How do you think the Hardcore scene is in 2013?

RT: I think it’s fucking awesome. There’s something for everybody. If you like heavy hardcore, there’s a band for you. If you like straight edge youth crew, there’s a band for you. If you like weirdo blog band hardcore, there’s a band for you. It’s sweet and diverse and I love it. Just as much a fan as anyone else.

DR: Do you guys have jobs outside the band or is anyone studying?

RT: Our guitarist Jeremy is in school to be a barber. Our drummer Paul works at a bank. Our second guitarist Dayne works at a bank and gives guitar lessons. Our bassist Madden manages a restaurant and I work at a local screen printing shop.

DR: How many releases do you have out now?

RT: Internal War EP. Split with Incendiary. Hanging By A Thread EP.

DR: What bands are killing it in yours eyes at the moment?


RT: King Nine is my favorite current hardcore band. Not only do their songs have such meaning but they hit in such a tasteful way. Very talented band. Good friends of mine and it’s cool to see the buzz in the US grow for them. When I was getting into hardcore 17/18 like a show a weekend, I would go to NYC which is an hour away from me. I’d see a Billy Club Sandwich and EGH and those bands at the pyramid. In my eyes, KING NINE covers that era of hardcore so tastefully that at 26, I relive the roots of what brought me here in the first place.
DR: What can we expect from SS in 2014?

RT: We can expect a split with Xibalba to come out. A debut LP to come out. Some touring of the states that we haven’t hit and a euro trip 🙂
DR: Anything else you would like to Add?

RT: Yes. I recently decided to start my own record label. BAD REP RECORDS. My first release is in a few weeks. I’m so excited. Follow @badreprecords on IG for updates on the label. Respect.


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