Up The Valleys With Kieran Palmer – Mind x Control!

By Ed

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So my old pal KP (Bass) is in this band Mind x Control and they are fucking killing it right now!

I interviewed him months ago about the demo, tattoos, shows etc for the first issue, which was in print.

They are one of the best current bands in Europe right now, so if this is your first encounter with them you seriously need to get real.

In this post I have used the original interview with Kieran and a rad tour journal from their past UK tour  with Focused Minds done by KP just for DXR.

DR: Hey buddy,  how’s it going? What have you been up to?

KP:  Hey I’ve been busy working and playing shows mate. The shop has been super busy and MXC is taking off too. Also sorting out a wedding.  Hahahaha.


DR: Give me a little info about the band… back story, who plays  in it, where you’re all from (ex bands and stuff you are affiliated with)?

KP:  So I moved to Wales and made friends with Robby Stephens (forsaken drummer) and we had been saying for ages about starting a straight edge band, it wasn’t until Ajay left BWP for the opportunity arose. So Robby messages me saying it’ll be cool to do a band, had a practise Paul (forsaken guitarist aka riff master) wrote a couple of songs to practise with and that was the beginnings of mindxcontrol.

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 DR:  You’ve been touring and playing some shows. How’s that been? Are people hyped on you guys yet?

KP:  We’ve played I think 8 shows now first one with the mongoloids in Birmingham which was amazing, then it was ghostfest which was also amazing every show has been amazing but outbreak and life and death where the ones that stick out the most for me. I feel that there was a lot of hype for MXC and there is still a lot of hype, our shirts sell out real fast, no one stands still when we play. It’s been a great experience.


DR: You guys have a 2013 demo, correct?

KP: Yeah we have done two runs on cassette and I done a run of CDs.


DR: How are you finding it over there in Wales man, scene-wise and crap? Do many American and Euro bands play over your way?

KP:  Wales is awesome there is a ton of great bands here and has had a lot of great bands that came from here a lot of US bands come through and the odd euro band Bristol get better bands there to be honest.

DR: Hows work at Frontier Tattoo Parlour? I’ve been having some work done here in Sweden but I’m finding it a lot steeper than in other countries I’ve been Tattooed…..well, cheaper than Norway,but still….


KP:  Frontier has been one of the best moves I have made in my career I get to go and work with a bunch of mates everyday doing something tat I love, I don’t know many people that can say they genuinely love getting up and going work everyday. I think Scandinavia is quite an expensive place in general. Suppose you can’t pay for everything in records hey. Hahahaha.

Purgatory Records

DR: What other stuff are you into? I know you like, but what other stuff keeps you going?

KP: Well spiders is are a big part of my life I guess. Tattooing/painting, records and being in a band. Sarah takes up a lot of my time too. Ha


DR: How do you think the Hardcore Youth is in 2013?

KP:  Hardcore in 2013 is in my opinion mainly down too crowd killing and work wear. It’s good though there’s a lot of hardworking bands and a lot of bands doing good stuff the bands that have done it for me in 2013 have been blind to faith, EGO TRIP, bang bros, xrepentancex and forsaken. There is more but I could go on about it forever. The rest of this question is tough. American nightmare are great.


 DR: What bands have you previously been in? You were in that band Carbine, weren’t you? They were pretty cool. was Jami Craddock in that band too?

KP:  Carbine fuck that’s a blast from the past worked hard got no where haha. Yeah James drummed in that one. He’s now doing well as a tattooer also. That’s it really.

 DR: Any Tour plans coming up?

KP:  We are touring the UK and Europe with focused X minds in July. Watch this space.


DR: What bands are you feeling at present and what are the classics on your playlist?

 KP:  This will be a long list: Xrepentancex amazing 90’s styled stuff vegan power. Forsaken South Wales cross over, bunch of good dudes. Focused x minds are a great band. Power trip awesome cross over. Guidance 7″ is a banger. Look alive both feet on the ground. The rival mob mob justice is a banger. Loads of pulling teeth stuff. No warning ill blood. Righteous jams. Mental. OLC. Leeway. Mindset. Turnstile. Backtrack. Terror/buried alive. Raid. Earth crisis. Hatebreed. Inside out. Hard stance. RZL DZL. There’s more I could go on.

DR: Ok peace out dude, I hope I see  you soon. Any shout outs?


KP: Come to Wales. Shout outs to John X repentance, XAJAYX, robbyxstephens, paulxgriffiths, Joseph Latham, Ieuan Westwood-hicks, rosey joe, Sarah, xgemmax, Sam and grimes of bleak reality, all of FTP, PAG, Pearson, Gav Russell and tight to the nail BIGXJACK. Everyone else who’s been a positive influence in my life. Forever STRAIGHT EDGE XxX.

KP: Cheers eddy congrats on future parenthood.

Mind x Control UK Tour Journal by Kieran Palmer.

Monday 14th July

We played in the flapper and firkin tonight wasn’t the busiest of shows but was fun got a good reception anyway. Also got to eat a nandos. Played a new song about fast food for the first time it’s called pizza to go (I only learned it the day before) the drive there and and back was pretty straight forward plenty of banter and sleeping.

Tuesday 15th July


Focused x minds played Dublin! We all worked.

Wednesday 16th July

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Tonight we played in Leeds at the temple of boom. Was a good drive up with ajay telling some funny stories of his upbringing. We got to Leeds unloaded the van then went to reds BBQ with john of focused minds where we bonded over a couple of waters and BBQ sauces. This show we played with some awesome bands like mangled youth and control ( they’re two bands to keep an eye on ) we got a great recepion here also everyone was doing silly walks and focused x minds smashed. After the show we went to lucky’s pizza and got £1 slices of pizza and it was real nice, also found out lilt isn’t vegetarian. Slept on a floor that night.

Thursday 17th July


To start the day off went and got a greasy breakfast and a tea then we decided we were going to leave for middles borough early and go Redcar beach. When we got there we went to some arcades and played the penny machines to try win some shite key rings. We went on to go get some ice cream from pacitto apparently famous for a “lemon top” we had strawberry. Hahahaha when we got to middlesborough we just hung out in the van because focused minds got stuck in traffic and the show didn’t start till late. All the bands that played this show were good too. Again mangled youth, control and world weary were the ones that stuck. Again focused minds smashed it they almost didn’t play due to the management of the place moaning.


Friday 18th July

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We left middlesborough at midnight and didn’t get back to Cardiff till 6am real long night. Thanks Ajay for not killing us. Today we are playing in baa bar in Cardiff so we all got to chill out at home for most the day. The guys in focused minds got to my house at about 3 pm so we hung out for a bit got some food then headed into town. We arrived at the venue unloaded the van then I tattooed John and Drew with little souvenirs of the brief tour in the uk ( the shop I work at is round the corner). I also got to see my mates in hard X out from Eastbourne at this show they’re a great band give them a listen. All the bands that played in Cardiff were straight edge and it was good to loads of people with X’s on their hands. For us I think it was the best reception that night we got of the tour and everyone went crazy for focused minds. After the show we went to get food from Pizza Hut but it was closed so we took Drew to nandos has he had never been before.


This had been a great week and I feel that we had made some good friends in focused minds they’re a great bunch of down to earth guys. Thanks for the fun times, thanks to who helped us out.

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