Interview with: Jeremy – Fury

By Ed

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Sticking with the modern theme of recent weeks i interviewed Jeremy (Vocals) from Cali band Fury.

Another banging MDR band.


DR: Hi there could you introduce your self and tell us a bit about Fury and who’s in the band?


Jeremy:  What’s going on my dude, my name is Jeremy. FURY is a hardcore punk band from Orange County/Inland Empire with Madison and Alfredo both on guitar respectively, my brother Jerrod slaps, and Big Al on drums.

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DR: How do you feel as a band about how the demo turned out? I think it’s pretty solid one of the best I’ve heard this year. Is it still available?


Jeremy: Thank you very much for the kind words. We are all proud of the demo, the songs and how it sounds sonically. It is still available through Mosher’s Delight Records out of Washington, DC.


DR: How did you come to being on MD?


Jeremy: We have mutual friends with the guys in the Newton House (MDR Headquarters) and we became friends with the guys in Intent when they came out to California for Destroy LA last summer. When they heard we were starting a band, they were interested in hearing the demo when it was done. Once they heard it, they offered to release it on MDR. I was a fan of Intent and MDR already at that point so it was a no-brainer to have them do it. It has allowed us to reach a much larger audience very quickly and we are very grateful for that.


DR: What have some of your first shows been like and who have you enjoyed playing with?

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Jeremy :Our first show was with Hounds of Hate in bakersfield, CA at a venue called Munoz Gym which is a (former) boxing training gym by day and punk venue by night. All the bands dropped except us and hound so it was a fun little gig. We played inside a boxing ring, there’s footage online somewhere that our friend Marco filmed and its pretty wild playing in the ring. I felt like Apollo Creed. We played some more shows around southern california after and they all went well for us. We got to play with great California bands like Forced Order, Disapproval, Soul Search, and Violent Situation amongst others. We got to play with Title Fight for one of our first shows too and that was an experience I won’t forget.

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DR: Who is involved in the writing of songs in the band?

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Jeremy: Madison will write stuff bob mould style on his bed with his miniature acoustic guit , then him and big al will jam it out loud style in the room just next door aka The Slam Den. Then they’ll send the rest of us iphone voice memos immediately and we give either 6 thumbs up or 6 thumbs down.


DR: What are some of the music Tastes from you guys?

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We are all over the place man. Our playlist for our most recent tour with zoom and barge consisted of tom petty, stuck mojo, jets to brazil, adorable, system of a down, procession, this one Kendrick Lamar song, and some low key deathcore from dj dinny dan.


DR: And who do you/where do you draw a lot of influence from?


Jeremy:  Madi wrote most of the demo riffs during this random week when he wasn’t working and we thought they had a kinda battery/beyond vibe so we started from there I guess music wise. I don’t know about the other guys specifically but I take inspiration from Justin Cuevas, James Brown, Freddy Mercury, and Pat Dubar (before he was Affliction Shirt guy).


DR: What are some of the other music projects you guys are involved in?

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Jeremy: Madison currently plays in enough said, slammers, pocketknife, loughton, and precinct. He also plays bass for disapproval but shares that precious time wth Alfredo. Alfy plays in forced order, soul search, and girth. Big al plays in precinct, birth control and pocketknife. I play in layman and pocketknife. Jerrod plays in a new band with me named Bloom.


DR: What’s your Top 5 Favourite Crucial band list?


Jeremy:  Top 5 in no order is crazy horse, true head, ramones, yo la tengo, and turning point. These bands are crucial for living a correct, healthy, reflective, and transcendent lifestyle.

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DR: What are your plans with Fury in 2014?EP,Full Length


Jeremy: FURY in 2014 will be touring with soul search for 6 weeks around America and Canada. Our friends skinfather, forded order, and violent situation will be playing some of the shows as well. A California Invasion.

We are almost finished recording a 5-song 7″ coming out on BBB Records from Boston around Christmas time.

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DR: And who are you personally listing to Hardcore wise right now?

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Jeremy: I’m listening to systems overloaded and a 7″ called something hurts by a band named Reality from salt lake city

 Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 3.53.30 PM 2

DR: Thanks for your time.

 Fury Extras (2)

Jeremy: Keep rockin in the free world my dude


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