NEIGHBOURHOOD – Linus K. interview


By xjtx

Social networks are great when you know how to use it: you “like” a picture of a vegan pizza on Instagram, then you find out this nice person sings in an awesome Youth Crew band from Stockholm, Sweden. Next you find him on Facebook, and then, early this morning, after beeing hired to write some stuff for a cool blog, you realize it’ll be sweet to ask him for an interview of his band!

You’ll discover in these lines Linus’s a cool young lad. I just want to thank him for answering so quickly!


xjtx: Hi Linus, thanks for according your time! How are you since you came back from your mini-UK tour a few weeks ago? How was it?

L: I’m good! The trip was great and we’ve been rehearsing and been working on some new stuff since we got back.

xjtx: Can you introduce NEIGHBOURHOOD: how and when the band started? Were you all friends before starting it and did you all come from the same musical experiences? What did you already release?

L: We started out in January 2012. It was actually our drummer, Sverker, who started the band, wanting to play melodic hardcore in the veins of H2O and he invited me to play bass and Emil to play guitar. For some reason that really happen, haha. We only knew each other vaguely when we started rehearsing too, so the first couple of practises were kind of awkward, haha. And it took over a year for us to get a bass player that were willing to be more than just a stand in. Nowadays a guy called Grim is rocking out the bass.

Sverker was way into street punk, dressed up in boots, spiky hair and denim vests. Emil got into hardcore and music throught his uncle who plays guitar in Doctor Living Dead, and you could say that both me and Grim descend from the crust/käng scene. So we’re not at all from the same musical background.

We managed to put out a two songs demo, a tape with four songs (which is our only physical release, done by Masskontrol Records) and we just released a promo for our four songs. We’re recording three more songs as soon as possible and we’ve been in contact with a few labels, so expect something very soon!

xjtx: Why the name “NEIGHBOURHOOD”? Do you all come from the same place, like a XXX gang or something?

L: We come from very different places, or well Grim, Emil and Sverker grew up in different suburbs in Stockholm but I come from a really small town called Strängnäs west of Stockholm.

I guess the name is an allusion of the sense of community in the scene. And also, where you grew up always has an impact on how you turn out. If you grow up in a working class area with parents working double shifts, there is a fair chance that you’re going end up doing the same thing. From our song “No class no state”: “Where I grew up so etched into me, my heritage, my neighbourhood, my family.”

xjtx: NEIGHBOURHOOD seems to have pretty remarkable Youth Crew influences – appart from wearing Air Max – what can you tell me about this? It seems Sweden is largerly open to straight edge and vegan ideas, which is pretty good in my opinion.

L: Youth crew hardcore is something that I’d say is at least, me, Emil and Grim’s “main” type of hardcore, and I guess that shows off in the music we write. Even though we’ve always had the idea that we want to be a youth crew band.

Vegan and straight edge was huge in the 90s here, and I guess it still is. We’re three vegetarians and one vegan in the band, and two who are straight edge.


xjtx: Do you write all the lyrics? Where does the inspiration come from and what do you mostly deal with?

L: I write all the lyrics, but I always send them to the rest of the band for feedback.

My lyrics are often very reflective of my life and always heavily influed by my political views. But if I was to narrow it down to a few subjects that we write about, I’d definitly say class struggle and critique of working culture.

We all think that hardcore should remain political, so we always try to adress issues and comment on current happenings in the world, both on Facebook and on stage.

xjtx: It seems that wearing gloves on stage like Kevin Crowley or Raybeez never have been old fashioned if we consider some pictures of you! What’s next level? Breaking chains on stage?

L: Hahah. We actually played a show on the death of Raybeez and that’s the reason of the gloves and chains. Warzone has always been a big influence on us!


xjtx: What’s NEIGHBOURHOOD near future? Will you tour or release something new?

L: We’re doing some shows here and there in Sweden. We’re about to record three more songs, and we’re planning on hitting mainland Europe as soon as possible!

xjtx: Thank again for according your time, if you wanna add something, drop some links to share, support local bands or make an announcement to the Earth, it’s up to you!

L: No problem, thanks for giving me the opportunity!


Also major shout out to our friends in BLIND AUTHORITY from England!



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