By Jean

I woke up early this morning to tidy a bit of some short columns I wrote a couple of days ago while waiting to publish three interviews here…


Sure, I’ll try to post other things than swedish straight edge stuffs one day…
But trying to review something interesting in DROIDxRAGE means a lot to me, that’s why I’ve decided to swim in my mess and look for the XCORRECTIONX demo tape I’ve ordered a few months ago to my bro Alexis from OFFSIDE RECORDS.

XCORRECTIONX are from Gottenburg and they just ended an euro-tour on October 12th to assure the promotion of their latest 7″ EP “Weaken the stronghold” on Carry The Weight (for Europe distribution I guess, North-American tapes will be released by Flop-House). I’ve followed their adventures on singer Staffan’s Instagram profile – I was stoked to learn they hired a friend to play bass two weeks before starting touring Europe – and I was really glad to see they spent great times during this trip. It seems that Staffan’s always a really enthusiastic person according to his posts revealing the “worldwide hardcore brotherhood” he’s so attached to. A spirit you can also find with his other really good (super)group SECTARIAN VIOLENCE (with members of COKE BUST, XREPENTANCEX, VIOLENT REACTION…just to name a few) in which he plays bass.

You can sum-up XCORRECTIONX’s this way: crude and raw swedish style of hardcore punk kinda MOB47/SKITSYSTEM minus the d-beat but sincere mosh parts heavily influenced by a more tough hardcore aspect (such as Boston HxC). Lyrics on this 5 songs K7 are pretty sweet: they seem written by some honest and rational straight edge hand (!!). Just take a look at this capture of the tape insert:


What I like with some swedish straight edge bands (and XCORRECTIONX is totally concerned by what I’m about to write) is that they can mix their “workers identity” with their straight edge mentality! I just love that fact. You know, where I live in France, straight edge dudes are almost always seen as pretentious assholes with a hockey jock mentality… Maybe we are (I don’t know!) but remember what HAVE HEART used to shout: we’re also armed with a mind!

I hope you’ll like this band if you don’t already know them!




STOIC VIOLENCE “Chained” 12″ (2014)

A few days ago I’ve ordered some gems to my bro Alexis who runs STRAIGHT & ALERT records and distro. Usually, the dude sends some goodies plus your order – no matters if it consists in stickers, flyers, demos – it’s always nice to recieve some extra stuffs.
Anyway, yesterday, I have the surprise to discover in my package a HUGE green poster for STOIC VIOLENCE (Long Beach, California) newest material: a 12″ which is – according to Alexis himself – increasingly good (by the way, I need to frame it as soon as possible).
I already knew STOIC VIOLENCE previous releases which consist in a demo, a previous s/t 12″ and a flexi tour record which you can all listen too on their bandcamp page…


First of all, the artwork really stoked me (artists: Alex Heir & Heather Benjamin): recently, It seems like everybody started to worship some famous NYC city based artists kinda Sean Taggart or Kevin Crowley which you can sum-up this way (in my humble opinion) “angry men stomping at things”. Often, you can see walls made of bricks which is a quite typical element of NYC architecture and it’s possibly the only element of the cover (besides the way the two characters are designed though) that reminds me of NYHC representation. However, the usual NYC macho-heroic typical representation of skinhead youth isn’t featuring here, replaced by a strange hooded woman threatning with a knife a chained up dude! This detail totally match with the sound of that record. When you’re seeking on the Internet what people may think about STOIC VIOLENCE’s sound, it seems like most people are comparing them with HOAX (which is a great band anyway, I just love their first LP) but this is absolutely not what I think of STOIC VIOLENCE! Kinda another nowadays great band from Portland, Oregon called LONG KNIFE (“Wilderness” 12″ and “Possession” 7″ are just amazing), I think STOIC VIOLENCE are much more the heirs of the crude and raw sound of my favorite Portland based hardcore punk band of all time, I’m of course dealing with POISON IDEA (whom next record will be released in 2015, you gotta watch out if STOIC VIOLENCE and LONG KNIFE aren’t much better than them now!). Even the name itself “STOIC VIOLENCE” seems as efficient as “POISON IDEA” because of all the dismissed feelings it’s inspiring me! Almost every song title of “Chained” (which are delivered with an intense feeling of hatred, frustration and angst) reminds me of what it is to be a hardcore kid in a world you reject: “No escape”, “Abused”, “When will it end” just to name a few of them…

Anyway, just go and look for it cause I right now, I just wanna listen to it another time!




I’ve just discovered something interesting.

You certainly don’t know (I’m rather new on DROIDxRAGE duh) that I’m a huge fan of insane “crossover” stuffs. Best example? Obviously THISCLOSE. Formed in Stoke-on-Trent (UK) and located in places such as Glasgow, Edimburgh and Bristol, this band consists in three members (singer Rodney Shades is also a member of xSAXONx, they are also members of LOTUS FUCKER (INSANE show in my hometown maybe a year or two ago) and CORRUPT HUMANITY in it) making an increasing tribute of UK finest hardcore punk band of all time (in my humble opinion, you know the deal) DISCHARGE (who came from… Stoke-on-Trent!), creating a mix of two different DISCHARGE periods: the early days (from 1980 to 1985, including “State violence, state control”, “The Price of silence”, “The more I see” and “Ignorance” singles, “Realities of war”, “Fight back”, “Decontrol”, “Never again” and “Warning: Her Majesty’s government can seriously damages your health” EPs, and “Why” (even if it was more considered as an EP at the beginning of their career), “Hear nothing See nothing Say nothing” albums and (surprisingly) the post-UK82 era with unholy famous “Grave New World” LP. You may know if you’re in “hardcore” historickly speaking that in 1986 back when DISCHARGE released their third album everything went black when singer Cal and the other members of the band decided to turn into a really weird kind of heavy/glam metal band, with especially a hyperacute vocal. And that is why THISCLOSE is totally special in my opinion cuz they decided to make fast, heavy riffs and d-beat while adopting the Grave New World style of singing – creating an intense crossover style of hardcore punk.



(Yeah, as you can definitly see I’m a huge fan of this band, and this backpatch was 100% handmade by a friend)

Let’s get back to the point, if you mind!

So xSAXONx is another band of THISCLOSE’s singer Rodney and as you can see, with this band the scottish crew maintains his position in top of the podium of “the best band names made after an excellent pun (THISCLOSE/DISCLOSE) or a funny(?) joke (I can’t help wondering if putting Xs on both sides of a famous New Wave Of British Heavy Metal is really an interesting joke but no matters…). xSAXONx is much more a “thrashcore” band such as D.R.I. Corrosion Of Conformity or more recent DC based band COKE BUST than a sxe, posi-core or youth crew band. They got a much more punk background than maybe most bands this website usually deal with (you gotta look for pictures on Instagram to watch shots of an Asia tour back in 2013, “Up the spikes” was my reaction!) but who cares? Anger, frustration and street mentality are here and nothing else matters!

xSAXONx has a really strong DIY mentality according to how they sell/send their different self-producted releases (2012 “In the night” LP, their best in my opinion, a split EP with CRIPPLED FOX from Hungary and their latest EP (both released this year) which was recorded by a OI POLLOI member) you can only catch up on tour or order while sending them an e-mail.

You definitly need to listen to this band and share it!


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