Drawing the line : Interview with Chun One

By Tieuma

Since I took my first step into Hardcore Punk, I got stuck collecting merch, and to be honest, mostly shirts.

And if you got the same problem, you propably came across the crazy touch of the only Chun One. Maybe you love it, or just puke on it, but he’s all around the place now.

In fact, he even left a mark here.

(The One with Desolated in Bangkok.)

Coming straight outa Bangkok, our man is a regular office guy by day, and become the One by night.

Chun One : “I got into hardcore punk like most kids growing up in the early 90’s – via Nirvana, Green Day, The Offspring…. I listen to almost every type of music but hardcore punk is the most fun to me.

I did a little drawing for Hong Kong hardcore band King Ly Chee back in my freshmen year (12 years ago! Damn I’m old) via chatting with their singer Riz on ICQ (!), and haven’t done anything again in terms of hardcore artworks until last year due to study/job. Glad I finally got my shit together and do something with it.”

(The list of fanzine, bands, labels or whatever he worked for is way too long, but I’ll pop my favorite drawings in this interview.)

C.O : “It’s crazy to see people/bands wearing or liking my stuffs! I have a lot of orders I have less time to sleep but it’s good to keep yourself active.

Mostly I would come back home around 6PM, eating and chill around until 8PM and then working on drawings until 2AM and then sleep to get up at 7AM for office work. Not a good way of living though, don’t do it like me.

 I try not to have internet at my home otherwise I’ll be browsing through eBay/Youtube and stuffs all day instead of doing some drawings.”

(As Better Than A Thousan would say, Chun is self worth.)

C.O : “I did not take any classes because I’m too lazy. I’m inspired and influenced by Charles M. Schulz (R.I.P.), Patrick Hynes and a lot of graffiti writers. I try to draw as much as possible because you’ll never know when it’s going to be your last day on earth. I do graffiti too but I tried to separate that from the hardcore artwork thing.

I keep the style cute and fun because that the identity of my works. The bands/labels/zines etc. approaching me knew it so they’ll know what style of artworks they will get from me.

I made so many good friends through doing artworks, thanks to all my friends, present, past and beyond (Jim Lindberg voice). Life is good.

I do get paid unless it’s for friends or what not. Drawing is not what I do for a living as this is a second job. It’s just what I do to fund the sneakers and other stupid stuffs in my collection.”

(I just love how much Home Run is supposed to be a super-posi-youth-crew band, and still he gave the singer a One Life Crew cap)

DroidxRage : “What do you collect mostly ?”

C.O : “I mainly collect Nike – Blazers, Dunks, Jordans, Tennis Classics.  Collecting is cool, I love to collect cassette tapes.”

(Even if he’s spending his time drawing and working for a living, he’s still up about what happens in hardcore. And all the characters in his designs are just the generic hardcore kids, I still find it funny.)

O.C : “I go to shows whenever I can (and have the money to go haha), I don’t know jack about organizing shows or playing music though.”

(There’s a lot of references on his designs, mostly RZL DZL or Lockin’ Out ones in general)

DxR : “What are your top ten favorite band ?”

O.C : “Build And Destroy / RZL DZL / Power Trip / Title Fight / Basement / Beastie Boys / Green Day / Weezer / ALL / N.W.A

Unfortunately from the above list I only saw Green Day, not many of my favorite bands come play in Bangkok, Beastie Boys and Weezer came when I was too young to know them though, so…”

(At the time I interviewed him, he even did a design for the fanzine this chit-chat was supposed to be on. Sike!)

DxR : “Any last words, shout out or what not ?”

C.O : “Shout out to all the bands/labels/promoters/zines/people giving me the chance to draw. And shout out to all the people doing good things and enjoy their lives… And thank you to you!”


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    Yo thank you for interviewing me! Hope I don’t sound like a serial killer or something….

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