By xjtx


Right now, I’m pretty pissed off.

Well that’s life, you know it. Since 2014, May the 2nd my life has radically changed since I suffer from several medical issues. Whatever what life will offer in a near future, I really get the sense of that “seize the day” motto every dumbass 2.0 postcards tries to smash your life with. Every morning I wake up held by some sort of spiritual healing brought by a few things: my personnal motivation which seems to be unbeatable (Hare Krishna, Hare Rama…) & the tons of records I can afford now I’m currently living on welfare lines (please Roger M., don’t cut my public assistance!) since I’m pretty much “disabled”, with a right hand that does not want to work and a right leg which is pretty lame. But fuck that: I’m not writing this to get any support, I just want you to know that listening to DC band PROTESTER’s latest 7″ (Trash King Productions) is a hella medecine!



Since my teenage days, DC inspiration has always been really important to me, mostly due to MINOR THREAT & the BAD BRAINS. Nowadays, the DC scene is probably the most interesting thing that current american hardcore scene has to offer. You got bands like COKE BUST shredding everything and all the bands revolving around Nick, Chris, James and Jubert (RED DEATH, PUBLIC SUICIDE, PURE DISGUST, MISLED YOUTH, ZOOM, SEM HASTRO…) and, of course, PROTESTER is one of them.
After dozens times this 7″ had been spinning in my room, I can assure you this record will end in first place of my top 2014 7″. A few days ago I finally bought it from my bro Alexis’s distro, you can’t figure my pleasure when I found this sleeve designed by Connor from RED DEATH (source: All-Mighty Internet).

(“[…] the X on my hands, forever remain
[…] with pride I mark my hands…”)





This record is a powerful and raging piece of anger and frustration – the perfect stuff to listen to when you’re in my current mood. It perfectly stick with the sound of their awesome scene. Not only it has that DC impact, but I feel like a late 80s NYHC vibe like LIFE’S BLOOD, RAW DEAL. A complete must have for 2014 records collection. Otherwise, fuck you!

With love from France

For more DC killer bands:

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