Life To Live Records – Dan Cantarero

By Tieuma

Life To Live Records

When I first came back in my home town for a little while, Truth Inside was touring Europe, and against all odds, I had the chance to catch them. The show took place at No Guts No Glory singer’s place, in his garage to be precise. Manchester’s own xCURRAHEEx opened the show that evening and damn, it was one of the messiest thing I saw in my life. I have to admit, moshing in a fully packed garage is tight. Nothing to do with this article but also that evening there was this dummy guy telling me that “English Hardcore sucks”, but I never saw him at any shows. Whatever.

It’s also the first time I met Dan, who used to sing in Truth Inside. I didn’t spoke much with him though, so three years later, here is a little mail exchange I did with him.

I’m still really into Truth Inside, that basic/efficient Youth Crew thing was really cool. I’m also into the lyrics. It’s simple and some may say it’s naive but songs like Unity or Abstain really speaks volumes for me.

Dan : “Truth Inside definitely had a message and was more of a serious band. LL is just me writing about all the other shit I didn’t get to in Truth Inside. The shit in this world that pisses me off so the music is a lot angrier along with the lyrics too.

I am very mixed when it comes to nationality so growing up I was treated different in predominately white schools. Being the different kid with darker skin made me stand out so that’s why songs like Unity were written. Maybe people will stop being so ignorant towards each other one day but then again maybe not. Either way, I will never stop trying.

Straight edge has always been a personal choice for me. People always seem to care way too damn much about other people and their choices in life which is why I wrote Abstain. Worry about your own personal decisions before bashing someone else for their beliefs.”

So now, Truth Inside are gone, leaving us with Face It and LSNS LRND.

D : “It was kinda unexpected but we were supposed to write a new LP after one of the tours we did and we all got really busy with life in general. We just decided hey this will be the last show.”

For a little bit of background and context, Dan is from Florida, supposed to be “badass man! The beach is awesome and life is mad chill” he first started LSNS LRND, called lessons learned back in those days, when he was seventeen.

D : ” It was the first band I sang in and at the time it was called “lessons learned”. We never broke up and decided to just bring it back in a way. We changed up the name and the sound and just recorded. It’s different but cool and fun to us. Im trying to do weird shit with this band (like go rap metal). We will see if it works!

LL is just my way of letting out a lot of anger built up. I’m still a very positive person and who knows if there will be some positive based songs written but I guess we will see.”

Rap metal ? Really ? Well, actually, aside being busy with hardcore, Dan have a hip hop project, that seems to take a little bit of time considering he already dropped a couple of videos, and I’m really curious to listen to LSNS LRND.

Yeah, it’s basically it’s name. Tight.

But from now on, the said band had a hard time recording this album, since they will only master the third take.

D : “One time the computer crashed, the last time there were some recording hiccups so the band wanted to re-record it again, and we just recently finished for (hopefully) the last time damn. I made a joke at a show the other night telling everyone that if these recordings don’t make it for whatever reason than it wasn’t meant to be and we will never record.”

 Take notice, for a band that didn’t recorded anything, they already played pretty cool shows

And they also played a show with Ringworm in Pensacola, FL, 7th of april, but I couldn’t find a proper flyer so, screw it, but they played a show with Ringworm too without ANY listenable sound and it kicks ass.

I know, I’m overreacting this, but where I’m living, it seems like barely impossible. With all that going on, the guys from LSNS LRND still have the time to do Face It and things amongst others.

D : ” jack was in LL (he started the band with me forever ago) and he ended up quitting which was funny because I was in Face It and I ended up quitting that. I just have too much going on so I was like sorry boys but it’s ok because I help them with design work and what not. Tay is always starting new bands and jack is too. Ben has a folk rock acoustic type of project he does also that is called 40 acre pine. It’s safe to say that all of us really love music no matter the style or genre.”

Like it wasn’t enough, alongside with his bands and his work, Dan is running Florida’s own Life To Live records, with a caps locked GET DOWN WITH THE LIFE TO LIVE SOUND, and when there’s a Powered Records reference I’m already conquered.

D : “Life to Live just happened one day with me and two other friends talking about wanting to start a label. When it came to it nobody had the money so I was like screw it, I’ll start it alone and the rest is history.
I press records, sometimes tapes, arrange artwork (unless the band wants to do it), handle the digital distribution (iTunes, Spotify, etc…) and just promote as much as I can. LTL isn’t on a big boy hardcore level yet but it’s cool because it started out of nothing and was a hobby. It still is for the most part. A quick description for the record process would be: I get the music files, send them to the plant, they send test presses a month or so later, we approve them, they send the final press a couple months after that. It takes a while but I love it.”

He also put out some european bands with his label, in collaboration with Straight and Alert, as RAW JUSTICE or DOGCHAINS amongst others.

D : “I’ve known him [Alexis Straight and Alert] online for a while but in 2012 Truth Inside toured Europe and we did part of the tour with his band at the time called No Solution. We met in person in France and it was beautiful. Now we co release records time to time (raw Justice, dogchains, and now social damage) which is cool as hell because the bands get promoted in two countries at the same time. It’s a good team effort.”

The label released bands that I dig a lot, like Afflictive Nature, Violence To Fade, Losin’ It (R.I.P), Safe And Sound, Social Damage and Alert, amongst others, and it’s really worth checkin’ out, since he is running it seriously.

Skateboarding in hardcore culture is important for me. I don’t mean skating must be part of the thing or whathever, but I like how many people discovered hardcore through this, and how skateboarding is still linked more or less to hardcore. Tim McMahon to Hungary’s Crippled Fox, it surrounds me.

D : ” I think skateboarding and punk rock go hand in hand. I just grew up with it and there was nothing like listening to NOFX (thanks to my older brother, Dave, for getting me into punk and hardcore) before hitting the streets all day.
It’s like every year when it feels great outside (around fall and winter) I will start shredding again (mostly falling). Haha.

I always liked the crazy shit Rodney Mullen was doing. The old school style. I would always try and learn Casper flips and weird shit like that. As far as newer tricks, kickflips, frontsides, and attempting 3-flips.”


D : “Top five FLHC bands: Losin’ It, Cold Hearted, Blistered, Axis, Head Creeps, Hardwired, and Know The Score. More than 5 but whatever haha”

Thanks for your time Dan, and I can’t wait to listen to Knowledge Is Power.

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