Matt Woods – The Real Deal.

By Ed


I grabbed Matt from Cleveland band The Real Deal for a few words recently.

I love this band and I’m glad they are on Europe’s best label and DxR’s biggest supporter

DR: How’s things Matt, what have you been up to? What kind of thing are you doing for work and where are you based?

MW.Things are going good here.  I work for a hospital based out of Cleveland…my life is essentially Office Space.

DR: When did you decide to start TRD? Give us a brief history.

MW. We had all been in bands before, but weren’t really doing anything so for about a year we kicked around the idea of starting a new band.  We didn’t have anywhere to practice, but a close friend who runs a recording studio outside of Cleveland let us use a room there, so we finally got it going around April or May of this year.


DR: How do you feel about the demo? Has it been well received in your opinion?

MW. I think in any instance when something is finally done and you’re able to actually sit down and listen to it as opposed to playing it, there’s always some shit you’d like to change, and re-do, or add…but overall we’re really happy with it, and the reaction so far has been nothing but positive for us.  We’re hitting the road for a little bit at the end of this year for the first time so hopefully it keeps up.

DR: How have some of your first shows been and who have you been playing with?

MW. So far the shows have been good and the reactions were wild.  There isn’t really any bands we’ve played with consistently, I think we played with In Cold Blood twice at most, but in a couple weeks we’ll be doing some shows Nuclear Age from DC.

DR: How did you end up being on Straight And Alert? As you know I have a lot to do with S&A, it’s such a solid label and Alexis is the man.


MW. Alexis Is the man.  I got in touch with him by just shooting him an email one day with a link to our demo and to check it out.  After a few emails back and forth he proposed doing a tape for us and we were on board.  Thanks again, Alexis!

DR: What are your personal tastes when it comes to Hardcore and what other shit

is your jam, music wise?

MW. This answer would probably differ for each member of the band, but everything from 80’s USHC to Japanese hardcore and everything in between.


DR: What plans do you have for TRD?

MW. Right now our plans are to just finish writing/recording a new EP we’ll have released sometime in 2015, do a few weeks throughout the US and just see where it goes from there.

DR: If you were on a desert island which 3 records would you take with you?

MW. Hum – You’d Prefer an Astronaut, Bad Brains – S/T, Poison Idea – Feel the Darkness

DR: What are your top five favourite Straight Edge Hardcore bands?

MW. This is a tough one, so instead of bands I’ll do top five straight edge hardcore records :  SSD – The Kids Will Have Their Say, Confront – One Life Drug Free, Slapshot – Back on the Map, Carry On – A Life Less Plagued, and Die Hard – Looking Out for #1


 DR: Are any of you dudes sports fans?

MW. Definitely.  Mostly NFL, but I’m also a huge hockey fan.

DR: Who’s awesome In Hardcore right now?

MW. So many bands…more than I can name.  Lots of cool shit from Cleveland but otherwise I’m feeling pretty much everything that’s been coming out of DC lately.


DR: Where would you most like tour with TRD?

MW. Europe!  Make it happen, Ed

DR: Thanks a lot dude anything else you want to say?

MW. If you ain’t with the business, mind your business.  Thanks again for the interview, Ed!


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