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Today, while I was messing around trying to write down articles and whatnot, I just remembered I downloaded/bought/put aside some fresh bands, that I didn’t listened, at all.

So did I today.

And what is going on back there on the other side of the ocean, where I’m obviously not ? There’s so many killers Straight Edge projects/bands putting demos I just can’t wrap my head around it !

First I wanted to review all of them, but finally three of these newly recorded bands bugged me.

Let’s start with :


Where The Strength Lies Demo cover art

It’s a long shot (4 months, how late is that) but the name set it up by itself already.

It’s a fresh Wide Awake/Brotherhood vibe right from Orange County so well done I just thought “wow, how did I missed that”.

You’ll think I’m overreacting but even though I love my classic straight forward Youth Crew bands, this is just a step higher.

The lyrics are damn good too. This is also where the Brotherhood influence comes in, with this Ignorance Must End, I was conquered.

Also, the cover of this tape is awesome. I mean if someone got one to sell, I’m buying it because it’s just what I like : kid’s drawing what they can.

Definitively worth checking out.

Now comes :


Your Mistake - Demo 2014 cover art

I don’t know why Todd have his band named after himself, but here it is, and to be fairly honest, I have to admit I was surprised.

First, I found it really weird, the sound, the vocals, the music itself and then I remembered that’s what I felt about The Wrong Side the first time I listened to it. And even though the only thing the two bands have in common is the location, it made me felt the same way : just simple mosh your room straight edge hardcore.

So, that bein said, it doesn’t sounds so awesome or crazy, what touched me the most is the lyrics, because even though it’s also really classic, it speaks volumes to me, on my actual everyday life. And this, dear readers, is what hold me to classic-already-done-mosh-your-room-straight-edge-hardcore : it just fit to your life, it’s close to you, and it’s also the soundtrack of you wrecking stuff around, and it’s well enough for me.

But, the top notch thing is, for me, this weird alarm sounding solo on the Signals Crossed song. I don’t get it, clearly, but it’s just pure genius, and if you’re reading this, Todd’s crew, I fell for that.

Oh and last but not least, you have to love camo.

And finally :


Demo 2014 cover art

The first time I listened through this demo, I didn’t really payed attention, and when I started listenning closely, it was already done.

This is some fast hardcore right here, and so eerie as it’s violent. The sounds and the vocal on this is just so crushing down.

Even if it’s already out of control musically, lyrically it’s damn violent. I won’t lie, my favorite song it Cross Them Out and it’s anti-racist lyrics (no, not for the mosh part, I swear), because the rest of the record is just some Slapshot/Floorpunch worship, on the good side of the term (is there a good side ?).

In my opinion, it’s really promising, and I’m looking forward to hear what they will put out, because this band is here to break some stuff down.

Massachusetts knows the deal when it comes to Straight Edge bands anyway.

There’s plenty of other cool Straight Edge demos that came out recently, worth checking out : Face it ; Public Suicide ; Response ; StandxOff ; Burst Of Rage (I don’t really know if they are a Straight Edge band or not, but they’re rockin’ it) ; Pain Tolerance ; Insist and many more.

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