Abolition 2008-2013

By Tieuma

Damn, since I don’t have a proper internet connection at my place anymore, everytime I can connect and there’s something popping out, I’m losing attention on what I’m actually doing like a puppy.

It happened today, again, with this short footage about London’s Abolition.

Bands with a strong political message are my favorites, and especially when they’re playing this 90’s chug-chug hardcore vibe. And Abolition were doing it perfectly. Even though I only caught them live once during 2012’s London Edge Day, I had the pleasure to spend a little time with Nicholas and Charlie (and Katie, who was or still is living with them.) who gave me two t-shirts of the band, told me about the whatnot of the london scene and damn, gave me a place to crash when I needed it. All in all, it was super quality time, with great people playing great music.

For me they left a mark on the european scene, as much as their pals Unveil, from Switzerland, when it comes to 90’s metallic hardcore and politically fueled hardcore more largely.


Thanks to the people who did and uploaded the video.

The Straight Edge

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