OUTREAU 7″ review

OUTREAU 7″ review


Un Vie Pour Rien Vinyles?
Crom Records

014, May

By xjtx

I have to admit that since 2009, only two bands deserve the credit for having a part of my attention focused on the Oi! thing. I’m of course dealing with CRIMINAL DAMAGE (from Portland, Oregon) and BATTLE RUINS (Boston, Massachusetts) whom 3rd and 1st LPs are definitly on top of my best LPs selection of this past years (BATTLE RUINS demo and demo-repress were ABOVE ALL my 2009/2010 favorite releses actually).

But, because I’m french, I’m aware that keeping an eye on Oi!/street punk music is almost like a commitment: does another nation in the entire world has known such famous bands like R.A.S., L’INFANTERIE SAUVAGE, CAMERA SILENS, KOMINTERN SECT or “sadly notorious” TOLBIAC’S TOADS and SNIX (because of their extreme nationalistic pride that made them well known famous bands for french boneheads attendance, but that’s not the point here) just to name a few? That’s why I was previously dealing with CRIMINAL DAMAGE because no matter this band is bonded by Portland crust punk scene, it’s definitly the biggest tribute to early french street punk! Like NO TIME (Pittsburgh) to UK street punk!

inconnu_4 inconnu

And, fortunately, France still counts in it ranks great acts such as (more or less) youngsters like SYNDROME 81 (Brest), MARABOOTS (RIP) or OUTREAU (Paris)* whom first 7″ had been released in May by UVPR vinyles and CROM records. I just bought a copy at the local record store yesterday and it appears that, waking up this morning, reviewing this record was one of the first important thing to do on a Sunday before chilling during the entire day in underwears.

I practically know nothing about the band name desicion. Does it refer to the Outreau trial which  was a judicial case that occured ten years ago in Northern France (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) and made us shaking over our foundations because of the gravity of facts…? I can’t assure that because I’ve never red any interview of the band and back when this 7″ just came out I was at the hospital for a ruptured aneurysm and I didn’t check any updated news since, so…! Anyway, nevermind! That name is like a trademark for what Oi!, street punk or hardcore punk must definitly reveal: society’s weakness.

OUTREAU consists in (ex)members of GONNA GET YOURS, HARDxTIMES, OL’CUNTS (that band was AWESOME but a few years ago while I needed money I sold the copy of a repressed LP I had…), TIED DOWN, CUT THROAT… And everywhere you can seek and find some opinions on OUTREAU’s sound you’ll read that they sound like OXBLOOD, IRON CROSS, 86 MENTALITY or NEGATIVE APPROACH and I rather agree with this idea. I just wanna thank SLAPSHOT for being originally inspired by SHAM 69!

inconnu_1 inconnu_2

I’ve been flipping this record for almost a hour, right now I’m pretty fed up with it so the last thing I wanna add is: go get this 7″. I can assure you that this will definitly deserve high levels of coolness for my final 2014 top releases (along with latest post PROTESTER 7″ and MARABOOTS “Ils ont tué la Oi!” 7″).

Now I just wanna do nothing for the rest of the day…


*Paris now counts a really new Oi! band whose name is RIXE. They do not have any material releases right now but you can listen to an exclusive song they sent to my friends from MANKIND PODCASSETTE during the summer.


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  1. Crom Records

    Thanx for the review!

    You can order this ep on our Facebook page, or send mz mail here:

    Don C.

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