Crucial Records #3 : Earth Crisis – Destroy The Machines

By Tieuma

Happy new year, everyone ! If you’re not Vegan Straight Edge, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations, your New Year Eve and all the sweet things around it, because now, the hard hammer of vengeance and retaliation for the innocent will fall real hard, and by hard I’m talking Earth Crisis, readers.

The wrath from the nineties, the hardest edge of the Straight Edge, the angriest Vegan voice. I’am talking war here.

Well enough with this over zealous intro. This was the records I was supposed to review last time, but The Proletariat popped out. We got an expression here in france you can roughly translate by “leave the better for the end” which seems to mean nothing in english. Well too bad. Anyway you got the idea behind that, I thought it was the perfect time to release this review then !

So let’s get to it and the question I asked myself when I picked this precise Earth Crisis records ? Well, because after the Slither LP, the material released seems pretty irrelevent to me, I bought it and listen to it for what it is, a Earth Crisis release, but I do think it’s way not as good; Gomorrah’s Season Ends & Breed The Killers are great but I didn’t listen to them as much as this one, which for me led the nineties metalcore where it went. All Out War or Firestorm may be really important and definitevly crucial release, they are too short, and lack anthems this LP is full of.

Published through Victory records, when it was a good label, in 1995 (wikipedia states it was maybe in October or November, youtube May 25, well dunno.)  there’s several versions of the piece going to Red, Clear, Green, Black and a CD one, both of the Red and Clear were represses put out in 2011. Notice that the song “Wrath Of Sanity” is called “Knight Of Justice” on the vinyl. Also, I haven’t done that in the other reviews but, let’s take some time to talk about the item. One of the things that make the nienties hardcore era a special one is the embarassing bad taste of everything, but in the good way. You know, there’s wrong embarassing bad taste, and there’s the good one, the one that must be. And this is totally this records right here I mean look at the picture behind, look at this bulldog lurking at you at the bottom, look at this capital sentence out of nowhere dedicated to the most hated kids of this time. This is what I’m talking about, it’s too much (yet not enough compared to other stuff of that time but whatever), and it is what’s good about this item !


Let’s begin this review as usual with the music and this sick Forced March intro riff. I mean this is totally sick. Ok Firestorm was good, but this opens the records and you got to get something to hold on to because from this point, the storm last for 34 minutes and 10 seconds (well split in two because you got to flip the records)  and it’s a hard one. Mostly every intro on this records is a mosh trigger, the greatest one being Deliverance though. Insane.

Well, the whole more or less 3minutes songs are just a blend of geniune riffs. It’s clearly ahead of its time and many bands can thanks them for this effort because you got some classic jam nonetheless there. Let’s take the ambiance on Destroy The Machine for exemple. Damn, just before this open E chugchug of a riff, it’s like so dark and disturbing and mean and… Well I’m AFK moshing my bedroom, sorry. And it goes on and on the whole records, anthems after anthems.

The sound quality just top it off. It’s clean enough, no triggered shit (did it existed at this time though ?) no more than two guitares, this dirty slaming bass sound and the vocal not getting over the mix at all, well, it just make this record so angry yet a decent quality.

Only the voice bugs me still. Karl wrote down cool lyrics but it’s too monotonic, it lacks the power of the previous release, even it’s still a bit too monotonic but this reach the point.


Talking about the lyrics, this also why I picked up this records. Alright, let’s make it clear, Earth Crisis maybe not the most intelligent band around at the time I’m giving it to you. It’s the same matter as Warzone to me in fact, but in a different way : at this time, they just wanted to be the hardest kids in town, you know, showing how Edge they were and how the world was teared apart by humanity. It doesn’t excuse the pro-life shit, and again I’m highly critical in front of that but still, it was a wild time, where you had to be hard to your positions, and they went a bit too far. But this records still hold a lot of good songs with important message.

The Discipline for exemple. I mean I do take Straight Edge for a personnal choice and I do not care about what you do of your life, but this song is  the truth, litterally. Its a long song, with a long text to learn but this is so important, so intense, and this is what this  band is about, intensity. It may look a little bit clumsy here or there, alright, but it’s so full of thoughts and deep in a sens. Like the guy sat down in front of his sheets for ages before putting it out, there’s no other way because just look at this :

Enslaved by concupiscence, promiscuity leads to despair.
Victims used and abandoned by
liars who professed to care. Self-exiled from their insanity.
Striving to attain higher levels of purity. The beauty in life
is mine to know. Amidst the ruin I survive. I’ve got to stay free.
Damage everywhere – infections at every turn. Through my
refusal to partake I saved myself. Abstinence was the beginning.

It’s just a peak, because this records is full of this kind of weird sentences, ending in long texts sometimes hard to understand for my low level english, but it’s really intense, and I’m not afraid to said it’s even emotional. This kind of songs just confort me to be Vegan Straight Edge, clearly. Theses songs are anthems to go to war against the whole world on these beating chugchug. Every song you want to have Karl in front of you and steal his mic to lost your voice over thoses lyrics. Again, I’m getting over zealous but it’s insane how powerful theses lyrics are.

So, aside from the shitty pro life stuff (which is not prominent on this release) and the fact sometimes the lyrics are way too long with way too complicated sentences, I got nothing more to say. This records speak volumes to me and I just want to shout out those hard Edge lyrics while I’m moshing like crazy.


Destroy The Machines is definitly a crucial record. Because its hard, its huge, its powerful, it get you to go totally crazy over crucial lyrics and riffs. If you like metalcore, do not miss it, it’s a milestone of the nineties hardcore sound and the metalcore sound in general, and it’s definitly have the rage and passion of an hardcore records and the writing skills of a metal records. It’s ahead of its time and still doesn’t sound weird today. Learn the lyrics and become a moshpit warrior, save mother earth.


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