Dennis Mcdonald – Revision

By Ed


Revision are doing it for me at the moment so I did a little interview with (Dennis Guitar) ….simple!

Ed: Yo Dennis how are you enjoying the holidays?

Dennis: Holidays have been good. Spending time with family and friends always rules.


Ed: So tell me a bit about Revision, where are you guys from and when did you start practicing?

Dennis: Well Revision if from or at least from around San Luis Obispo area (California’s central coast). We started jamming around July and put that demo out as soon as we could.

image1 (1)

Ed: What sound/Style are you looking for?

Dennis: I think we all wanted to do something more punk related then metal. Something fast hard and to the point.


Ed: You just dropped a demo out which is a banger! Are you guys happy with it and do you think people are feeling it?

Dennis: Well if you ask the other guys I’m never happy but it’s a demo and the more we write the better it gets to me at least. People say they like it but I guess will see when we play more.

Ed: When did you guys play your first show?

Dennis: Revisions first show was on August 15th in Lompoc original drummers other band Bad Days for there last show. I wasn’t there for are first show though haha I was at my best friend Corey’s wedding in NY.

Ed: You have been pretty active playing shows with some killer bands, are you friends with any of the bands you have played with and who’s been your favourite?

Dennis: We have been very lucky to play some great shows and yeah a lot are friends that’s most likely how we got on the show. Well hard to say so many good ones but I would have to say MethxBreath blew me away when we played with them and they’re great dudes from my old stomping ground SD.


Ed: What Hardcore bands influence Revision? And do you draw influence  from any other genres?

Dennis: We I can only speak for me but the dudes in my band all like different stuff. I would say for me it would be like YOT, Right Brigade, Striking Distance, and maybe some In The Red great fucking demo. I’m sure we draw from all the music we listen to whether we like it or not.

Ed: What do you guys want to achieve with this band?

Dennis: Whatever happens happens we are doing this for fun because we love HC. Play shows, have fun, meet friends.

image2 (1)
Ed: Do you guys do any other bands?

Dennis: Are drummer has another band but not related to the core.


Ed: Has there been any talk of joining a label yet?

No real talk yet but it’s still really early for that.


Ed: What Bands have done it for you in 2014?

Dennis: New Vision(Buffalo) Discrepancy(OC) and maybe Forced Order(LA) yeah I know there’s more but whatever……..

Ed: What are your plans for 2015?

Dennis: Get more shows and write more jams.

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