TURNSTILE “Nonstop Feeling” LP

TURNSTILE “Nonstop feeling”
Reaper Records, January 2015

by xjtx


In my humble opinion – and by that, I mean in a very personal way – the whole concept behind TURNSTILE is just a fullfiled source of pleasure.

I mean, I discovered them a few months back during summer 2014 – yeah while I was bored to death at the hospital where I was able to listen to a lot of bands I’ve never listen to because of snobing (like ANGEL DU$T, BACKTRACK, COLDWORLD…) – listening to “Step 2 Rythm” EP, telling my friend Alexis from Straight & Alert how great this piece of record actually was and that I perhaps won’t assume to order it and cherish it in front of my friends who ain’t fond of that kind of hardcore bands. Anyway, screw them.
The reason why I also wanted to listen to “Pressure to succeed” EP was the picture of the jumping singer sporting a nice pair of Air Max 95 on the cover. Well, I gotta tell for my defense (some of you might figure I think hardcore is just about posing) that when you’re sitting in a wheelchair for a pretty long time, listening to music that REALLY grooves like TURNSTILE is like having sex with the hottest chick (or guy, whatever) you’ve ever been with. So, here is another reason to just say fuck off to all the haters around the fanzine and webzine worlds!

When I learnt “Nonstop Feeling” will be released in the beginning of 2015 I was sooo happy that everyday I checked on blogs or Soulseek if there had been any leak of that record. Luckily I finally found a downloading link a couple of weeks ago, and I pre-ordered the LP on Reaper Records during the following days. I’m currently waiting for it.

I gotta tell you it’s just great to figure that there’s a huge probability that this LP end up in my future 2015 top records (yeah, that’s pretty stupid: the last post I published here was my 2014 top records and I’m still discovering forgotten records released in 2014 – anyway I can’t help thinking of that first BATTLE RUINS LP which has been released very early in 2014 and I always knew this record will end up in a really good ranking fall 2014…).
TURNSTILE is, in my opinion, the greatest “modern hardcore” band of our time. And I’m glad to see older friends in whole France sharing it on social networks cuz there are a lot of haters around us telling TURNSTILE reminds them shitty nu-metal bands. So what? Last saturday I was chilling at a friend’s place watching TURNSTILE’s performing at Ieper Fest latest edition, covering the BAD BRAINS, and he automatically put a KORN vid saying “As to me, it sounds like this.” I was like “Duh! No it’s definitly a tribute to that, wether you like it or not” and I show him the official video of BIOHAZARD’s “Shades of grey”, a track featuring on “Urban Discipline” LP. Luckily, my friend agreed. Moreover, he’s into 90’s indie/pop/shoegaze stuffs and, funny fact, “Non-stop feeling” is a weird crossover between NYHC bands such as MADBALL or CRO-MAGS and bands like JESUS & MARY CHAIN or MY BLOODY VALENTINE (I guess!!) because of the strange shoegazing wave of sound featuring in this record (“Can’t deny it”, “Blue by you”…).


Track by track:

“Gravity”: the best intro they could released: groovy, moshing, calm waves anouncing the rest of the record.
“Drop”: let the riot begins, this is what “Pressure to succeed” and “Step 2 Rythm” led to.
“Fazed Out”: gosh! That riff, pals! Circle pit! Now!
“Can’t deny it”: the introductive melody was put background before their Ieper Fest appearence, perhaps to announce the soon-to-be first LP with this incredible sound…
“Bleach Temple”: a post-punk intro for a moshpit battle (!), these guys are pure fucking genius.
“Bad Wave”: another demonstration of groove, and that’s with songs like this one the singer shows his skills.
“Blue by you”: the pop hit of the record, I can’t stand it, cuz I just love it!
“Out of rage”: calm before the storm… Groovy as fuck, soundtrack for a power-lifting tutorial video or a boxing game! (I can already see the reaction of my “true” crust/hardcore friends: “You’re completely out of the point, Jean. Just…calm down.”
“Bring it back”: the slaming/jumping hit.
“Addicted”: “Giveittomerightnow!”
“Love Lasso”: it’s like the WEEZER song of the LP. Without the boring singing!
“Stress”: the perfect end, the last dance.

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