A TRIBUTE TO 1988 #2

IGNITION “Machination” LP


I want these “1988 columns” to be really representative of what I love concerning the whole “hardcore” concept.
This is actually why I decided to write a second one about IGNITION’s first full-length, “Machination”.
I already told you I felt into hardcore punk watching skate videos during the end of the 1990s, that’s probably why I’ve been into a lot of DC bands or bands related to Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson’s Dischord Records.


(MINOR THREAT staring at Rodney Mullen’s freestyle skateboarding, (c) Glen E. Friedman)

It seems that hardcore/indie music from DC had, back in the days, a huge impact on the skateboarding culture. I remember reading a lot of articles about FUGAZI in several skate zines. The first time I ever saw the VOID logo was on the grip of a skateboard…
And if I have to chose a single record from that “Dischord scene” it would probably be IGNITION’s “Machination” LP. Actually, one of my favourite Dischord records is DAG NASTY’s “Wig Out at Denko’s” but this LP came out in 1987, too bad…


I have to admit I have a really personal vision of that DC scene. I don’t know if you guys are as much into 80s hardcore punk than I am – I know some dudes who voluntary delete “punk” to deny our inheritage (the really straight kids for example), but, as a matter of fact, if you were stocked by 80s American hardcore culture, mainly due to its violence in the pit and, unfortunately, its demonstration of machismo, you can separate the stomping Boston scene
from DC’s crazyness. How many times did I read umbelievebable tales of Guy Picciotto, for example? The DC scene might have influenced this emo/post-hardcore thing you may find crappy, faggy, intellectual and too artsy for you but, that’s a fact: this shit was wild!

Anyway, IGNITION was a part of that mess:


( (c) Dischord Records website)

A strong line-up: Alec Mackaye (Ian Mackaye’s brother, singer of FAITH…), Chris Bald (FAITH, EMBRACE), Chris Thomson (he played in a shitload of bands but he’s mostly known for being one of CIRCUS LUPUS founding members) and Dante Ferrando (IRON CROSS, GRAY MATTER). The entire record is just great: how to go further than “classic” hardcore punk sound and identity with thorough composition and lyrical contents. As simple as that. You know, there are not much bands keeping that angry feelings with a more melodic sound. Think of the “Cancellation” track…

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