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Well I have to admit I’m currently in another mood… To be clear, and perfectly honest, I’ve been focusing on different things than the usual ones, hardcore and shit, blah blah… WOWOWOW, do not panic: I’m still straight edge, animals are still my friends and I don’t wanna eat them nor slaughter them… It’s just… Actually… Well, just take a look to my mp3 player’s playlist:

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(This dude is a nerd, bro)
To be honest, I’m still waiting for my recent orders from Reaper Records and Straight & Alert. That’s pretty much why I’m not into hardcore by the moment, I’m like a drug addict without his methadone program… Thus, I try to change my mind with other stuffs: I’m watching a lot of movies, I take time to study my DROIDXRAGE co-workers Warhammers posts on Instagram – actually one of my pals in Bordeaux live near a Games Workshop, and he recently buy several boxes because he was in a nostalgic mood, I guess…

Anyway, I’m still listening to (a bit) of hardcore punk…


Let’s go to the point: FRIEND OR FOE. Of course, they took their name from AGNOSTIC FRONT’s song which is kind like a hymn: even NoFX covered it on their 2010/2011? Covers EP. This song, this band name can best sum up the whole concept behind the NYHC scene: this is a street style of music, not a political conscious or focused kind of music, maybe it sounds too “male chauvinist” to you if you’re into another style of hardcore punk but that’s a spirit I love since I’m 12 or 13…

Here is a bunch of fellows from Richmond, Virginia (featuring in various acts such as FIRE & ICE, BRACEWAR, TOUGH LUCK and UPPERHAND – I’ve actually never listened to any of them but it seems that FIRE & ICE benefits from an increasing reputation with modern hardcore audience according to the Internet…). They started playing together under the name FRIEND OR FOE in 2011 and, according to their Facebook page they’re fond of 90s NYHC or tough hardcore punk (SICK OF IT ALL, 86 MENTALITY, BREAKDOWN, KRACKDOWN, (DOWN, EASTBOUND AND DOWN, UP AND DOWN…) MURPHY’S LAW, DYNAMO, COLDFRONT…). They have a bandcamp page and, according to that bandcamp page, it seems they already released two EPs, “Know Your Rights” and “Outsider”. Frankly speaking, I have to admit these recordings do not satisfy my ears: I think it too much reminds me of S.O.I.A. post-“Blood, Sweat and No Tears” era (well, theIR entire discography actually) from 1991 to nowadays… But I also have to admit their live performances are just AWE-SOME!

Check out these different videos full of testoterone…

<p><a href=”″>Friend or Foe (Full Set)</a> from <a href=””>hate5six</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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