Zineception #1 : Nab – Just Say Yo! fanzine

By Tieuma

Once again, I’m starting up a series of articles, and this time we will talk about fanzines everyone, and yes, I’m pretty proud of my tittle pun.

I believe fanzines are a huge part of the overall Hardcore punk spirit, because not only it used to be the only way to keep up with what happened in the hardcore punk world but it’s also the thing that carries the spirit of said subculture. I mean, the Internet is great and I’m not rejecting technologies at all (and let’s be honest: I’m writing on a fucking computer for a webzine) but I can’t find anything more satisfying than the pleasure of holding a weird piece of paper, printed who-knows-how with an enigmatic cut and paste background. It’s just an item that defines punk hardcore to me, a youth culture. Because there’s definitely something youthful in playing with glue and scissors to craft something. Believe me, even though I’m writing this on a computer.

Anyway, here’s the first installment and let’s start with Nab, the guy behind JUST SAY YO! Fanzine amongst other things.

Oh and last but not least, don’t be confused by this “review”-style interview, I mean we’re talking about fanzine writers, I wasn’t gonna write down another Q&A.

Coming from Nice, a city in the south of France, Nab is 27 and lives in Lyon, a pretty big city in the east side of the country, where I was for some days to visit friends. Since I had the idea of this series for a long time, way before even putting it out there, I thought this little trip could be a good starting point.

The first time I met Nab was in Toulouse, my hometown, when I was a young’un hangin’ out at shows and at that time, fanzines were a totally new thing to me. JUST SAY YO! was the first zine I bought, it was issue #3 featuring interviews with PULLING TEETH and TRAPPED UNDER ICE, or at least it was the one that I was interested in at the time; and I remember being amazed by the existence of a non-professional magazine.

Nab was playing in a band called A BRIDGE TO MANY, a punk hardcore band more or less sounding like CHAMPION, before that he played in MOMENTS, when he was living in Spain, an obscure noisy band, really cool and really underrated. Really unknown in fact. Apparently most of their shows were total mess and the last one they did was in their rehearsal room, as pictured below.

Then, before spending a year in Vancouver where he joined OUT OF SIGHT, for which he contributed to an unfinished LP , he started WOODWORK, a 90’s metallic hardcore band based in Toulouse for which he still fills in from time to time. Check it out, because my 90’s hardcore madness is highly satisfied by this band, and it clearly shows the love this guy gives to this style of hardcore!

The most recent zine he wrote was I LOVE/HATE IT HERE. A more personal zine with reviews of shows he attended his many travels on the globe. Now he is also playing guitar in Lyon’s ISRAEL REGARDIE, a Cold-Wave/Shoegaze band.

Nab discovered Hardcore Punk through skate videos, used to download songs off Purevolume at his mother’s workplace and burning them on CDs, old school stuff you know. He became Straight-Edge at age 15, mostly for the political aspects of it, and became a Vegetarian in 2007.

The first time he wrote a zine was after he came back from England in 2007, it was the first issue of I LOVE/HATE IT HERE with interview of CHASING PAPERBOY and SET YOUR GOALS among others. 8 years later he still thinks he can’t do a proper zine with a good layout. Regarding the influences of JUST SAY YO!, Nab confessed to me that the last zine that influenced him was a Belgian fanzine called TALES OF SHATOU, which he consider to be the zine with his favorite layouts and wanted to be close to this fanzine’s style, and his biggest influence are AT BOTH ENDS and REFELCTIONS MAGAZINE, he’s got a huge collection of zines, everyting can’t even fit in his flat actually. He also gave me a lot of scanned zine, from different eras. The golden age of fanzines for him is between 2005 and 2009 with French zines like THANX FOR NOTHING, HEY YOU!, CRUCIAL ACTION… and the Belgian and German zines talking about Justice, True Colors, Said And Done and all the scene of this time.

About the zine itself, it’s a sober cut and paste fanzine, with Q&A, records review and columns. The style is classic but not boring and funny thing, he states in one issue he didn’t want it to be “another Straight Edge Hardcore fanzine” but actually each one talks at least a bit of it.

Nab is a dude full of opinions and political view, and by political I mean we talked about Kathleen Hanna, religion or what he saw behind the P.C etiquette. As he stated in one of his zine, he said to me he’s seeing himself more of a “conscious” kind of kid, with social issues being important to him, but still likes “jock” hardcore punk bands too. We had a discussion about ENDPOINT and the suckerpunch incident, which led to a debate to decide which of the DUMPTRUCK or THE WRONG SIDE version of the song “Suckerpunch” was the best, and he still stands behind the DUMPTRUCK one. For him, punk hardcore is still a rebellious act.

We finished this interview after three hours of conversation and many records played, thank you Nab for your time and patience.

A new issue of JUST SAY YO! will be out in the next few months, keep your eyes peeled. And check the links below, help a brother up.


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