Carlos Morales – Rotting Out

By Ed


This is one of the first interviews I did for DxR #1.

Thought it was time to start uploading a few more of these as prints long gone!

I sent a few questions to Carlos From Rotting Out

This is how it went down.

DR -Hey Carlos where you from and what  instrument do you play in RO?

 CM – Hey what’s up I’m from Los Angeles and I play guitar in RO.

         DR –  give us a bit of info  about the band like who plays  init  when/Where did it start out?

rotting out
CM – Well RO is five people, myself, Walter (vocals), Benji (bass), Tank (guitar), and Jorge(drums). RO started in late 08 in my garage purely out of boredom.

DR – You have just been on tour right, How was that, Where did you go?

CM -Just got done touring the U.S. with The Story So Far, and it was easily one the best tours we’ve done. Everyone on that tour was super chill, and it was a 2 month long tour but it flew by so fast, just cuz of how much fun everyone had.


DR – I see on Instagram you and Wally are big fast food fans

Burgers and all that good stuffWhere do like to eat most if it’s a fast food fix?

      CM – Here in Cali we have in-n-out which is always a must. They have a few in certain states like Texas and a couple in Arizona, and I think just one in Utah but for some reason it just tastes a little better in California. For mexican everyone has their own spot so it’s hard to say which one is the best.


DR – What other bands are some of the members from RO in?

       CM -Tank is in a Spanish rock band called “illusion” their dope. Jorge fills in for them every now and then also. Benji has friends bands that he fills in from time to time, and Walter is in….. Who knows, I can’t even keep up with which band he’s in. And for myself, RO is the only band I’m in, which I prefer, makes me focus more on writing music.

DR – What other bands are you guys really good friends with and like playing shows with?

CM –   There’s so many but some of the few are Take Offense, Backtrack, Bane, and more recently Stick To Your Guns and The Story So Far. All good dudes and all great bands.

DR- Your a sports fan right, Who are your teams and how are they doing this season?

CM-   Huge sports fan, Raiders (football) Kings (hockey) Dodgers (baseball). As of right now the Raiders are horrible and have been for the past 10 years but once you’re a fan of a team you better stick with them no matter what, no room for flip floppers at least in my opinion, and the Kings are doin pretty good hopefully we’ll make the playoffs and do work from there, and it’s not baseball season right now so we’ll see how that goes when it’s that time.
What kinda of things do you like to do in  your free time away from the band I’m a homebody, comin home from tour last thing I wanna do is be around a bunch of people. I’m happy with just chillin in my room and watching movies and playing video games, simple guy.

rotting out2
DR – What kind of Movies do you get stoked on

    CM –   All depends on what mood I’m in, some movies I’ll never get tired of are Friday, Heat, and Encino Man hahah. My taste for movies is all over the place; drama, horror, action, comedy, love em all. Actually just saw Anchorman 2 and that shit is funny as fuck, so everyone go see Anchorman 2, Won’t be disappointed

DR – Tells us a bit about your personal music tastes?

CM – My music taste is pretty wide, from hardcore to hip hop, funk to oldies, R&B to nü metal. And all those things play a roll in the writing process, it may not be obvious but I like to borrow things here and there and add a little twist to it. Little do people know that “dope riff” was inspired by a Carlos Santana song, or that “hard breakdown” came from a Korn riff.


DR – Who’s hot in Hardcore at the moment in your eyes?
CM – Cali Crew.

DR – Like a few other bands at present kids go insane for rotting out merch who designs your stuff,Do you take a lot of different stuff on tour?

CM  – Our good friend Anthony is our merch dude, he’s responsible for the RO logo and also makin us snapbacks when no one else was doin it at the time, I designed a couple shirts but he’s definitely the man and we’re thankful for that little short angry fucker.

DR – Do you have  All ready or are RO working on anything new right now?

CM-  No plans yet, I have riffs but that’s all they are right now, later in the year we’ll get to writing.


DR – Any plans to Tour Europe  again in 2014?

      CM – Actually we’ll be back in May to play Groezrock fest in, and then again in the Summer, always love playin Europe.

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