on repeat: TROGEN TILL DÖDEN documentary

by xjtx

It seems that everybody at DxR headquarters (the all-mighty Internet has no borders, as evil has no boundaries) is currently working on publishing efficient interviews w/ different hardcore personalities all around the world. To make you comfortably wait, I took the initiative to publish this EXCELLENT little documentary I’m sure you’ll appreciate. It is called TROGEN TILL DÖDEN which I’m quite sure means “true til death” in swedish (am I right or just a douchebag?). This short “movie” is about the swedish hardcore and straight edge scene since the nineties (the Umea scene, early-REFUSED…) and how people are involved in the scene: playing, booking/attending shows, making art…

Great interviews, great individualities (you’ll see youngster Linus whom I interviewed a few months ago) great positive spirit, with super efficient editing and sound editing. People in the whole punk/hardcore scene might be opposed to the so-called smart aspect of our straight edge identity – clean cuts, nice sneakers, hats & beanies, what the hell… WHO FUCKING CARES??

I mean, people in that film, really are “out of step”



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