Living is hard and coping is harder : Rich Gutteriez – Busted Outlook

By Tieuma

Even though I ever loved the Boston 2K sound and think STOP AND THINK is a killed band, I always thought it lacks political awarness, and let me be clear when I say that, I don’t talk about the nineties speech or WOLF DOWN, but if you listen to bands like UNITY or even YOUTH OF TODAY, you can catch a glimpse of what I’m talking about : it just talks about intolerance for ignorance or Vegetarism but there’s already something more than “Mental Crew, Sick Of You”, and again, I don’t spit on those bands, they are important and what I’m saying here is I do believe this kind of sound deserve some deeper kind of lyrics, even though I’ll still go nuts on Rage Of Discipline.

But if I’m telling you all this crap, it’s because I actually found a band that sounds like MENTAL and think like ENDPOINT. Yes I made this comparison, go ahead and try to stop me.  Anyway, coming straight outta Cali, BUSTED OUTLOOK plays this kind of moshable but smart hardcore, and I had the pleasure to interview their singer, Rich, who loves his Wishing Well records and lives with a dog “Kilo who smells, but is a total sweet heart”.

During the interview, we did through e-mails, he threw me a zine explaining the lyrics, which is worth reading if you want my opinion, and it does look good ! I put a link to it at the bottom of this page. Also, I wand to dedicate this interview to a dickhead who will recognize himself if he reads this interview. You always sucked, you suck and you ever will.

Rich Gutteriez : “Our publicist is on vacation, as soon as they are back you’ll see us up in every magazine at your local GrabnGo grocery and deli. Expect a press release soon about our double LP out on Warner Brothers entitled “THURSDAY NIGHT CHAMPAGNE” The blogs will be salivating at the thought of posting our music videos. I’m not serious, Incase the sarcasm doesn’t translate well.”

I was a little bit confused to find zero informations about this band on the internet, except on their bandcamp. There was so little informations I even struggled to find an e-mail adress to interview them, but after rethinking it, I just realised there was a lot of today’s bands without much visibility online, and I don’t want to sounds retrograde but maybe it’s better this way, you know, carrying tradition.

As much as I try not to stick to the traditional “hey introduce yourself” stuff or boring questions about The Straight Edge, everytime I find myself stuck doing it, it’s like a bad habit you know, it always comes around. But the most embarassing thing is when you get a cool answer to those questions.

Rich Gutteriez : “Whats up Player? My name is Rich I sing and flail about, Jerm plays guitar and needs a haircut, Fred plays second guitar and has a dog named Peabody who just had surgery on his leg (send some good vibes his way), Taylor Todd (tater tot) plays drums and just got a haircut he is not happy with (did not tip), Eric Book plays bass and works as a warehouse manager for a coffee company, but rarely drinks any coffee (doesn’t sound very trustworthy if you ask me).

Busted Outlook began as fire in the collective mind of Jerm and I. We both are stuck behind the drums in almost every other band we are currently in and have been in (In Disgust, Permanent Ruin, Sourpatch, Ritual Control, Condition, Effluxus, Scalped, Younger Lovers, Sanctum, etc..) The bay area is hard up for drummers apparently. We wanted to make noise with one another and had the same urge to play some more straight forward ’88 style / early 2000’s U.S. hardcore. Jerm had some riffs tumbling around his brain so we decided that we would write enough songs for a demo and record all the instruments split between us two, I think I actually said “Hey I want to sing, but never have and you want to play guitar and never have, lets recorded it and if it sucks shit we will throw it out and pretend it never happened” On the demo I played drums and sang while he played bass and guitar, Fred recorded us in his basement in San Jose, CA since he was there we asked him to lay down some dive-bombs. The demo came out sounding not so bad and it felt good, so we recruited Fred immediately as second guitar, We asked my old time friend Eric to play bass and we both thought Taylor would be a great fit because he’s a sweet person and great drummer. We have both seen him play in local acts such as Stressors and Secret People and wanted to jam with him. We picked a name, which has no real meaning other than its one of my favorite Despise You track and it rolled off the tongue better than anything else we could come up with. From there on out it was set in concrete, we wrote it in wet cement BUSTED OUTLOOK 2014 WORLD WIDE HARDCORE PRIDE, watched it dry in the light and spit at the sky.”

Busted Outlook

Please notice those guys played in bands like EFFLUXUS or IN DISGUST, bands you should check out that being said. Totally not the same sounds and I’m suprised enough they now play this Youth Crew sound.

 For now on, as their bandcamp its stated on their bandcamp at least, the band got three releases the last one will be released on Warthog Speak the 1st april. I forgot to ask Rich if it was a joke or not, because it’s seems they are pretty funny people. Anyway, this E.P was mastered by Will Killingsworth himself, guitarist of ORCHID, AMPERE and VACCINE, amongst others, and runs Dead Air Studio which can only pleases me if you know how in love I am with ORCHID.

R.G : “I think Will has mastered a ton WARTHOG SPEAKS recordings, I mean i’ve met him, he’s a punk, he’s nice, he knows what he’s doing, why wouldn’t you go to him ya know? I’ve had a lot of friends record with him and its just always just positive feedback. To be honest, none of his bands are an influence to me. They are good bands, just not something I would state as an influence of mine musically. As people of course Meghan and Will are an great influence on punk in general they help with D.I.Y spaces in the small town they live in and although they are far from the HOT punk towns they still tour and contribute SO MUCH to the international D.I.Y community and are great people.”

Out of this trolling intro I did, I still think despite the sound, the lyrics of the band are really intelligent, about important social issues like deconstruction of masculinity or not blaming the victims of society. It fits to this vision of Hardcore Punk I’m close to, a music for outcasts and weird people that can’t deal with the society they are living in, with a Youth Crew sound I cherish, but to be honest, there’s still a lot of people in this said “comunnity” that despise this kind of speech and just want to mosh their way through, mostly if it sounds like FLOORPUNCH. I’m using this reference here because it’s the kind of bands I like so much but litteraly had nothing to say.

            R.G : “I had started writing a lot more a year or two ago, I mean really picking up the pace, I was writing a lot and it was helping me identify and heal from a lot of junk clogging the streets in-between my ears. I was told by my friend Dan Goetz that he couldn’t wait for the day I got out from behind the drums and stuck a microphone in my mouth. I really started thinking about it, because I always wanted to sing and I suppose I do have a lot Id like to say.

            I am unsure if the scene our music “caters to”, really WELCOMES our ideas, but what scene does? Lets not fool ourselves, punk/hardcore is not as far outside of the circle as we would wish it to be. We can guard the gates all day and night, but societal ill’s will always slip between the bars, no one has said anything negatively yet to me about our lyrics, at least not to my face. I feel like I’ve had mostly positive feedback.

            I do think that there are some things sacred about punk and hardcore, a few things you could never stick a price tag on. Its not without its flaws, but I do think it is a great place for freaks to rest or to learn, I wish we were safe from society, but not yet. I know personally that punk/hardcore allowed me to experience so many different people and create spaces that made me feel safe and gave me the tools to educate myself and try my best to make others feel safe. People are listening if you say something, make sure its worth saying please. I cling to the idea that I have always been involved with punk/hardcore out of survival.

            I think that is pretty awesome to be compared to that sound, because both of those bands have some solid riffs. I can definitely relate to the aggressiveness, but lyrically I’m not completely moved by.”

 But, I made myself laugh quite a bit when I first read the lyrics for the song Spitting Wind :

Breath can be forceful winds/
and words can be bricks/ You can let the
tears soak the ripples and mounds
of your cheeks/ and noone will blame you.
Find the angles of a room/ and see who
they point to/ and crash land into the
breaks of them/ It would be a shame to
live without knowing how much
ground you could shake.

Is this all that you can offer?
Is this all that you have?

we build and we destroy.

Because the first thing I thought was it looks like the Tree Little Pigs, you know this cartoon about a wolf trying to eat piggies but they screw him up by building badass houses. It’s not exactly it but you got the point across, and you can find it on youtube if you’re curious anyway. Damn, what am I doing with my life talking about cartoons on a Hardcore webzine.

DroidxRage : “Is spitting wind inspired by the Tree Little Pigs ?”

R.G :”No, but I do like that, I was speaking with a friend about writing and poems and really you can say anything you want, but its always up to reader to interpret and decide what its about to them, which I like because words are so amazing and can have so many different meanings and feelings to people. I make a zine with all our lyrics and explanations of each one for this reason, its hard to complete a thought and be precise in a song that is 1 minute 30 seconds long.

            I heard someone on the street yell at a friend to stop “spitting into the wind” because he was getting spit all over both of them, it stuck in my head for weeks, which I do very often, allowing words and things I hear to eat me up and deform and reform inside me. The song “spitting wind” is about focusing the little energy that we have left after doing all the things we do to just refuse the crush of living here towards the positive forces in our respective scenes. At times it seems that we’ve built a VERY UNSAFE call out culture where some people are really afraid to fuck up. Its imperative that we leave some room to grow, not everyone is born with the tools you might have, not everyone is equipped with a radical dictionary, we all have different experiences. Its important to call fucked up things and fucked up people out, I am no apologist, if someone is being willfully ignorant then by all means pull ’em through the ringer, but if we don’t create spaces where we are fostering positive change than what are we doing? Its about giving respect and appreciation to those who put themselves out there in vulnerable situations like booking shows/events, making zines, doing radio shows, and anything else that requires you to say a lot and be at the center of the mob at times. I say in the song “ARE YOU SPITTING INTO THE WIND OR ARE YOU SPITTING WIND” I guess in my head it means, are the things you ARE doing just hurting us all? or are you doing nothing, full of empty actions?”

Do you know which other bands comes from Cali and play politically aware Youth Crew fueled hardcore ? PUNCH, even though it’s more like Powerviolence there’s still a Youth Crew feeling on some songs and I know for sure one of their guitarist love his O.C hardcore bands. Anyway, BUSTED OUTLOOK remind me a lot of PUNCH, except it’s a guy singing and there’s no blasts, in the way they still shout out great ideas through hardcore and take shit from no one. And there’s plenty crucial bands from that area with the same stance, like OUTSPOKEN or INSIDE OUT for exemple, proving you can be hard and still talk about relevent things…

R.G :”I don’t know, I guess I never really looked at us that way. I don’t always think saying outwardly political statements or songs is very political. I think bands with queer/Trans/Women/People of Color and other marginalized peoples in them is VERY political existing in a place that has historically oppressed you in anyway it could is very political. I think visibility is HUGE. So I guess I see a lot of scenes doing BIG THINGS these days in this world, not just california. Things aren’t changing they have BEEN changed, people are just starting to take notice. All the people who refuse to move forward will be left behind and like the dinosaurs will become extinct.”

 …Or Sarah Kirsch, who was aleady featured in this webzine.

R.G : “I do know some of her work she played in bands with some friends of mine and we crossed paths a few times. Permanent Ruin and Sourpatch (two other bands band I play/played in) played THIS IS NOT STEP FEST at 924 gilman which was part benefit for her family. I had only met Sarah Kirsch a handful of times, but the amount of lives she has touched have indirectly or maybe directly effected the way I view punk. She has passed on greatness through the people she’s inspired to me and I think we should all aspire to that amount of awesomeness! I think she will always have an influence.”

Talking about those ways he view punk, I had to comfort myself about moshing, because even though I’m more inclined to stick with this kinds of views, listening to riffs like that I always feels like I have to mosh as hard as possible and sometime I feel guilty because you know, even though I’m not crowd killing, I still feel like I’m turning into a jerk and maybe some guy who write lyrics about crushing your man pride could help me out with my contradictions. And again I’m not sorry for this personnal turn on my interview ok ?!

R.G: “In some circles it may be unpopular, but I am a big fan of moshing. I hate crowd killing and just aimlessly swinging at the edge of circle. If you accidentally punch someone in the face, you’ve still punched them in the face. There is a place and a purpose at SOME shows for people to react physically. I was talking to a friend about it and she said the same thing I think. That the Function of “moshing” (LOL) is in MY EXPERIENCE a productive way to experience anger and make art (as painful as that sounds to say). There are usually obvious spaces where you shouldn’t try and catch a stage dive on to some folks when absolutely no one is feelin’ it. I also believe there is a way to be respectful of people in a sense at shows if you choose to dance. It is Functional. There are people who have a complete disregard to others well being and that I am NOT a fan of.

I want everyone to have a good time and express themselves as they please. It’s not just ONE persons space. We need to make sure we are all aware of the space we take so we can share it, realistically.”

This is the point in the interview where we talked about Wishing Well Records, which is an important label from O.C releasing YOUTH OF TODAY, UNITY or UNIFORM CHOICE records during the eighties, and Rich totally love this love this label, and I couldn’t go past that, also check out their cover of We Just Might to understand how much they love Youth Crew.

R.G : “Totally, Wishing Well Records is CRUCIAL!

I think its intentional, the aesthetic its something I’ve always liked and gravitated towards, I love youth crew. Taylor and I are the only ones X’ing up in this band.”

DxR :”Favorite Wishing well records and why ? Do you have it in your collection ?

Uniform Choice – Screaming for change is easily my favorite a big reasons this lyric “Your haste may cause regret

My voice will power on” I always really loved that line and its branded itself on my brain. I do own it.

I also love Unity and Youth of today (although were not in this alone is still my favorite)

DxR :Favorite shirt stamped wishing well records ?

R.G : UC “use your head” is the sickest. I also love the “wake up and live” Youth of Today Tee

DxR :If you could bought back to life a Wishing Well band, which one would it be ?

R.G :Its obvious UC is my favorite, but it would be cool to see UNITY, I wonder how that would feel to them to go back to the VERY beginning. I saw Insted play a few years back and it just wasn’t very moving, I guess I shouldn’t have expected it to be moving. It might be best for some bands to just stay in the history books, its a good lesson in impermanence and proof of the weighing power the youth holds on future generations. A time and place and an idea that can send shockwaves throughout history, its impressive and inspiring.

DxR :First Wishing Well band you ever listened to ?

R.G :YOUTH OF TODAY but it was not a wishing well release.

DxR :Have you ever heard about the Freewill – Sun Return LP that was planned but never got released on the label ? Do you believe it exists or those test pressing that are sold on e bay are real ?

R.G :Can I be truthful here? Is this a safe place for me to unveil how uncool I am? I HAVE heard OF that release, but have never heard it. I know it was released on CD in europe right? I also heard of the 6 test presses. I believe its real and I’d like to hear it I really love the first dag nasty releases and I heard it is in that vein.

DxR :Between the Wishing Well versions and the Revelation versions of Youth Of Today LPs, which are your favorite ? Do you think the price are justified on ebay ?

R.G :I honestly do not have a favorite. I also am not much of a shirt head/record collector so i don’t follow Ebay Prices. Aesthetically, I’m sure the wishing well release looks cooler to me at least.

DxR :Do you prefer Staring Into The Sun or Screaming For Change ?

R.G :Screaming for Change, No contest.

DxR :Don’t you think Bl’Ast on this label is kind of odd ?

R.G :ha ha! I do think its odd, but I’m guessing they might have just been surfer/skate rat friends which supersedes the edge I guess.

DxR :Favorite Unity song


“Explain yourself. Ignorance is growing larger everyday.

Now its controlling you in every single way.

Now its controlling you its bottled up inside.

It shows your attitude. Its something you cant hide.”

DxR :On a scale from one to ten, how much of a joke is Lost And Found records ?

R.G :Ha Ha! I have mixed emotions. I have some boots in my collection. I know its mainly bootlegs that looked like real releases. but, for those of us who cant spend all that time and cash flow tracking down the O.G’s this is a good place for us to get the classic releases, but yea I guess in that case the label is a big joke. 8/10″

 Here we are at the end of the interview, with one last question. Don’t forget to check them out and the zine about the lyrics they did, I’m glad there’s still band doing that kind of stuff and I hope it’ll be part of the physical release, like those bands tossing you posters or items. For their futur, they are writing an LP soon and touring the US east coast with Hounds Of Hate.

DxR : “Dead Kennedys or Circle Jerks ?

R.G : Hmm…. I think Jello Biafra is annoying, but so does Keith Morris and OFF! isn’t very good. I’d say sound wise Circle Jerks, GROUP SEX IS PRETTY AMAZING. Lyrically I thought Dead kennedy’s were mind blowing when I was baby punk, because I need that jolt of forwardness.”

Thank you for your time and patience man, and sorry for my broken english. (Don’t pay attention to the fact it’s a mediafire link.)

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