Zineception #2 : Attila – Chiller Than Most

By Tieuma

Even though Ed already interviewed other zinesters, this new portrait is labeled as the second one because it’s my second interview with a fanzine’s writer, sorry for the confusion, but just think it as the second Tieuma’ style interview. I don’t know if all this giberrish makes any sense though.

Anyway, for this new issue, we’re going straight to Hungary to talk about the most Boston rooted european guy : Attila, writing Chiller Than Most fanzine amongst others things.

We did this interview through e-mail and even though I wish I could meet all the people I interview, especially for this kind of portraits, I can’t afford to visit the whole world, but I’m glad when I receive such amazing answers to my not so amazing questions, especially when it comes from someone asking them usually.

Attila, and it’s his real name, 32, is an Hungarian hardcore head, living in Miskolc the fourth biggest city in the country, surrounded by Bükk Mountains, which he consider to be the most beautiful place in the world and works for the Hungarian Victim Support Service, an organization that gives free support to victims of crimes across the country.


I never had the chance to meet him in real life, but the first time I heard about him was through one of his zine, I DRINK MILK, he did with a friend called Bobe, it was the third issue with interviews of THE FIRST STEP, BIRDS OF A FEATHER, REARRANGED and ONE UP, and more. I was stoked by the layout and the style of the zine, kinda cartoony and including a lot of shout out to his friends (or at least I suppose) which was quite funny. He considers this zine to be his first one and he says to be inspired by zines from the early 2000’s and pieces of work like The Ghent Decontrol, Chunks, Wake Up And Live or Drug Dogs and to be also inspired by one of his friend running a clothing company “I watched his creativity, I saw that he put lots of energy into his own brand, I saw that he tried to keep the tradition of making clothes alive and paid attention to their customers”. You can check this out here :  http://finestfabrics.net


He used to run a label named after his above-said zine, putting out bands like IRON CURTAIN or BANG BROS. Both of the label and the zine were named after the TEEN IDLE song on the Flex Your Head compilation, and on his own words : “I think that the XXX cover is the most iconic hardcore record cover ever.” He discovered hardcore punk  around the late 90’s, although he was a “Metal freak”, with a classmate who made him listen to classic early hardcore stuff, way before internet was available everywhere, now his favorite bands are from the Lockin’ Out era. He drank his last beer and smoked his last joint in 2000 and is still Straight Edge today.


If you never read Chiller Than Most, it’s a cool piece of papers with funny yet accurate interviews of the people of INTENT, AJ McGuire from STOP AND THINK, Ned Russin from TITLE FIGHT or even Freddy Alva. It’s a proper cut and paste style fanzine with a lot of stuff going on the background/layout, with drawings from Chun One or the Drug Dogs guy, sometime coming with a poster, a NObeer mat or a crewneck. Like in his previous work, there’s a lot of quotes, mostly from Lockin’ Out bands and reference from and for his friends. What I mostly like in this zine is the attitude; always positive and thinking forward, claiming that hardcore isn’t dead, but alive and well, and the funny side he is always taking on every issues. As he loves his Lockin’ Out bands, the name comes from this MENTAL song, Chiller Than Most. And, last but not least, the mascot of the zine is not a rat and apparently I’m not the only who got caught, it’s a tapir, the chillest tapir you’ll ever see and will stick there until the end of the zine.


If you’re bored or curious, you can discuss with him about britpop, nineties TV shows and movies or how much he loves his 3 sided/4 sided shirts and full of goodies tapes and records. Personnally, I’m sometimes a bit ashamed of my nerdy side, wasting all my time and money on hardcore but when I see people like him, it’s comforting me in the idea I’m not in this alone. And I leave you with a last quote from Attila after this terrible joke.

“Fanzines are just awesome, a written documentary from hardcore today.
However, fanzines are not in an easy situation, nowadays, most people don’t like to read, they are more attracted to tumblr photos and images.  I’d say the ‘internet age’ has also made everyone a little more lazy. If you really care about hardcore, then you are not satisfied with this attitude and try to learn about hardcore. The best way to learn is reading fanzines, webzines, blogs.
Keeping the tradition alive is very important, there is no traditional hardcore without fanzines. Some traditions last forever, some fade away and others just need someone to fight for their survival. It is good to see more and more hardcore fanzines come out and the fanzine subculture thriving again. I am not against hardcore blogs and webzines at all (I used to have a webzine.) but I am sure that the printed material is the real thing.”

Thank you for your time and patience Attila. Keep on chillin’

If you want to grab a copy of Chiller Than Most, go there :


And for random infos, here :



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