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Posicore worshipers leave the hall. DiE’s the punkish english band I’ve listened to in years: their lyrics and songs are simple and efficient as fuck.

Maybe you can read New-Yorker Freddy Alva’s words about current UK hardcore/punk scene – I can’t agree more with the bands he picked up, above all concerning DiE.

1/ In my opinion, DiE seems to be THE band you must keep an eye on in 2015 if both hardcore and punk subcultures drive your will to fight boredom, frustration and hate.
Because since 2013, you guys released two perfect EPs on Sonic Terror Discs – two records which led me to consider two different points of view towards DiE “concept”: either you’re a totally nihilistic band recording EPs in ten minutes and just want to spit your rage on the audience face, or, on the contrary, everything is perfect because you need to calculate everything to satisfy the hungry 2015 worldwide punk scene? (Please, tell me the second option is just bullshit)

Hate, frustration and hopelessness are our mantra, they drew us together as a group. A common ground. Tim and myself worked in professions watching people wither away and die every day. Clinging to life, a futile existence, for the sake of a few weeks. It made me angry that we gave people these options, pumping them full of poison just so they could lay unresponsive and bloated for a few weeks just so distant family members they hadn’t seen in years could come and steal their grief and hope of getting onto their will. Its made us cold to the world, but that’s the way it is, and the best way to survive in it. Just the other day I was scooping an unborn fetus into a pathology pot to make sure we removed it all, I felt nothing, desensitized, humanity cannot shock me anymore so I guess I take a somewhat nihilistic stance with the lyrics and life, so in answer to your question our ep’s are recorded to destroy ,condemn existence and hate everything that surrounds us.

2/ Actually, I ask you this question first because I’m a bit fed up with the whole punk thing: eveything seems fake: being hardcore, being punk, eveything seems trendy. But when I read DiE lyrics,when I hear your sound – this crazy mix of UK82 and Boston/early NYHC style (the “SSDbeat”) – it seems there is no revival shit going around: just pure fucking neverending hate. What do you think of that?
We have bands we mutually listen to from UNITED MUTATIONS to YDI,  but the overall plan was to take these corrupted thoughts and general disdain for the world and  transform them into a band that communicated that.They had to work cohesively, its very easy to get a group of people together and make a band and shit out a few records, but when it comes to the content there is nothing there apart from the music. Which might be good, but lacks any feeling. For that short amount of time we play we want people to feel what we feel, we want people to be genuinely angry, we want them to hate the person standing next to them. We want them to hate everything.
3/ Now that we’ve been through these dumb questions can you tell me DiE story: how and when did the band start? Where did the motivation come from?  What bands motivated you?
Where do you guys come from? Were you friends before playing together?
Are you involved in other bands?
I red DiE shares a member with CROWN COURT, is that a band you will advice our readers to listen to?

I’ve covered a little in the opening questions about the driving force behind us starting, we shared a hatred for everything going on around us and united in hopelessness we started DiE. Chris Cunt, Tim Dense, Hector (sudor) and myself were the original line up, were were initially only going to run it for the Hoax dates in the UK. However the feeling of watching people respond to the aggression and contempt drove us on to create our first ep and carry on. Hector himself couldn’t handle the UK and I don’t blame him its a torrid place and will crush anyone’s spirit unless you’ve been born into the relentless depression and learned to embrace it. From here Ralph (NO) stepped in to help us out until we found our comrade Liam Fox, a man that embodied everything we stood for, the world sickened him just as much it did us, and that’s our final form. We have had a number of other members a long the way including one which died Rob Everything – we dedicated life sentence to him on the vexed record, he died during erotic asphyxiation. Poor cunt. In regards to where we are all based on this god forsaken Island Liam and I are in Leeds, Chris Brighton and Tim in that shithole known as London.
As you may know Liam is involved inTHE FLEX and PERSPEX FLESH while chris is in OMNACHT and Tim in LOVE TRIANGLE and SMEAR. Myself, I couldn’t stomach doing another band, DiE has everything I need.
Oh yeah CROWN COURT, that’s Tim’s other jam, I’d advise it, ‘no joke I’m so broke but I’m still paying for you’.

4/ According to Freddy Alva’s column in NØ ECHO WEBZINE about current UK hardcore scene – by the way I totally agree with the way he sums up your music – the English scene is one of the most interesting scene concerning hardcore punk music. As far as you’ve recently toured the US what do you think of that?
What do you think of the global UK scene?
Do you recommand us other bands this column actually forgot?

It was good to be included in the list, I’ve often felt like we have an outsider approach so I was somewhat surprised to get a mention. In regards to any bands missing from the list I think he has it covered I wouldn’t add anything myself. The US, its all right, we went out there, we had our fun and that’s all that counts. Next stop Europe in June, I care more about that than the Americas. As for the UK scene, its the best its been in years, I hope it stays that way but you know how it works, people will move on, places will change, new era’s will rise in other places and the scene will go into hibernation, leaving just the die hards to weather the dark days and reminisce about the good ones until we drink and shoot ourselves up int oblivion.

6/ I’ve red on your Facebook profile you studied sociology – higher education I decided to quit just before a master degree several years ago because it actually whetted my appetite and will to destroy everything. When I think about “Life is hate” lyrics, it turns out that we pretty much have the same opinion about western civilization fate. How will you describe your thoughts about academically learn how a shitty white/capitalist Society System works and empirically realize with a punk ethic that everything’s going farther and farther into nightmare and craziness?

I’m still working through higher education now, working as a nurse. I can’t really say sociology and social policy really aided me that much in life but I was young and decided to follow my friends as many others do, it was a waste of time and made me realize how pathetic other people are at universities, lifeless drones desperately clinging to one another for fear of anomie.I don’t think it even helped me realize life’s capitalistic nightmare, I was already in it and aware of it. And like you say yourself, there’s no place like a University to make you crushingly aware you are being turned into a cog in the system. For a place of learning and expressing freedom, you are taught to follow the guidelines and any opinion of your own is void. The nightmare will continue, nothing will stop it, and we just have to be stoic and await our destruction, which really will be our salvation.

7/ Is DiE about recording and releasing new materials? Maybe a LP?

There are a few things in the pipeline, one of which as mentioned is a Euro tour with Disguise, the other is putting the pieces together for an MLP. We will throw everything we can at it and make it the vilest piece of wax created, in the UK’s current climate there’s an endless supply of things to hate.We want it to have the power of WHY!
8/ I have no more questions, if you wanna add something just do it!
‘This is the grand finale of a life poorly spent and the end result is just overwhelmingly depressing….. a sick pathetic, miserable life story, that’s all it is”.

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