Build And Destroy – Haroun Khan

By Ed


Little Interview I did with Haroun recently.

DR: What’s Up Bro how’s things?

HK – Everything is good my guy. Lots of stuff we’ve been working on is getting ready to drop so it’s a good time for us.

DR: First up tell us a bit about Build And Destroy, when you started, where etc..and who’s involved in that joint?!

HK -B&D started as a demo project in 2010. I just wanted to put out a nasty demo of some hardcore I felt like the Detroit scene was missing.  I already knew ill Will from RZL DZL was gonna play bass. I linked up with the sickest drummer named Mike Jurysta and knocked out the demo on the spot….  He didn’t know the songs. I taught them to him at the studio one by one and he recorded them right as he learned them. Later we linked up with shredder Eric Lauder, Chris Trestain and Robbie Mansel who are all a part of the team.


DR: What are some of the other bands you guys do?

HK – I play in Cold World, RZL DZL along with Will, Violent Minds, Pegasus, Ghoul Gang… Too many to mention.

Will plays in a dope band called Heat Lightning. Mike has a stoner/doom band called Stone Ritual and Eric and mike have a crazy thrash band that’s in the up and coming stages.

Besides that we fuck with rap music.

Rob is a banging producer under the name Black Noi$e. He makes crazy beats and He DJs for pop sensation MIA among other dope artists so he’s killing it. Him and I have a record dropping together soon that’s turning out dope. He has worked with a lot of big names so far and is just getting started.

Eric makes dope beats too and is working on a record with fellow Detroiter Rick Rude on a record called Commerce. It’s Flames.


DR: What have been some epic shows for you so far and who with?

HK -Probably United Blood fest being one of the best. Set was awesome and we retired our Harsh Truth cover there.  We also played with Andrew WK in Detroit and shit got really wild.  This Is Hardcore is def up there too


DR: What ever happened to the Map Of The Heavens EP?

HK – It’s actually done and being sent to the press as I type this. It’ll be out in the next few months. How ever long it takes to get pressed. It Turned out cool and we’re excited to drop it. Wanted to add a couple surprises on it for making people wait so long.

DR: So do you have anything new in pipeline?

HK – We’re writing for an LP right now. We wanna move quickly after taking so long with the 7″.  We’re in our groove now and feel a lot more confident. I think this LP will be some of the best stuff any of us have done.


DR: The demo is insane! Were you guys all stoked on it?

HK – To be honest I kind of hated the demo when I finished it…. It took a while for me to decide if I even wanted to put it out . I was just being over critical and said fuck it. I think it’s cool now and around Detroit we needed a straight forward heavy band so everyone loved it .


DR: How was your recent USA tour?

HK -It was sick. Already having so many homies around the US makes touring for us a blast. Siked to tour more in the future.

DR: What’s the writing process like for you guys, group effort or do you write most stuff?

HK – I write most of the music myself. I’ll write a song in full and bring it to practice and we make a few changes on it with the help of the other guys.  Here and there I’ll hear a riff Eric has and be like ” we NEED that” and incorporate it into a song . Lately it seems like things are gonna have a little more of a group effort.  The other guys are really talented and it will bring more to the table.


DR: What are some of B&D’s influences?

HK – Anything from Outburst to Obituary. Def lots of classic NYHC influence.

DR: What would you say your style of HC is? Would you say there’s a bit of Hip Hop influence there too?

HK – I don’t really like labels but I think we fall under a NYHC influence with a Detroit twist. We are working on bring something new to the table as far as sound goes. There’s definitely a lot of hip hop influence . 3 of us are making

Rap records but besides that I wanted to give the band sort of a rap/street feel without going overboard or making it a gimmick. It’s just who we really are and you get a taste of it sometimes.


DR: Are you a Hip Hop/Rap fan?

HK – Huge rap/hip hop fan. Shouts out to my bro Boldy James who just got signed to Nas.

DR:  I think a few ppl collect your merch, that must be pretty cool right?

HK – I think it’s cool. We don’t over saturate the game with merch and bullshit so when it’s there people really want it. That’s how I think it should be.


DR: Where do you guys want to go with B&D? I know ppl really like the band.

HK – Next up we really want to make a classic LP. We have some wild ideas for it and it’s gonna be next level. I want to take the guys over to Japan to see my guy Tome San and tour over there.  Once the 7″ drops everything is about to get in gear..

DR: Ok thanks mate was good talking to you. Wanna say anything else?

HK – Thanks for interview.   Detroit stand up.

Ed – Some lives photos by Danielle Parsonsand the obvious Chun art –

everything else off the net!


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  1. Jon


    Are there any active ukhc messageboards, like dead + gone, elf, London calling etc.


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