Twisted Vision : Jimmy Wizard – Higher Power

By Tieuma

Since I got into hardcore, I always had a problem with the nineties era. From the Youth Crew revival, to the chug chug metalcore, groovy NYHC or emo, I can’t find something that I despise or find lame, neither the bad taste, the imagery, the sound nor the political awarness in the scene. As you may know, I really want to built a time travel machine, just to live this era a little bit. Maybe it’ll disgust me,  but you can’t be sure if you didn’t try.

For the last few years, it seems my need of this said machine is compromised by the wave of new bands playing this brand of hardcore, but an enhanced version. Like they stutied how amazing it was and decided to improve how good it was. And believe me, in most case it’s really well done.

Higher Power is one of those bands nailing the nineties sound, by mixing the best of LEEWAY and DISTRICT 9.  Just this once, they’re coming from the UK, where every of those killer bands are coming, and they share members just to show you how you don’t need many people to create an army of great bands.

Check out the review made by my co-autor NathanxBean on this site, then here’s a short interview with Jimmy Wizard about his new tricks.


If you are in touch with the recent UKHC wave of bands, you probably know who is Jimmy Wizard, but I’ll let introduce himself.

JxW : “Alright Mate that’s me. Im an apprentice tattooer at the moment and I have the best dog in the world that’s all there really is to know about me. I used to play in ABOLITION and VIOLENT REACTION I now play bass in SHRAPNEL and FADE also. My brother Alex plays drums in HIGHER POWER he’s also in BLIND AUTHORITY along with Loui who’s playing guitar. We just got Ethan who plays drums in the URBAN SPIRIT in on bass although he didn’t record the demo with us. Pretty much an all star leeds line up “

DxR : “Alpha and Omega or Desperate Measure ?”

Jimmy Wizard : “Both are classics depends what mood I’m in of I wanna rage then alpha and omega if I wanna get my groove on then desperate measures”

And today the mood is to groove, and what a groove. All around the globe there is bands hammering those LEEWAY riffs trying to bring back this NYHC vibes from the tomb, but HIGH POWER are way ahead of the game, with only a three title killer demo, they showed everyone how it’s done.

JxW : “That’s exactly what we were going for that groovy ny metal/hardcore sound with a bit of melody. This is actually the first band I’ve been in where I’ve had control over the song writing I wrote almost all the songs myself for the demo and ended up doing vocals on it. That was the hardest part as I’d never really sang before but for some reason Alex and Loui had the crazy Idea I would be good at it I hate my vocals on the demo but whatever haha.  I found this demo quite easy to write because it’s quite easy to crossover a lot of different influences on it especially with it being more melodic can’t wait to see what else we can do with it.”


Even though I don’t like to say so, it’s actually an all star band. Because maybe for them playing in VIOLENT REACTION is no big deal but from my french point of view, they signed on Revelation Records which means a lot. As Chubby Charlie said once : “We’re label mate with Side By Side and Youth Of Today”. Try to be cooler than that.

The most impressive thing is how those peeps can do so much different stuff and nail it. And how productive they are. In 2014n how many bands formed there ? With tons of different influences, but always on point, bringing a fresh breath much needed, it’s like UK is bringin a new band every month, of equal quality, if not better each times.

JxW : “When i first got into hardcore it was pretty cool for like a year then a lot of the people older than me started growing up and becoming too cool for hardcore they made it into kind of a joke there wasn’t really any bands putting anything out and people were just sticking to what they knew me and my mates got fed up with it and fed up with being put down by the older lot and decided to take it back I guess that’s where all the productivity came from we just made our own scene and 5 years later were still making bands everyone’s getting better and better and we all get to go on tour and play with our favourite bands if there’s one thing I learnt from it all is you get back what you put in I know it won’t be the same forever but If it’s showed younger kids what you can do if your not a dick and put in the time then the future is gonna be sick for the uk in terms of hardcore.”


With all those bands coming up with always the same people, I’m a bit curious if they’re all serious business. How could one play in so many bands and still have to time to sleep ? Anyway, HIGHER POWER seems to be serious anyhow, even though it seems to have been created on pure luck.

JxW : “Higher power basically came together because me and my brother always talk about how much we love the Eddie Sutton MERAUDER demo and anything else he has done in general  how his vocals just make it so much more amazing we always talked about how we need to do something like that so when he moved to leeds earlier this year the dream started to become a reality I wrote a bunch of songs but suck at guitar so got Loui into play as well and we wrote the demo together in about a month. We all wanna make time for it for sure it’s only early days but were stoked on the reactions of the demo and stoked to be doing something like this with each other and have already started writing more songs there will definiatly be some shows and more releases at some point. I didn’t know there was another band called that it’s a cool name tho.”

The band we were talking about is this one, from Australia, which is the first link you’re landing on if you type Higher Power on google :

Please take notice how this guy think he sucks at everything and everything he played in just killed it so hard. I know he wasn’t part of the creating process of his other projects, but even when he is it’s super good. I’m always comparing it to early TURNSTILE, but even though this band wouldn’t have existed and launched this groove-head wave, HIGHER POWER’s demo would still be as good. But I doubt Wizard would acknowledge this info.

JxW : “TURNSTILE are cool I figured we would get compared to them because of our influences but I didn’t wanna do the same thing they’re doing exactly but I think they’re really opening people up to that groovy side of things wich is sick I think it brings a lot more individuality and people are more productive because there not worried about trying new things like 4-5 years ago if you watch videos back everyone was doing the same mosh things were kinda stale but now it’s just wild there’s more groove to it everyone’s got there own style it’s sick especialy here in Leeds. At the moment id say dmize but it changes every week haha. Rage are sick opened me up to a lot of cool songs on the covers album I havn’t listened to both in a while tho il just say there both sick. “
As there’s a lot of bands popping up in UK, there’s also a lot of labels. Neutral Words records also hails from Leeds and put out the other band of Jimmy, Fade, which sounds like QUICKSAND and such, really well done, or URBAN SPIRIT, Ethan’s other band. It’s owned by Max Harper who played bass in several bands, fill in mostly I assume.
JxW : “Max was super stoked on the demo when I sent it to him I knew he would be into it he offered to put it out as he’s always up for helping his mates I didn’t wanna make a big deal over it as it’s only a demo but it got a real good reaction so were gonna do a tape. Max is also gonna play guitar for us as we didn’t have a full line up when we recorded the demo I’m Sure there will be some more releases on NW if max will keep doing it for us he’s equally as stoked as we are on it and makes everything so cool. Fades still going were all just busy razor who plays drums is going on tour with violent reaction and obstruct soon and they’ve just recorded lps recently and half of us play in shrapnel but we wanna start writing more once we get some time or stop starting new bands haha.”
JxW : “It’s just something Tin Tin drew up for us he’s one of the best artist right now his work is always so on point I just told him to do what he though would suit us and I guess he took influence from the whole MERAUDER master killer vibe. There’s no spiritual side to it I just thought the name sounded cool  when I was watching that SUB ZERO video on YouTube haha.”
If you haven’t checked out their demo yet, go on and bang your head hard, because there’s some quality riffs right here. I also notcied that I never credited anyone for the photos, I’m sorry for that. I’ll try my best to do it, but if you have any complaints hit me up, I’ll change that as soon as possible. Here’s our last words for this interview, and all the links you’ll need after reading this. Thank you Jimmy for your time and patience, and sorry for my fucked up English. Keep on groovin’
DxR : “What is your favortie all time UK band ?”
DxR : “Between BIOHAZARD,LEEWAY and CRO-MAGS, favorite video clip from the nineties, from those bands only.”
JxW : “That bit in tales from the hard side where it’s just bobby spinning around and playing guitar in the streets is so sick I remember the first time I saw that I thought it was the hardest thing and that guy has the sickest moves ever I wish I could do that.”
(To check out FADE and URBAN SPIRIT, go on this link right here.)
(Photo from Wondergirl. Thank you for that)

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