by xjtx They come from Gävle/Stockholm, Sweden, are pretty young and well dressed. Here’s a sample of their first tracks and views about their path into hardcore punk!

1/ It seems GIVE TODAY is the archetype of the perfect youth crew band! Cool sportswear outfit mixed with clean hardcore aesthetic, you guys look like a vintage CRIPPLED YOUTH family portrait! How were you introduced to that subculture?

First of all, thanks alot! Before hardcore we all came from different branches of punk and metal and we all discovered hardcore so i guess we just found this lifestyle or whatever from there!

2/ I don’t know why – I figure you guys really know in which musical direction you wanna drive the band in, kinda really efficient post 1988 hardcore band such as SPORTSWEAR. Is that correct?

Yeah, we want to incorporate the clichéd parts of youth crew but also infuse some original ideas.

3/  Who’s the Photoshop Director of the band? The one who knows how to make perfect baseball logos a nice capitals alignment?

That would be our vocalist, Klas. But we are all involved in the making of such things.

4/ Can you introduce the different members of the band? How and when did you decide to start a band?

Some of us were thinking of starting a youth crew band since like forever and in november 2014 it just happened. We had our first rehersal and wrote like 3 songs right away. All of our members started the band so no one is a stand-in or something like that.
Vocals: Klas
Guitar: Emanuel
Bass: Anton
Drums: Rudy
5/ By the way, you guys seem pretty young. How old are you and what are your occupations?
We are all between seventeen and nineteen.
6/ Who are your main influences? Favorite records, bands?
Not really sure of our influenses we, mostly just create our music based on what kind of things we like in different youth crew genres. But we are all into loads of YC bands, all from the old and well known to the bands that play today. Our guitarist comes up with most of our riffs and takes inspiration from bands likes BETTER THAN A THOUSAND or GET THE MOST, but mostly it just comes up.
7/ How’s the scene around Gävle and Stockholm? It seems Sweden has a large audience openned to hardcore, straight edge…? Which local bands do you support or are you friends with?
The scene in Gävle has it’s ups and downs. But it feels like it’s getting better right now, the two shows we have had this year has been great. But it’s not like how it was a couple of years ago. In 2013 we got bands like FIRST BLOOD, STRIFE, ETERNAL SLEEP and a lot of people coming to the shows. Last year was very varied in the attendance rate. One show could have like 40-60 visitors and another could have like 10-15. But now it is starting to feel better.
We have some good local bands. We have friends who play in bands; INFRACTION, IDIOT SHIVERS, CROOKED LETTER, ALRIGHT, MOTH and have shared members with bands as FEARLESS and FEROCIOUS.
Our guitarist is involved in setting up shows in a hardcore collective called THOUSAND STRONG CREW in Stockhom. They work with being very welcoming to the audience and bands. They just book bands to have fun and make friends.
I would not call the swedish hardcore scene big, but i would call it ambitious and very alive. The scene overall in sweden is like a big family. Everyone knows everyone. And everyone listens to eachothers bands. There are so many amazing swedish bands from north to south and alot of them are our friends, like MEDEA, LOWEST CREATURE, NEIGHBOURHOOD, NO RECEDE, THE HAMMER, DISTRICT CONFLICT, WAR NERVE, ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER. Yeah, the list goes on forever.
(OST of your future summer)
8/ I recently saw the “Trogen Till Döden” documentary about swedish straight edge scene from the 90s to nowadays. Are you guys straight edge? What do you think of it if you have watched it and do you support or worship the different bands featuring in?
Trogen Till Döden was a great movie. Alot of our friends featured in it and it was over all interesting. We are not a straight edge band but some of us are straight edge and we all support a sober subculture.
9/ Now can you introduce us to the lyrics of GIVE TODAY? Who writes the lyrics? Is that a negative or a positive approach of our 2015 Society? Does being “hardcore” in 2015 in Sweden really mean something important to you?
Klas writes most of the lyrics but we can all help and Emanuel wrote half a song too. The lyrics can be about all from friendship and feelings to the society. Some are political, some are not. And of course it’s important for us to be a part of the hardcore scene. It’s like having a second family. Our lives would be so different and probably meaningless if we didn’t have that in our lives
10/ No further questions! If you guys wanna add something!
Listen to all the bands we mentioned before, you won’t regret it.
Solidarity with all the imprisoned antifascists. Free Joel, Dennis, Nick, Ormen.
Stay cool

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