HIRO.K aka God168 -Loyal To The Grave And Deacon.

By Ed


Ive been wanting to do something new with my dude Hiro for a while now.

Hes a really solid dude and is two killer Japanese Hardcore bands not only that but he’s co owner of Nerds Records Tokyo.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with him and actually seeing Deacon while I was In Tokyo last summer.

Give him a follow on Twitter & IG – @god168






DR – Hiro my brother!

how are you dude? How’s the Weather in Tokyo right now, still cold?

HK -Hi, ED. Yup Here is Still cold but Cherry Blossom was awesome. Means spring comes!


DR –  What’s the scene like in Japan right now?

HK – Our scene is growing up bit by bit. There are many kind of hardcore bands in Tokyo and Many kids look into current

Japanese hardcore scene.

DR – Hows things going at Nerds? A lot of people know about the store

now and I’ve heard people here in the UK and Europe talk about wanting

to go visit while in Japan, That’s killer right?


HK – Yeah I apririciated some of foreign people is coming to NERDS ever week from all over the world.

2 weeks ago we marked the first anniversary. We organized special shows of LOYAL TO THE GRAVE, BLINDSIDE and OTUS

that night and It was crazy time! Im so happy Now Im doing full time for NEREDS/RETRIBUTION NETWORK.

Glad I could get new friends all time at NERDS.


DR – What made you want to start up Nerds in the first place? I mean you

have some competition with Disk Union being pretty close.

HK – Yeah This Shibuya is the coolest city in Tokyo. We have many live venue and some food place, also clothing store called GREED that is directing by END( Amazing Japanese Flyer artist and H8MONGER from DOGGY HOOD$/DFL). Greed is very important place for hardcore culture since 2 years ago so We are focusing to open nerds in Udagawacho from Shibuya. There are many record store in same area and one of legendary place that is selling VINYL/CD in japan.

DR – So give us a bit of background on LTTG, When you started,who’s in

the band ,what was the main motivation behind starting a band?


HK – Yeah I started LTTG 98′ It was just project band because I was playing for other band called STATE CRAFT (95-01 I think) We released some demo and MCD after I was into LTTG line up changed then. We wanted to play simple moshable hardcore as a project band for fun time. Just kind like Hatebreed, buried alive, 25 TA LIFE etc. When we reformed some lineup, KOBA took in the band as a bassist. and other guiter is from same guitar of STATECRAFT(released full length on GOODLIFE) and other members from (EVERLAST, DIVISION etc) were all close friends from mine.

DR –  You guys play a lot of shows man , what’s the latest set of shows

or tour you have done?


HK – Yeah We are playing lots of shows! There are many good shows in tokyo haha. Our latest show was from



We mixed from our latest album against odds and old tracks from our old CD called Indistict and played MERUADER / BURIED ALIVE cover etc.

DR – How far have toured with LTTG and what have been some of your

favourite places and shows?

HK -My favourite shows must be in our home SHIBUYA/TOKYO. Becuase of I know everything haha. But We wanna go to any place When we can adjust our schedule. I love to eat some favourite food at local cities in japan. And Off curse I love shows at other countries. CAL, NY, NJ, PA , BOSTON. Haven’t gotten chance to play at Europe but wanna try to go there after new album etc.

DR-  Is it a group effort with the song writing?

HK – Yeah I need to take some Off to song writing. I need to write some more tracks for next recording. Wish we could put new album in 2015 to 2016.

DR –  How much material do you have out up to now?


1st MCD “North Truth”

1st ALBUM “Abstract Sensations”

Split 7inch with THE ACACIA STRAIN

2nd MCD “Indistinct”

2nd ALBUM “Still Climbin Still Believin’

3rd ALBUM “Against the Odds”

and some compilation etc!

DR – You’re also in another band “Deacon” how did you end up doing that

band too? Or were you there from the start?


HK – Yeah DEACON just recorded new 3 tracks last month! It will be out split 7inch with TOMEBOMB(NJ) on HARVCORE records.

I siked for this split vinyl! I wanted to just classic jams from 90’s inflence so just talked with my friend IDT(our bassist who payed for SILENCE KILLS THE REVOLUTION) and invited YOHEI59(CREEPOUT) and POT90 for DEACON.


DR – How much Material does Deacon have out now?

HK – We released just DEMO 2012 and Next new split vinyl will be out around june!

Hardcore records is one of my favourite label. SO Im honor to take part in TEAM HARVCORE!

DR – You guys also play shows regularly, what’s been going on recently?

HK- DEACON have shows with BENTLIFE(USA) When they come to japan in few months. Also wanna get some local shows as a record release party etc. LTTG have good shows in MAY to summer! Also BLOODAXE FEST etc.

DR – What’s next for LTTG & Deacon?


HK -Im sure LTTG gonna record something in this year(maybe album) and We release 2015 to early 2016. and Wanna go to some other countries and many more local cities in japan! bout DEACON, We put split 7inch with TIMEBOMB and I think we gonna write more songs and wanna put 1st album in 2016! Too much work haha.

DR-  Thanks a lot for the interview dude, I hope I will see you soon.

HK -Thanks ED. I really appreciate all your kindness  and friendship! Come to japan again soon!

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