Interview w/ Adrian – FOURTH CRUSADE (Gießen/Siegen,Germany)

by xjtx

Asking several questions to Adrian (singer for FOURTH CRUSADE) was something really interesting. First of all because of all the same bands we do like together and which in one way or another have inspired FOURTH CRUSADE’s spirit, that concept of negativity inherent to a whole section of hardcore culture, which slightly differs from the posi/straight edge global identity of the webzine we contribute to! Anyway, no needs to go into it, better read that interview…!

1/ Hey Adrian, thanks for sharing your time. FOURTH CRUSADE’s actually the latest band I’ve been listening to – I discovered the band yesterday on a UKHC dedicated Facebook private group. Someone posted your bandcamp profile on it and I directly noticed several details – KICKBACK, ARKANGEL and H8000 references for example… What can you tell me about these different mentions? Is FOURTH CRUSADE a dedicated band, a tribute to that 90s/early 00s metallic hardcore spirit?

Hey Jean. No problem, I’ve got to thank you for giving us the chance to do an interview. You kinda hit the nail on its head. Fourth Crusade definitely IS a band dedicated to the 90s/early 00s style of metallic Hardcore. Bands like KICKBACK, ARKANGEL, MERAUDER, ALL OUT WAR, LENGTH OR TIME or INTEGRITY basically formed the sound we are playing now.

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2/ When did you guys decided to form FOURTH CRUSADE? Do MEMBERS OF CONTENT WITH DYING, STONE/HEART and CARNIVOROUS SOCIETY are still active? What differs from these band concerning FOURTH CRUSADE? What about current German hardcore scene? Which bands/venues/fanzines are worth a look?

FOURTH CRUSADE, as the band that it is now, was formed in early 2015. Jacob joined one month ago, completing the band as its second guitarist. Two of the bands that our members come from are still active. STONE/HEART basically never did anything but eventually became Fourth Crusade after many lineup changes. CONTENT WITH DYING is on hiatus right now but there are plans to set it up again. CARNIVOROUS SOCIETY is still active. Basically all these bands had nothing in common with FOURTH CRUSADE. I think CONTENT WITH DYING is what could still be labeled the closest to FOURTH CRUSADE because it kinda played 90s Metalcore but with a completely different concept, paying tribute the the Vegan Straight Edge Bands of the 90s.

Regarding the German Hardcore scene, i can say that it is getting stronger these days. Many new bands, many shows and many people attending those shows. There have been several ups and downs in German Hardcore but I think every scene has to deal with stuff like that. We’ve got fantastic bands like ABLAZE, REBORN TO CONQUER, MOSSAT, EMBRACED BY HATRED and DONE (who sadly broke up after releasing a fantastic record) over here. Sadly most of those great German bands never reach anyone outside of Germany. We also have some great fanzines that anyone who still cares about reading about hardcore on real paper should check out. Especially the Between The Lines Zine puts so much effort into their work including real zines, a web blog ( and even podcasts. It’s all non-profit stuff, so everything is for free. If you guys ever get the chance to visit Germany make sure you attend a show at the Vortex Club in Siegen. Great venue, great people and wild shows! One can’t ask for more.

3/ We can read not that much informations about FOURTH CRUSADE’s biography on your FB page, except “Zero tolerance for nazi shit. Fuck off.” Is there a serious neo-nazi issue in 2015 Germany? Is the local Hardcore scene concerned by these social troubles?

These days the neo-nazi problem in Germany is getting worse again from my point of view. Especially reports about islamic terrorists are strenghtening the right wing because they stir up the fear in the ignorant parts of the German popultation which eventually results in Islamophobia or Xenophobia. Of course Hardcore isn’t spared from these problems but there is a big zero tolerance stance towards fascist ideology so it’s unlikely to become a serious problem in the German Hardcore scene. We’re definitely not a PC band but racist shit simply does not belong into music that has its roots in Punk.

4/ As a KICKBACK fan myself I can’t help thinking of Stephen Bessac’s way of singing when I listen to your 3 songs demo tape, especially that tortured singing featuring on 2000 “Les 150 Passions Meurtrières” and 2009 “No Surrender” – why did you chose to pass on these tortured feelings?

First i gotta thank you for that comparision. Kinda honours me. Haha. The main reason i chose to sing that way is of course that i love Kickback and draw many of my influences from that band. On the other hand FOURTH CRUSADE is a negative Hardcore band with negative lyrics and i want the negativity to be heard through the music itself. Would be strange to sound like YOUTH OF TODAY while singing songs about suffering and discomfort, wouldn’t it?

6/ Sometimes, I figure that I’m a bit fed up with 80s hardcore punk – even if I’m fond of that shit you know! I guess it’s because the lyrics go round in circles and also because I love how metallic hardcore acts tried to transpose the Historical and Sociological lack of understanding into a chaotic, pessimistic and emotive music. What do you think of that? What are your lyrics about?

I think we go hand in hand on this one. I am sick of reading Hardcore lyrics about family and friends in almost every song. Our lyrics are in the same vein as those of the 90s Metalcore bands. It’s all about discomfort with the recent state of this world and how this world is plagued by humanity as an all devouring, self-destructive construct.

7/ “Sovereignty Of Grief” starts with a movie sample, isn’t it? Where does it come from? Besides the Historical background what’s FOURTH CRUSADE sources of influence?

“The sample in “Sovereignty Of Grief” is from the series “True Detective”. We took it because it somehow captures an interesting part of Nietzsches philosophy about rebirth and at the same time shows the hopelessness behind the life of the modern human. Besides our musical influences like KICKBACK, ALL OUT WAR, MERAUDER, ARKANGEL, BOLT THROWER, LENGTH OF TIME, INTEGRITY, IN COLD BLOOD, RINGWORM, DARKTHRONE and so on, pessimistic philosophy and literature influenced my lyrics a lot.

8/ I have to admit you’re one of the only 2010s band inspired by late 90s NYHC or Holy Terror which got my attention, are you satisfied with your sound? Will you try to sound a bit different concerning the next release? By the way, you told me there will be new represses of your demo tape, when will you press it on vinyl? Do you guys are currently working on new materials?

“I think we all are more than satisfied with our demo and it’s reception in the German Hardcore scene. Actually we don’t really try to sound different at all but it will happen as a natural process because we all get new influences. We will maintain the foundation of our music for sure but we don’t want to record the same record for five times so it will definitely be a bit different. It’s not sure if the tape will be released in form of a tape again. That will be in the hands of Rising Nemesis Records Vinyl & Tape (the label we’re on). If they’re up to do this because many people are still asking for it there will be more tapes. If not we will maybe do a limited CD release of the demo. I hope we can somehow do a vinyl release of our next record. We’re currently writing new songs and already got some new songs up our sleeves!

9/ I have no further questions if you guys want to add something!

“Attend shows. Organize shows. Start a band. Write a blog or a zine. Show Hardcore music to your friend, little brother, sister or cousin. Hardcore can just exist as long as we put our effort into this rather than checking the webstores for fancy merch designs and the newest sneakers. Thanks for the interview! All the best 4C

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