Value Of Words Fanzine

By Ed


I got sent the PDF of the now sold out Value Of Words Fanzine recently by the editors Andris and Emelie.

Its a part Swedish Part Hungarian Zine.

Read most of it last night and on the underground today I really like it visually. 

Really well laid out zine with really good photographs from Angela Owens and others.


It features interviews with Hounds Of Hate,Enough,Give,Shipwrecked,True Identity and Praise.

Great choice of bands for interviews.although I do feel like I have de ja vu reading all these Give interviews.

Pretty much the same questions on loop its a good job I dig them and that John always seems to just slightly change his answer in every interview. Enough are great so it was good to read about them same for True Identity one of my favourite current bands for sure. and interesting reads on the Shipwrecked front had no idea they have only played a couple of times in the last god knows how many years. I actually got to see them last summer in Sweden with Cro Mags and they were pretty tight.


A bit of other stuff in there about the editors and some very awesome stories about some very important Hardcore records.


Pretty Good stuff watch out for issue two.

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