Nick Evans – Discrepancy

By Ed


 The Discrepancy Demo has had some serious air time since I first heard it.

Its pretty much my gear when it comes to Straight Edge Hardcore.

So theres not much else to say really….I knew I wanted to interview one of the guys from the band so Sean (YoungBlood) Put me in contact with Nick and the rest is History.


DR: Yo Nick, how are you man? What you been up to?

NE. I’m good! I’ve been in school just pounding the books but I’m out for summer in OC! I’m very stoked and I’ve just been working on new jams while listening to the classics. Working hard and chilling hard OC style.


DR: So tell us a bit about Discrepancy, where and when you started and who’s in the band?

NE. Discrepancy was a band I’ve wanted to do since I was 16 years old in High School listening to Uniform Choice and Hardstance. The true inception of the band came about when Justin Raya (drums) and myself became friends around 2010. Justin is another OC native and we bonded over our pride and love for OC bands. Finally last year (2014), Justin and I put the foot to the pedal and cranked out a demo. Discrepancy is: Nick (vocals) – Justin (drums) – Ry (bass) – Jacob (guitar).


DR: What have you guys been up to since you dropped the demo, who have you been playing shows with and where have you been?

NE. Since we dropped the demo we’ve been playing here and there and writing new music. We’ve played shows with Enough Said, Fury, New Brigade, and Give. We’ve only played a few shows two of which were in OC at a skate shop and then the other was in Pomona at a classic venue for Socal.


DR: How did you guys end up hooking with Youngblood Records? Killer label to be with, right?

NE. Youngblood is the best! I was beyond stoked when Sean reached out to me about doing a record. We had dropped the demo and played a show and then Sean contacted me about how much he dug the band and the demo and we talked about doing a 7”. Truly grateful for Sean and YB he’s been extremely accommodating so far and it means a lot.

DR: There always seems to be a very vibrant HC scene in Cali, why do you think you guys do it so well?

NE. Yeah man I mean I grew up going to punk shows and then hardcore shows and so on. I love the scene in CA. A lot of kids out here glorify the east coast scenes and that’s cool I’ve been over there with other bands and it’s great don’t get me wrong, BUT it bums me out because the CA scene is powerful and always has been. I like to see people taking pride in their scene. As far as doing it well goes, man I don’t know! I guess just a bunch of like-minded people coming together for the music!


DR: Who are some of the other current Cali HC bands that are smashing it right now, in your opinion?

NE. Oh man, there are a few. I love Enough Said, which is another OC Straight Edge band made up of my great friends. Madison who plays in ES also plays in Fury, which is another OC band that I love. Forced Order is another band made up of my band mates and friends who I enjoy seeing whenever I can.
DR: The demo is killer man. How do you tackle the writing and music? All together, or another way? Also, has the demo been received the way you were hoping for?
NE. The demo has absolutely been received in ways that I could hope. The reception we’ve received about the demo has surpassed anything that I could have anticipated. I’ve got people from all over the world emailing me about demo tapes (which don’t exist YET) and that’s too damn cool. The demo was written and recorded by myself and Justin (drums). At the time we didn’t have other members so that was that.


DR: What topics interest you the most to write about?

NE. All in all we are an OC Straight Edge band. So I like to write about what Straight Edge means to me and my stance on racism, elitism, prejudice, and negative attitudes. I write about these topics because of everything I’ve seen growing up in OC. OC isn’t perfect and it’s got its problems like anywhere else. I love OC for the music that it’s birthed.

DR: Who are some of the Straight Edge Hardcore bands that influenced the band?

NE. Like I mentioned we are 100% OC Straight Edge. So we are influenced by Uniform Choice, Unity, Hardstance, No For An Answer, Insted, Against The Wall, and Pushed Aside. Mainly while writing the demo we were directly influenced musically and lyrically by Hardstance, Against The Wall, Pushed Aside, and Uniform Choice.


DR: Do you guys do any other bands?

NE. Yeah Justin, Ry, and myself were doing New Brigade but that just ended. I play in Soul Search too. Justin is trying to do a band called Rat Race as well.

DR: What does the future hold for Discrepancy?

NE. The future for Discrepancy is going to be playing more shows all over Socal. No tours yet but I hope to see the east coast during the band’s career. New debut 7” on YB by the end of summer. Lot’s of cool merch too. Who knows what else!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.29.33 AM

DR: Thanks for your time dude anything else you want to add?

NE. Keep an eye out for Discrepancy demo tapes this summer on Identify Records. We’re finishing up the 7” so keep an eye out for that on Youngblood Records as well! Thanks for the interview man! OC XXX



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