by Jean.

I’ve been told by different bands, records labels to review several releases.
Let’s do this!

THE WORST DOUBT – demo 2015 (Straight & Alert Records)

I was listening to PROPAGANDHI earlier today. Usually, when I listen to their latest LP “Failed States”, there is that precise moment when Chris Hannah – on “Rattan Cane”, a song dedicated “to the “emos” in Iraq and the “punks” in Aceh, Indonesia” – drops a loud and clear: “I look at you and I see nothing but a fool.” I was singing that during my shower and it reminds me I had to review something which – musically speaking – has nothing to do with PROPAGANDHI’s message but, that kind of frustration you feel when you need to give an explanation with someone, or about something, who/which TOTALLY upset you was, as to me, on the same level of anger and misunderstanding than what THE WORST DOUBT (Paris latest interesting band regarding aggressive and thrashing hardcore and latest Straight & Alert recruit) is dealing with:

“The parasite eats your brain
Remnants for angry dogs and hungry vultures
You totter, shaken by contingencies
Of your pathetic future […]”

“Proud to claim your fake rebellion
But when the problem shows where were you at
Swallow back your right thinking
Just do your thing and run your life man
I don’t give a fuck […]” (Hope the riot didn’t start on Facebook, guys!)

“You complain, you’re wining
You mope, you hope for better days
But you’ll only got tears and shame
Looking for someone to blame […]

“Break the nerve down
In my fuckin’ head
There’s no way to stop this
‘Til everyone is dead […]”

IMHO, THE WORST DOUBT is an interesting band because that demo’s sound had paid attention to honour that late 90s/early 00s NYHC and Troycore vibes which had struck French angry kids when bands like KICKBACK, labels/crew like Overcome, KDS were at their peak. When the villain take the mic to spread his urge to beat the crap out to every poser, you know… That wasn’t my cup of tea but, you know, sometimes, you just need to listen to stuff that sticks with what you feel on this very moment! Maybe it has nothing to with these bands (THE WORST DOUBT really sounds like TRAPPED UNDER ICE (“Legit Disdain”, dude! That’s so obvious!) but I don’t really know and like this band unfortunately) but when I hear TWD, I can’t help thinking of bands like D’MIZE, or BULLDOZE first EP which was released by Stephen’s (KICKBACK) record label Hardway Records in 1994.
Encouraging tape!

HARM DONE “Hammer Tape ’15” (Straight & Alert Records)

Seventeen release for Nantes (France) Hardcore Label and Distro, and a major one because it is HARM DONE promo tape for their upcoming first LP + a cover of one of the most powerful bands from Boston, MA, I’m of course dealing with SSD because it’s a cover of “Boiling Point” from “The Kids Will Have Their Say” 12″ from 1982 – such an amazing tune, a classic USHC anthem which has inspired the name of a great current Hardcore fanzine called Boiling Point Zine.
This tape counts three new titles you’ll find on that upcoming LP and what’s interesting is that, although it follows a brilliant first EP, we can notice an “evolution through a backward step”! Let me be clear: let’s go back to last year when I was introduced to HARM DONE when it was said to be a RAW JUSTICE/REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER side-project. I red stuffs you can still read on the Internet: HARM DONE would be that kind of 2010s powerviolence inspired by different bands such as INFEST (pretty classic indeed), SEX PRISONER (cool band, I have their 7″, but I can’t listen to it too much, you’ll understand why later), and other stuffs like NAILS and, of course, ENTOMBED because of that 90s swedish death metal vibe confered with a measured use of BOSS HM2 pedal; that EXACT reason why I have a problem with nowadays (so-called) powerviolence because that guitar sound is so overwhelming some bands can be really umbearable! Nevertheless, HARM DONE’s first EP was just great (in a way, it really reminded me HORDES “Abarognosis” 7″ on King Of The Monsters)! And why do I observe some “evolution through backward step” concerning that promo tape? Just because that HM2 sound isn’t over-emphasised! Like if that forthcoming record had been released before their first release, actually! Just listen to that incredible tune “Two World”! Increadible breakdowns!
Lyrically speaking I guess “loneliness” will be the key word of that record!

DRUG CONTROL s/t EP (Straight & Alert Records/Cointoss Records)

Straight & Alert is on the roll, lads!
As a result, the French record label just released San Diego’s DRUG CONTROL first 7″ (with American label CoinToss Records) which consists in a few minutes of catchy youth crew. I have to admit it’s been months since I’ve been repeting the reading of a youth crew record – and the first time I was like “Oh, that’s just ANOTHER 2010s straight edge/youth crew worshipping band…” but this 7″ is increasingly good, like other hardcore punk records released in 2015 actually (SPIRITS, CHAIN RANK, DISXEASE and STICK TOGETHER LPs for example).

HIGHTOWER “Sure. Fine. Whatever” (Knives Out Records)

Several weeks ago I got an email from Jeremie asking me if I can review HIGHTOWER first LP, released last year on French label Knives Out Records (Oh my gosh! If I’m right it was PROVIDENCE label, isn’t it? Not even 30, already old! (Just kidding!)), and talk about the video-clip they just put out. So here are the footages.

Actually, I just don’t give a s… about filming an “official video clip” for a specific tune. I’d rather focus on people getting smashed up on YouTube (like I said, I’m not even thirty I can laugh with complete impunity at people who posted a video of themselves falling down because they’re drunk, stupid or completely irresponsible – sometimes, they combine the three, thumbs up!) and then, listen to the record the guy told me to listen to… Or listen to the record while reading an interview the band gave to Noisey France. I won’t post any link of that interview, first because I think it won’t be interesting for people who don’t speak French and also because I was also fed up with the fact that some French musicians need to justify with their audience about some specific choices they made – like recording a record in the US (seriously, who gives a fuck?). I can’t help wondering why people need to seek a punk credibility, or even an integrity on each band they’re listening to, each movie they want to see… Are we still at that point in 2015? SERIOUSLY?

Just want to tell to all the fuckin haters who disagree with the path HIGHTOWER decided to take concerning their musical approach is absolutely not their business – they should start their own band before getting too big for their britches and ask for DIY or whatever. It’s really a pain in the ass.

All the more since that record is actually really cool if you’re into melodic punk rock dealing with emotive feelings – I guess if you watched the video clip you already realised it!


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