Connor Jones – Direct Impact

By Ed

DI Logo

Im really feeling the Direct Impact demo but then I’m a fan of most of the Moshers Delight stuff.

Dropped Conner a line to see what was up and get to know a bit more about DI.

Simple as that really … don’t sleep on this!

DR: Hey Connor how’s things man? What do you get up too out of the band, do you work study….?

Hey man. Yeah I am a student in Boston at Berklee. That takes up most of my time. If I’m not doing school shit I’m probably just hangin out with the crew, y’know.


DR: When and where did DI start?

Direct Impact started in my room. I’m always playing guitar and so I had a bunch of riffs that I thought were badass. I didn’t want them to go unused. So I got to the studio to record the Burst Of Rage demo a little early and busted out all the tracks real quick. I wrote and recorded the lyrics the next week with my roommate.

DR: Who’s in the band and where are you all from?

It’s Rob Rose of Take Control on guitar, Devin on drums and Jim D on bass. Everyone is from Massachusetts except for myself. I’m actually a transplant from Houston living in Boston. I moved up here for college.

DR: The Demo is super rad,did it all work out the way you wanted?

Has it been well received so far?

Yeah I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Ned’s studio is rad and captured the energy j had playing the songs very well. I was mostly happy I could just do it all so quickly. People seem to like the demo, I’ve gotten good feedback. I’m not too concerned with the general opinion as long as me and my friends like it honestly. That’s what’s really important.

DR: Very crucial name for a band “Direct Impact” did it come from anywhere in particular?

That’s a question for my main man Jay Piwetz who came up with the name. The hardest part of making a band is coming up with a name that is satisfying. It’s probably just a combination of Direct Effect and Impact Unit (or Hi Impact). 2  crucial things indeed.


DR: How do you guys approach the song writing in DI,is it an individual or group effort?

Well all the songs on the demo were written by myself. But I want to change that in the future. We already have another song completed and it was written by Jim. It might be my favorite actually. Yeah, I wanna be a lot more collaborative as we move on.

DR: What kind of music influences run through the band?And is there any Straight Edge Hardcore bands that directly influence DI?

Yeah, definitely lots of influences. Everything on the demo was actually written without a specific sound in mind. I was just kinda jamming and they came out. A few things that definitely come to mind are Warzone, Straight Ahead, Negative FX for the drum part, YOT, all my favorite bands that will shine through no matter what.

DR: Take A Stand is a great song to cover, how come you ended up putting that on the demo? More bands should do that.

It’s my favorite song from the 7″. I wanted to do a cover on the demo, I thought it’d be cool. But I didn’t wanna cover a song that has been done by every band. You can never go wrong with a Warzone cover so I went for it. The real debate was whether I should cover the 7″ version or the Tommy Rat version.

DR: How many shows have you played so far? Where about’s have you played and who with?

We have only played 1 official show. We played a song at the Waste Management/Big Contest gig last April. But the Boston date of the Burst Of Rage/Free At Last US tour was our first official gig. It was in some hippie commune in Worcester MA. It was badass. People moshed.


DR: MDR is a great label to work with how did you end up working with them?

MDR is most definitely the shit. When I had the final tracks I was just sending them to everyone I knew. I had 2 emails with about 20 different people each that I sent it to. John and Zack texted me a few days later and asked me what I thought about MDR putting it out. I talked to everyone and we were obviously into it, so it worked out perfect.

DR: Do any of you do any other bands?

YES, I am in Burst Of Rage. Rob Rose and Devin are both in Take Control and Jim D sings for Labeled. It’s so cool to be in a band with people That are in bands I love.

DR: What’s next for DI?

As soon as I get back from Boston we are gonna be gigging a ton. More songs are already in the works. Edge Day is happening in Boston again thanks to Jesse Standhard and we are playing that. It’ll be sick. Other than that nothing too specific.

DR: Thanks for you time man Ed XXX

Hey man, my pleasure. XXX.


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