Zoo Party : Peet – Primitive Life

By Tieuma

New bands are an exciting thing for me. Everytime there’s a new bunch of people playing hardcore, I’m always super thrilled. It might not appeal to me nor be the my kind of stuff (which is rare but it happens), I’m glad that there’s still someone caring and trying to keep the flame burning. And as naive as it sounds, for me it’s important. Hardcore is something made by you and me, made of the little things we all bring together, and each effort is worth acknowledgment. And I can be disappointed by all the sourness around me, I don’t clearly understand it and it ruins what this kind of music and “sub-culture” means to me. But in anyways, I encourage anyone to start a band, even though it sounds like shit because you can’t play your instrument, do it, at least you tried, and if you have some skills, well it can only help it.

What cheers me the most these days, is how many great European bands form here and there. No jingoism of any sort here, but let’s face it, it cost some big money to have bands from overseas coming in our lands, so when they hail from somewhere near, it’s a little bit easier to catch them, right ? Anyway, our guest for today is a bunch of Straight Edge kids from Berlin who freshly formed a new killer band, PRIMITIVE LIFE.

I authorized myself some redundant and classic questions here, but I think it’s legit since they are a new band and well, you don’t know anything about them, neither do I, so let’s get to it will you ? I did this interview with Peet, the guitarist, through e-mail.


Peet : “Hey we are PRIMITIVE LIFE, consisting of Julia – Bass, Michi – Drums, Hannes – Vocals, Sven – Guitar and myself on guitare. We all live in Berlin or the Berlin are.”

DxR : “Would you rather live in a world where Breakdown The Walls never existed or a world without any taste, color nor feelings ?”

PxL : “Breakdown the what?! I would never give up my senses for a record.”

Berlin is a huge city. I never been there unfortunatly, even though it’s somewhat close to where I live, but I know from friends who visited the city or through all the things happening, thanks to the internet,  it’s definitly active hardcore wise. I don’t think you need to dig too deep to find bands that killed it and still does it. My last discovery from the german capital is this Straight Edge band.

P: “In summer 2014 Sven and Hanes were looking for some people to start a new project, shortly after Michi and Julia joined and PRIMITIVE LIFE started. In spring 2015 I completed the package.

Julia used to play bass in BITTER VERSES, but after a few years in Berlin she wanted to start soemthin new. Sven played in a Youth Crew band called REFLECTIONS, bass too. Both Julia and Svens band had their rehearsal room in the same town, even the same building, door on door. Michi is involved in another band called WEIGHTS. For Hannes, it’s his first band experience on mic; he’s been in some poorly projects on guitar before, nothing serious. I had some metal influenced projects about six or seven years ago.”

DxR : “Was it the point of the band to be a Straight Edge one when you formed ?”

P : “We all, as well as anybody else, know, what Straight Edge means to us. Some of that influences our lyrics and our output. We are glad it turned out that way, even if it way not the top priority for every one of us.

I never was into clubbing or party crew bullshit. So, spending money for shows and bands I want to see automatically was connected with first less and quickly later non drinking. After some time Straight Edge was more and more the way I want to live my life and I enjoy it every single sec ! Last but not least I have to say being Straight Edge, as well as being Vegan is a personal issue. I don ́t want to educate or tell people what they have to do. Nonetheless I may don’t like you that much if you smoke or puke right next to me.”

DxR : “Any vegetarians/vegans ?”

P : “It’s death for no reasons and death for no reasons is murder !”


It was a bunch of cheesy questions, you can say it. But I’m a bit naive, I can’t fight it, and when I come across a new Straight Edge band I’m even more thrilled. But what amazed me here, is that they recorded a cover of the PROJECT SALTY ! Which is a great idea in my sens since this little piece of tape rules real bad. I also found funny how they called their band, considering that in our days, Boston has a strong “primitive” game if you know what I’m saying, with bands like THE RIVAL MOB or THE BOSTON STRANGLER and all their aesthetic linked to rawness and primitivism, and they covered the Boston Straight Edge anthem (In my opinion though).

P : “The band name has a huge sarcastic touch. I don’t want people to live a primitive life. Everyone should think outside the box, question what is happening, build your own state of mind and please do not just live primitive and consume what someone throws in-front of you. UNGA BUNGA haha. [ … ] I personally think, that not asking questions and not thinking about current standards and agreements is living a primitive life. There is so much going on in this world, I can’t understand 1% of it I guess. But for me, I always try to read and educate myself about current situations. I always try to ask the question „why is this happening? What‘s the meaning behind all of this?“. Sometimes, I have to admit, most of the times, I can’t answer those questions properly. Sometimes everything is getting to complicated. And then I am looking for a relief. What a great link to hardcore. For me, this is the relief, this is where I can overcome my over thinking and all the negative influences. For me its a way to deal with all the stress life brings. Sometimes it looks and feels primitive to be part of an active audience, but during those minutes it has way more meaning to every single one. So I think the idea of moshing can be seen as primitive is fine, but the mindset behind it, is not.”

DxR : “Are you worshipping the Boston Straight Edge scene ?”

P : “Regarding to the music, Boston Straight Edge is huge. None of us really can say a word about the scene over there. I sometimes struggle to put the local scene in words haha. By the way, I hate the term “scene”.

I just don’t like the „we are in the scene and therefore we are cooler/better than you“-bullshit. Everyone is welcome, no one is better then any other. It’s that simple. It’s not just about the HC-scene. I see the same issues regarding on Straight Edge Kids, Vegan Warriors or any other like-minded-connections.

For me everyone sucks, some more, some less. I just try to suck as less as possible for me.”

I hesitated a bunch before this question here. When I read it afterward, I think it’s kind of dumb and a bit useless, but if I’m thinking that, it’s for the same reasons Peet reject the scene concept, and I liked his mindset on this matter.

 They released their first demo last June. Despite the fact some songs are a bit long and the bass sound is weird here and there and a little bit too much in front of everything, it’s a super good demo and it’s really promising first try. You got to love FLOORPUNCH and MENTAL to appreciate their jam. Apparently, people in Berlin must love their local Straight Edge kids, because they did play a lot of shows lately.

P : “The attention our demo got was definitively above our expectations. It still blows our minds. All the feedback and messages show that people actually care and that’s cool !

I think it just shows how vital the connections here are. We all know people here and there, and so we are able to play some shows, which are awesome opportunities and a good sign !

DIY is important. It just links the heart and soul of the musicians to their music. For the demo we kept it DIY as far as possible. None of us has any experience or equipment for recording, so a friend of Hannes took that part.  Again, thanks Pat! You did an awesome job!”


Well, that’s all for us today, I know it’s a short run, but let time do it’s job and maybe we will see some other interviews pop in the near futur. I also suggest a secret free stage show at fluff fest, but who am I to decide. Last one before we quit.

DxR : “Favorite Straight Edge records of all time ?”

P : “Puh that’s a fucking hard one ! No decisions can be made. YOUTH OF TODAY, MINOR THREAT, ALONE IN A CROWD, SIDE BY SIDE, MOUTHPIECE, TURNING POINT and so on … It’s just too hard !”

Thanks Peet and PRIMITIVE LIFE for your time and patience and hope to see you real soon !


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