Broken Promises : Azario Lopez – Crush

By Tieuma


When I discuss with people about the negative side of internet, many of them tell me it’s easier today to find bands and you don’t have to search that much to find something new. Actually, I was pretty much thinking the same, and if I think it’s impossible to know everything, you can access a lot of informations nowadays with not much means to. Well, even with that, there’s a lot of things I might like that is well hidden.

One example was RELEVANT ANGER from California, which came to me about a review and I ended up doing an interview, because I like to get busy with more and more work somehow. Well, it happened once again, with CRUSH, from the same state.

No misplaced wordplay, but again I had a crush for this band that asked me about a review because and I just failed to do the job asked. Here’s an interview with Azario, singer of the band.


What do you want to crush or who do you have a crush on ?

The Demoniac.

Do you know how many bands called CRUSH is there on the internet ? Did you do it on purpose or you were just totally “screw that we’ll do it anyway, show em who’s chiller than most” ?

There are a few bands named crush most of them haven’t done anything in 20 years. Actually one band decided to call themselves crush a few months ago. We messaged them and told them that it’s weird they did that since we live in the same state and will likely play the same venues. They said they saw we were a band but weren’t going to change their name. We’ll deal with that later.


Is there some kind of teen angst hidden behind this name ?

I am not sure. We are not teenagers.

How did you meet and what motivated you to start a band?

I met Danny and Alan (they are brothers) when I was 15. There was a straight edge vegan band called Prove It that played in our town ( I saw Alan at one of their shows and then found out he went to my high school. He was wearing a straight edge pin, so I let him know I was also straight edge, and we’ve been friends ever since. I met Nick probably a year later at some house show.
Crush started with a phone call. Alan and Danny wrote four songs in October of 2012 and asked me to sing for them. It was pretty much that easy because we wrote and recorded all of them that same day. The plan was to put out as much music as possible so when we play shows, we can choose from a handful of music to always play new stuff. Back then, Danny was on drums and Alan was playing bass. We didn’t have a permanent guitar player, so on tour and at shows we had a few friends help us out. Michael (Jesus) Massoudi, Dak Feaster from Reunion (, and Michael Ramirez from Cease (, were a huge help. About a year ago, life happened, and we all had to focus on work and getting out of college. I think it was Nick who messaged Alan in the beginning of 2015 and said he wanted to play drums for crush, and we decided that summer will be the time to put out new music and start touring again.

You put out a new 7″ but basically there’s two old songs, a cover and only one new song, was there any kind of a problem with the old recording ?
(As for today, there’s a new jam out on their bandcamp, check it out.)

It pretty much came down to getting Nick on some recordings and doing what we could to improve the sound. It was also a way to get us reenergized because we haven’t played in about a year. We do have new songs and plan to record them within the month.


There’s a lot of messages on you Tumblr that bugged me, like “Time is infinite. Go do something” or all those anti consumerism message. Do you tend to have the same attitude on stage ? Do you believe that punk and politics goes hand in hand ?

I believe that I wrote “Time is finite. Go do something,” and that was directed towards the people around me at that time. I hate to see people waste away when I know everyone is capable of doing something good for themselves, the scene, or their community, so I just wanted to remind them that this is all we have. We are slowly dying and they’re watching reality television.

Our attitude on stage is very straight forward, and we believe that punk is inherently political.

What is the story of the song called 45 Percent ? What does it referers to ?
People tend to care more about whatever is hyped than what they are putting down their throats. The meat industry is destroying the planet and people keep buying their McDonalds with not a care in the world. So we ask that people look past those corporate distractions and pay attention to the disgusting and shitty things the meat companies are doing to all life on this planet.
Would you define your view on Veganism through Ultramilitance or Unjistified Murder ?

Well for me, my view on veganism has evolved from just harming other living creatures to this planet is dying and the meat industry is one of the main contributors to it’s demise. So I just want to remind people to stop thinking about themselves or their appetite, but to really think about the future of earth.

What will you do with those new song you’re planing to record ?

We plan to DIY it and put it out ourselves. If anyone likes us enough to put it out on their label that would be cool, but whether that happens or not we will still put it out and tour the hell out of it.

Between JUSTICE LEAGUE and XIBALBA, Pomona sure have weird bands and some kind of history when it comes to hardcore. Is it still an active scene and do you know all each other ? Do you feel at your place in this scene ?

When we started crush, we were pretty new to the Pomona scene with Alan having just moved there, but as soon as we put out our first demo, people from Pomona and the Inland Empire (IE) supported us. Bands like Pro-Youth and Reflect we’re a huge help, and we did a split with Why We Fight. Playing shows there is the most fun any of us has ever had. Danny and Alan moved to Long Beach, and I’ll be joining them in December. Nick is a PhD student in Merced.


If you had to choose a totem band between CHARLES BRONSON and INFEST, which one would you pick ?

most likely Infest.

Favorite Youth Crew Records.

Ten Yard Fight – Hardcore Pride

Youth of Today – Break Down the Walls

Are you covering band on stage ? What are you covering ?

We cover Minor Threat – Discography

Operation Ivy – Knowledge
Some Beastie Boys songs

and some other I can’t remember



Who’s responsible for the flyer design ? Because some of them looks really sketchy aha.

Some of them are pretty bad huh. Well we didn’t make em so I can’t complain that much!

Thank you for your time and patience Azario.


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