MERCY (Stirling, Scotland)

by Jean

MERCY dropped their bandcamp link like a week ago on a FB group. The fact that this band sounded very different from the late bands I’ve listened to really attracted me for several reasons mainly because they can bring a really groovy aspect while going into pretty evasive spaces without being sketchy, I guess it’s because of efficient recordings and good production. Anyway, keep an eye on this band, folks!

1/”A different kind of hardcore band” this is what you decided to mention as a short description on MERCY Facebook page.
I can’t definitly agree more: for example songs like “Outburst” or “Outside Intorn” reveal some emo/post-hardcore intros (it almost reminded me my mates from YEAR OF NO LIGHT!) whereas the rest of the songs sounds like Leeds HIGHER POWER’s groovy mosh parts, like a LEEWAY/CRO-MAGS tribute to! Are you satisfied with “Volume 1” rendering concerning this will to write “different” hardcore songs?

We didn’t have any specific sound that we were aiming for, the idea of the demo was to piece together all the things we enjoy about where music is now. We are happy with how everything sounds on the demo which we feel showcases everything we are capable of in the future sound wise.

Are you guys coming from different musical backgrounds, which can explain why MERCY sounds like that (“hardcore”, “metal”, “grunge” tags on bandcamp)? Like not chained-up to a strict kind of music? Do you play of have played in other hardcore bands or non-hardcore bands?

Yeah, some of us play in two Scottish Hardcore bands, ‘Revulsion’ and ‘Adjust’ and Dougie plays in an indie rock band.
The idea behind Mercy was to explore our different influences without being too restrictive. We hope that “Volume 1” reflects that.

When did you decided to form MERCY? Any link with 80s Swedish heavy/doom metal band MERCY fronted by Messiah Marcolin who later join CANDLEMASS? By the way why did you decided to name the band like this?

We didn’t really ‘decide’ to start MERCY, it was the aftermath of a few friends jamming and the name just fell into place after we knew what the music was. Sadly doesn’t have anything to do with Messiah Marcolin…

Can you tell me what “Volume 1” songs deal with? What is the basic MERCY lyrical process leitmotif?

I feel the record really speaks for itself on that one, a long term situation had recently changed when we started Mercy and all my lyrics really reflect on what I was going through. I haven’t published the lyrics yet as I haven’t got round to it, but I guess anyone that hears the record will understand exactly what it’s about.

What are your different musical influences or artistic influences in general?

Everyone’s brought something different to this influence wise, from Life of Agony, to Bitter End to Nirvana back to Jawbreaker. Although we all like different things on the side that others within the band might not be into as much, we find ourselves agreeing on a lot things, especially when it comes to hardcore.

2/ Can we consider “Volume 1” as a demo which would precede an EP then maybe a LP? Do you consider MERCY as a serious band you really want to “work” with in a near future?

We have already started writing a new EP so most definitely. We don’t want to call it ‘serious’ as such. We are all a close group of friends who love making music so it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

When do you think you’ll release physical copies of “Volume 1”?

Cassette tapes coming soon via Overlord Recreation.

Is MERCY a live band? Any live performance to your credit? Hope I’ll be able to see footages on your FB profile soon!

We played our first show the day before the demo dropped, and got a few more shows lined up before the year’s out. No doubt a set will be filmed soon

2/ You guys come from Stirling, Scotland, how’s the hardcore scene like here? I recently dropped a UKHC column on the webzine because I can’t describe how the UK hardcore scene is increasingly good nowadays. Do fit in with it or you’re definitly into some other shit?

The scene in Scotland in general is really cool just now, shows are always packed and it’s a great environment for new bands. A lot of us come from Stirling but most of the shows happen in Glasgow, so isn’t too far for us to travel.

Can you recommand us some bands, record labels you guys are into?

In the UK for record labels, Atonement, Carry The Weight, Neutral Words and Overlord Recreation.
Elsewhere, Powertrip Records, Bridge 9, Closed Casket Activites and Triple B to name a few!
Some bands you should check out include HIGHER POWER, SOUL CONTROL, BUILD & DESTROY, FURY, GENOCIDE PACT, STONEand SUNWOLF. Just too many to name.

3/ If you wanna add something to introduce MERCY you have the floor!
Thanks for according your time!

Check us out at and

Also check out ADJUST, REVULSION, DECEIT, VETO, A SUDDEN BURST OF COLOUR and everything Cruel Minded HC related.

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