Making The Worst Of It : Clocked Out

By Tieuma


If there’s something I always loved about Scotland, it’s their accent. It’s like speaking from someone out of Quebec when your French. It’s also a big issue for me, since my ears have an American accent as standard, and believe me there’s a huge difference between the two. That huge difference made me feel a bit confused when I first spoke to CLOCKED OUT, as I would have used a translater really.

They played in Strasbourg last April, with an Italian band called STORM {O}, and we oppened for them with one of my bands. Neat show. Those guys are crazy on stage and damn funny in general. Since I first listened to them back in 2013, I wanted to do an interview somehow, but I never went further the idea of it because I was way more lazy than I am today. So when I knew I’d see them, the idea struck me back and I’m glad I could do this face to face.

After the show I sat outside the venue with them four guys, and a bunch of other people. Crawford (singer), Tony (Bass), Paddy (drums), Mick (Guitars) and myself, on the floor like damn hippies. And their accent. It was a harsh task, but after some times struggling, here it is, their interview.



DxR : «What do you think about the recent UKHC hype ?»

Crawford : «It’s not much UK but England, more London in fact.»

Paddy : «It’s called UKHC, but actually all the bands are from England, mostly from the south.»

C : «All these bands are really cool, and I really like all these bands. I don’t feel like disadvantaged by it actually. It doesn’t affect what I do.»

DxR : «You don’t seem to like cops.»

P : «Just before we left, they caught me with some weed and alcohol on my person. I won’t go to jail, but I got fourty pounds and I’ll receive a faint for that. After a few faints, you got community service, and on and on…»

C : « I don’t want to be the cliché punk thing, but cops kicked the teeth out of one of my friends, and I’ve been pulled over countless times as a kid for no reasons. I’m sure some of them are good guys, but the majority are dickheads.»

P : « cops in Scotland are so heavy handed and not tolerant, because they need to reach a certain amount of arrest.»

C : «Which is ridiculous, since the prisons are freezed out. And worst than that, they just pull up people randomly, just to stick to their numbers.»

P : «They won’t chase the big guys dealing heroin or hard drugs, organised gang and all, it would be too much efforts, so they just chase younguns with piece of hash this size.

Skating is illegal in Scotland, there’s designated area and if you’re at the wrong place, they’ll chase you down.»

C : «Fuck cops, seriously.»


P : «And the police now is more and more militarized. But people don’t seem to care. They’re aware of the police but it’s not a problem for a lot of person if the cops carry more and more guns. Of course, if no one stop them from randomly arrest and being violent, it won’t be a problem for them.»

Mick : «The problem is, if you allow police to do more and more, it’ll become a normal thing. It’ll even encourage those bad behaviors and it’ll create a less democratic environement»

C : «Normally their job is to protect and serve, but it’s only social control, they’re controlling the population. They’re like thugs you know.»

M : «Having a police force that is constantly stomping out everything, doesn’t make them the criminals, but it only bring fear to the people.»

DxR : «How much do you feel inspired by DISCHARGE or CRASS ?»

C : «I’ve never really listened to DISCHARGE, honestly, and I don’t listen to CRASS. I mean, I listened to them when I was 17 or 16, and it blew me away, seriously, but I don’t listen to them now. But that inspire me, because they don’t give a fuck. A band that inspired me much, it was CONFLICT.»

M : «On a scale from one to ten, CRASS, I’d say 4. I really appreciate CRASS, but musically, not that much. DISCHARGE for instance, it’d more like 8 or 9, musically wise at least. I’ve listened to DISCHARGE before I listened to CRASS.»


Tony  : «I like both bands, but I don’t feel inspired by them.»

P : «For me, in matter of what I do and how I do it, I’d say OI POLLOI.»

C : «Definitely !»

P : «They were part of that Anarcho-Punk scene, and they’re really good guys, and they never did those embarassing reunion-nostalgia tour.»

DxR : «What kind of frustration, or energy, you want to get out ?»

M : «I want people to have fun when they come to our shows. There’s so many Hardcore bands, stupid, brutal and knuckleheaded. Beatdown bands. And people are like moshing too much, like they just want to make a ruckus. When we play, I just want people to have fun, I just want people to feel comfortable, I want it to be open to everyone, and I want them have a good time.»

P : «I like all kind of music, if I go to a pop show, to hear folk music, I want to listen to good music, share a beer or two, have a nice time. When I come to a Hardcore show, I expect to see fuckin’ sweat, I expect to see the drummer hit his drum like an animal, the singer to vomit his guts out, the guitarist to sweat as much as possible, the bass to blow out, I want honesty, good honest drunk Hardcore.»

DxR : «Crawford, you got a 7SECOND tattoo on your back, why ?»

C : «They changed my life. I saw them for the first time some years ago, there was SLAPSHOT, WALL OF JERICHO and I don’t remember other bands, and it fuckin’ blew me away. All their records are amazing. The Crew, Walk Together Rock Together, all of them are amazing.»

P : «I’m not much into 7SECONDS. You wanna know what is my favorite band ? The Beattles»

DxR : «Yeah, you’re exactly drumming like Ringo Star»


All : [Laughters]

P : «I think Ringo Star isn’t a good drummer, but he is a perfect fit for the Beattles. Everything he did was perfect for this band.»

DxR : «Your favorite Scottish band all time ?»

M : «I’d say OI POLLOI for the live performance and the influence, on records I’d say SEDITION, from the early nineties.»

T : «STRETCH HEADS. They were weird, and fast, they were great. Favorite Scottish band of all time.»

All : «STRETCH HEADS man !»

P : «SUFFERING FUCK, from Glasgow. 625/Deep Six records type of grind, super fast, crazy people and playing super tight. They were super good and we loved to play with them.»


All others : «Oh fuck no.»

C : «[Laughters] No I’m just joking around, but you don’t want to know about this band.»

P : «Scrap that from the record please.»

DxR : «What is your plan when you get back home ?»

M : «I’m moving to spain, for personal reasons, and I don’t think we will split for that, nowadays it doesn’t make sens.»

P : «Yeah, we will gather as the power rangers when we will be playing.»

C : «He’ll move to spain and set up a tour for us !»

All : «[Laughters]»

M : «When we will be tired of playing our songs, we will write new ones. We want to visit new places we didn’t tour before. On a personnal level, I don’t have much plans in life, so I just go for what is the funniest, and playing in a band is fun.»

C : «Eat seeds, smoke weed, fuck cops. And listen to CREDANCE CLEAR WATER.»

Thank for your time and patience, and sorry if we struggle because of my english, which couldn’t adapt to you accent.


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