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Don’t wanna write bullshit to introduce my current favorite “non-hardcore” band coming from the UK. Have a read, listen to the band, this shit is dope, and probably different from what you listened to this morning…

Interview with Connor (vocals, guitar) and Tom (drums).

1/ Can you tell us how the band began:
– How do you guys met?

C: We all met each other through going to hardcore shows over the last 6-7 years. Current lineup is Connor on vox / guitar, Tom on drums, Jimmy on bass and Max on guitar.

T: FADE began a couple years ago when myself and old guitarist Matt used to chat about old bands and music we liked. He told me about this lad from Birmingham who played guitar in a band NO REALITY who was interested in starting up a band that sounded somewhere between HUM and SMASHING PUMPKINS thus we sent files and videos back and forth for a while and went from there really. A few lineup changes since, FADE is now Max on guitar, Jimmy on bass, myself on drums and Connor on guitar and vocals.

– When did you start rehearsing?

C: We started rehearsing start of 2013 and recorded and released our demo out for the summer 2013.

T: We started practicing a month or so down the line of talking and met in Sheffield. Connor’s younger brother Morgan came up and played the bass and he played on the demo.

– I’d like to know what’s behind your name?
Unlike your hardcore background, FADE definitly seems like a more “evasive” band, per haps expressing other feelings than frustration, anger or angst?

C: There’s no meaning behind the name, I think I was trying to have a vague name like HUM or FAILURE which admittedly aren’t great names either, just means when I try and search pics of us on Instagram after a gig I have to sift through endless pics of barbers doing fade cuts.

T: I’m not sure much thought went into the name initially. I think we toyed with a few ideas but FADE stuck eventually. Unfortunately not much depth behind it! I’m mainly just a music guy. Connor handles all the lyrics and a majority of the song writing and we all tweak structures etc.

– What was the main idea when you start to figure FADE could be an interesting alternative “non-hardcore band” emerging from the British hardcore scene (you play/have played in SHRAPNEL, ABOLITION, VIOLENT REACTION, OBSTRUCT, SPEAK UP, YOUR MOVE) for example, at the very moment I’m writing these questions, you’ll play in a few Hours in Cardiff with TURNSTILE, BROKEN TEETH and ANGEL DU$T, what that means to you?

C: When we started the band the whole idea was just to sound like our favourite 90’s alt rock / post hardcore bands, seemed like quite popular bands at the time were referencing this sound as an influence but to me didn’t sound anything like them, so we just set out to distinguish ourselves by actually sounding like our influences. I didn’t really know how we were gonna be perceived by hardcore scene, but once we put up our demo most of our friends dug it which I was really happy with, we mainly play hardcore shows as thats where we feel most comfortable and emo shows occasionally.

The TURNSTILE show we played in Cardiff was one of the best shows we’ve ever played, we made the show run 2hrs late but the room was packed, I thought we played really well and lots of people seemed to vibe our set hard. TEETH, ANGEL DU$T and TURNSTILE sets were sick as well.

T: I’d like to think most of us are on the same page regarding where we’d take this band. I think there was a slight apprehension about how it could be perceived by peers and other hardcore people and affiliated but we took it as it came and it’s worked pretty well so far. We only ever really play hardcore shows and Cardiff was probably the biggest yet, but it felt the most comfortable for us. Especially with it being our 2nd show of the year- most of us have been tied down with work and other bands so it was nice to do something with FADE again. To mention the initial apprehension again, I think we found our feet with it and people like it. I don’t think it would be wise for us to separate it from hardcore, after all, we’re just hardcore kids playing different music.

– Dealing with that, how do you feel about this upcoming mini UK tour with CITIZEN and TURNOVER, two bands which seems to be more than appreciated in the current worldwide hardcore scene whereas they actually do not play hardcore? Anecdotally, I recently purchased a FADE t-shirt to Max who runs the BARONxBONES website and while we were having a little chat he definitly seemed to be more than excited about these shows: how would you explain this interest in more emo/indie/grunge/shoegaze alternative musics within the hardcore scene?

C: I don’t know both CITIZEN and TURNOVER are on Run for Cover records which with alot of those bands have a crossover appeal to hardcore kids as well as pop punk / emo scene, plus members of those bands play in active hardcore bands or are pro active in the hardcore scene so there are strong connections there so makes sense they’d have a lot of fans who are into straight up hardcore as well. I’d say QUICKSAND were the first band to appeal to a much larger audience outside of hardcore but still remain a hardcore band at heart and that’s what I would sort of compare it to.

T: We’re all excited to do something with FADE again as it has been a while. We only ever did one weekender ages ago with recently disbanded HEADROOM. I know Jake from CITIZEN pretty well via playing with his other band FREEDOM and he seemed excited to get us on board with it. I think it could be perfect for FADE as we rarely play to other alternative crowds. We’ll see how it goes, looking forward to it!

2/ What are the different bands which have musically inspired you?
It’s interesting to read the different tags you used on bandcamp to describe your music: “alternative”, “post-hardcore”, “slowcore”, “space rock”… Are you guys into bands like GALAXIE 500, LOW or maybe CODEINE?

C: There are lots but to name the most obvious: HUM, QUICKSAND, FAILURE, SMASHING PUMPKINS, GODSPEED, MEMORIAL DAY, later era TURNING POINT, OASIS etc etc.

Yeah I love CODEINE and LOW, I’m not sure if anyone could pick that influence up from hearing our songs but yeah I would say I’m influenced by them.

T: We all seem to have similar taste and influence as far as FADE goes but I do like those bands yeah. Initially HUM and PUMPKINS, TURNING POINT. Later, DEFTONES, SHIFT, OASIS and some other stuff.

3/ Last year, you’ve released a 7″ demo on Speedowax Records which sounds maybe more noisy/grunge than your first single “One With Serenity” on Neutral Words Records, especially because of the songs “Whirlwind” and “Solipsism”. “One With Serenity” 7″ is more “floating” whereas “Undead (Memorial Day)”, the teaser song from your upcoming new 7″ “Identity” on Control Records has, as to me, a more “down-to-earth” sound, like if your hardcore background wanted to surface. Do you consider that, with FADE, you can definitly explore different horizons guided by your day-by-day feelings or am I completely wrong: ideas just come and you just write down how good it might be?

T: How was/is to work with the different labels mentioned above?

C: To be honest I wouldn’t say we’ve changed at all since our demo, we’ve just wrote more songs and therefore the wider the range of influences come through. The songs for the “One With Serenity” EP and “Identity” EP were recorded at the exact same time a year and half ago, some of the songs were a bit longer and a bit more progressive (“One With Serenity”), others were a bit shorter and more to the point (“Identity”) so it seems like we may have progressed but truth is we haven’t done anything for a while so we’re slowly drip feeding our music. Yeah it was cool, Neutral Words Records is #1 hardcore label in the UK and Control Records is #1 in europe.

Do you guys plan to record a LP someday?

C: Hopefully we can get to record an LP at one stage, I think we’d do a really good job but I’m just willing to see what happens. If it happens, it happens.

4/ What about your different arts covers:
Who designed the different graphics? We can definitly see you’re trying to keep a special aesthetic concerning FADE: do you think the art you chose to illustrate your records need to really fit and match with your songs?

C:  Yeah I’m really particular on how artwork looks and how it should play in to a theme or concept of a band. We’ve used a guy called Ted Del Toro who does lots of design work for many great hardcore bands on both 7”s and couldn’t be more pleased with how they look. If you interpret the artwork representing songs that’s more than cool with me but to me they just fit the concept of what I want FADE as a band to be.

5/ I have no further questions; if you wanna add something…!

Shout out to Lewis Agostinelli, Metal Gear Solid V, Oasis tracks “Alive” and “Fade Away”, Swimmers Ear Podcast, Neutral Words Records, Control Records and Ethan’s missing teeth.


Your servant.

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