An Interview With Alfredo Gutierrez Of Forced Order, Soul Search, Fury And More… Part 2.

By Ed


DR: Fury have really taken off, they are such a rad band- are you planning on coming to Europe with Fury?

Thanks man! Definitely would love to plan something in the near future would also like new material before we make it out to make it worth it! Once a new release is out you can expect a euro tour!


DR: What have been some of your favourites places to play shows so far with any of your bands?

Hmmm it’s crazy to say I’ve been to so many places to play shows I can list so many but I’ll throw a few out Japan and the UK were something else for soul search just being so far away and having people either sing along or just like what they are hearing is a feeling unlike no other, fury got to play Boston at the AHC fest and that was hands down the most special sets I’ve ever played went beyond words for me. Florida and Texas are always responsive and make for a good time but nothing beats POMONA for me I played my first show there it’s 10 minutes from home and it’s always got a special place in my heart …..IEHC


DR: How is it being in two bands on Rev? And how did you end up working with them with both Soul Search and Forced Order?

Being a kid and discovering the first few rev releases were life changing to a hardcore kid so in all honesty it’s been an honor to be a part of a label that kinda sparked my whole interest in this music, to say I’m labelmates with warzone, chain, judge, youth of today, burn among others is sick! It all started for soul search when Adam  Lentz (rev guru) wanted to start signing some new stuff, he asked my friend Eric which was a intern at rev if there was any bands to check. He told him soul search, we talked and worked out everything and now we’re on rev. Forced order dropped the demo and asked Adam if we can distro some with the famous revhq he took some copies and later texted us about how the whole office was listening to the demo and things went from there. Like I said it’s crazy but I’m honored.


DR: Wanna tell us a bit about your new Label, Suburban Fight?

it’s with my bud Madison Woodward (guitar for fury) he has been booking shows in Southern California under the name and we talked on a fury tour that we wanted to start printing zines and putting out tapes under the name as well so out first release is the CIVIC DUTY demo which is straight edge HC not too far off from confront and brotherhood. Band included Madison Connor and robin which spend time in protested red death among so many other DC bands, we also just got another fanzine out, we’re not trying to pump out release after release but for sure having fun with it. Check out if you wanna buy something (shameless plug)


DR: What do you do other than bands and now a record label?

I’m a maintenance dude at apartment complexes around Orange County when I’m not on tour, I collect shoes/Simpson memorabilia just recently got into magic the gathering which is sick aka I’m a virgin….


DR: What Hardcore bands influence you personally?

CRO MAGS, if it wasn’t for the way Harley wrote riffs/lyrics/songs I wouldn’t be around

DR: You’re a Sneaker fan right? Whats your top five?

Jordan 1’s are number one

95 neons

90 infrared

Air max 98’s

Air Humara

Been getting into asics lately they are cool as hell gel lyte 3’s are comfy and they look tight


DR: What’s next for all your bands?

Forced order has some cool stuff planned for the winter fury has a few fests mapped out for the end of the year as well! Nothing crazy or lengthy but I’ll be around!


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