X LAIR X (Melbourne, Australia)

by Jean

Behind the masks, you’ll find in particular interesting twin brothers hailing from Melbourne, Australia, running Life Lair Regrets Records, collecting 90s hella records which share most of the time the same ideas about straight edge, animal and earth liberation. Each of them are singing in X LAIR X, the rest of the band is anonymous.


interview w/ Robert

1/ XLAIRX is rather a young band – the demo tape has just been released on L.L.R.Records – and there’s already an interest of the global hardcore audience: I remember when you just dropped the demo on L.L.R. bandcamp, I kinda “submitted” a vegan straight edge Facebook group followers to listen to it, read the lyrics… and, of course, almost everyone reacted asking if you were a hardline band (!)
Actually, did you expect that kind of interrogation?
You guys run a record label in 2015, I think that you’re absolutely aware that the hardline thing was an ephemeral trend leading to nothing in terms of “business plan”, that’s why I want to ask you if XLAIRX is finally the expression of your passion for 90s vegan straight edge bands (and the reason why you play hooded, carry on with chain, camo pants and black flags…)?

Firstly, thank you for this interview and for spreading our declaration upon this sinful world. I would like to formally denounce any rumour of any association between XLAIRX and the hardline movement. While we hold views of earth, animal and humyn liberation we could not subscribe to a movement that is so morally flawed through astounding ignorance towards issues of such importance like LGBTIQ rights. We do though have a reverence towards the hardline movement and the degree to wish it pushed the vegan straight edge movement forward for better or worse. XLAIRX is the culmination of years of study underneath 90s hardcore and the physical incarnation of our views against this world. The aesthetic of XLAIRX pays homage to a gone but not forgotten time when hardcore was more then music, it was a protest movement and it wanted to change the world.

2/ Can you tell us when did you start the band and who compose the band?
Do you guys play in other bands?
What bands/records inspired you to compose the demo?

XLAIRX started as an idea over Australian summertime this year so January/February as a four piece to practice then to six to fill out the band. The band is comprised of many former members of great bands but due to various members activities in the battle for liberation we cannot say too much about them. We are inspired by 90s Vegan Straight Edge like EARTH CRISIS, GREEN RAGE, CHOKEHOLD, SEVIN, REPRISAL, ABSENCE, DAY OF SUFFERING, BIRTHRIGHT and newer bands like ARKANGEL, XREPENTANCEX and Melbourne’s best Vegan Straight Edge band ULTIMATUM.

3/ Where does the choice of naming the band “LAIR” comes from?
It seems this is a term you use a lot concerning the microcosm you guys created concerning both band and label?
By the way, you’re the perfect representation of that “Brotherhood” motto towards hardcore/youth crew mentality since you guys are twins. What do you think of it?

Lair comes the house we live in, we call it The Lair. You’ve had houses like Positive Force in the past but we are the current incarnation of this though our agenda is of greater militancy. Everything we do concerned with the name LAIR is just based around what we do and what our friends do. Many bands and labels have spoken of brotherhood but few truly represent it and embody it the way we do.

4/ Is there a strong straight edge mentality in Australia? If yes, is it due to a lot of drinking or druging abuse you guys want to answer back?
I saw on XLAIRX’s FB page that “The Antifa Straight Edge” long sleeve t-shirt. Is there, like in Germany if we look at the video-clip a band like WOLFXDOWN recently released for that song “Flames Of Discontent”, a fascist/neo-nazi threat in 2015 Australia? I’ve never understood and taken the time to see if there was actually a lot of fascist or neo-nazi straight edgers in the world…

Sadly in Australia there isn’t a strong straight edge mentality but that’s not to say many of us do not exist. Like any country Australia has high rates of drug and alcohol abuse though we do not seek to bring blame or make accusations around these lifestyles. We seek to promote our true path to enlighten and salvation. The world is heading towards Gomorrah and we seek to realign this path to that of Eden for all humyns and animals alike. Again sadly in Australia right wing lies have been spoken enough to become truth for many people but many groups are working to change this.

5/ Are you a vegan/vegetarian band?
If yes do you stand as militant musicians (we can hear that news flash sample on the beginning of “Gaia’s Retribution” dealing with the Earth Liberation Front)? How do you wanna treat or reply to traditional shit like Yulin (China) celebration where 10 thousands dogs will be slaughtered?

We are a band that believes in humyn, animal and earth liberation by any means necessary. Cultural traditions are difficult and I don’t want to place our western judgement upon anyone or their culture but the killing of animals for any reason is inexcusable, reckless and a tradition that must end.

6/ Concerning the lyrics of the band:
Who writes the lyrics?
I personnally think we can sum up what you’re dealing with with a certain will to dispense justice: “[…] As you slaughter, you will be slaughtered, as you kill, you will be killed…”, “[…] My wrath feels no resistance, my wrath feels no remorse, my wrath is a symbol of pride, our wrath is militant…”, “[…] No longer can you hide behind these lies, your misanthropic falsehoods are no more, your system will crumble, no more gender supremacy, now the hour of total liberation is at hand…”[…] You will learn true justice, you will learn true fear (hour of judgement), you can not escape, my vengeance, you will face dominions revenge…”.
What are/were the catalyst of what you’re dealing with?
You’re answer is not very PC (!) but not pessimistic (I ask you this because I was listening to DECADENCE earlier): it seems someone, something owes us. And will pay back. What’s your point about that?

The lyrics are written usually between Michael and I but we throw around ideas as a collective. Justice and a sense for retribution and revenge on behalf of our Mother Gaia are major influences for us. We are humans and are apart of humanity which has put themselves before the needs of everything else on earth since our beginnings. We need to change our ways before we are destroy ourselves and our Mother.

7/ What are your favorite 2015 records so far?
XREPENTANCEX – The Sickness Of Eden
OLD WOUNDS– The Suffering Spirit
AXIS – Show Your Greed
BLISTERED – The Poison Of Self Confinement
DISGRACE – True Enemy
ALL OUT WAR – Dying Gods
FORCED ORDER – Vanquished Crusade
DISCOURSE – Sanity Decays
REBIRTH – Instincts of Suffering


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