@eyehatelucas interview!

by Jean.

This is the first issue of my “@interview” serie.
I decided to interview the people I like to follow on Instagram.
And Lucas Anderson’s the first person I wanted to have a chat with for different reasons: he’s a musician, he collects OG records, t-shirts and video-games and he’s a photographer.


1/ Thanks for sharing your time Lucas.
How are you doing? What can you tell me to introduce you?

Hey! I’m doing okay, on my way home from a road trip with some friends. First and foremost, I’m a New Yorker born and raised in the Lower East Side. I currently reside in Brooklyn, and have for the last 5 or 6 years. I’m 27, I work full time for a local coffee company here and in my spare time I play in a few bands, I’m take photos, and an avid record and t shirt collector.

– It seems the interest in music, for example, is all about family, isn’t it? You’ve shared pictures of your parents with their bands during the late 60s, 70s, in front of CBGB for example… Can I say they’ve sort of showed you the way before you have chosen your own path?

I mean I definitely have my father to thank for a lot of the bands I like, he was a music reviewer for a while for publications like SPIN magazine and The Village Voice, he liked a wide variety of music and it definitely was passed down onto me. One of my earliest memories regarding music is my dad playing me “I Wanna Be Sedated”, I’ve been a fan ever since.
He played in a band called TRAGIC FLAW, he was really into the band TELEVISION and I think that was the style TRAGIC FLOW was going for. He’s told me stories about all the different shows he saw at CBGBs, like the RAMONES and NEW YORK DOLLS, he even saw SLOWDIVE there. He also did a write up of a GORILLA BISCUITS show in the 80s for some magazine. I’m pretty jealous of a lot of his past.
My mom was in a hippie rock band called CATHARSIS in the 60s. She gets a real kick out of the fact that I loved CATHARSIS (the crimethinc band) and would always tell her friends about it.  Her musical influence didn’t get passed down to me as much, she lives in Woodstock, and is pretty involved in their music scene up there, but it’s totally another world for me.
I definitely started to find my own way. Granted, for my generation it was really easy once we got the Internet. I did however used to go to a local music store and just buy albums because they looked good. I got quite a few records from my dads collection, the first being “Damaged”  by BLACK FLAG, when I was 12. After that I tried to find anything that resembled that sound.

image1 image2

– What bands or solo artists left a serious trace on your childhood?
When you were a teenager it seems you were the typical crust punk freak! What memories do you remember from that time? Were you like obsessed by an anti-war philosophy, animal liberation…? Did you start playing drums and play in bands at that time?

THE RAMONES, first and foremost. But one of my favorite records of all time is the first WEEZER record. I got it on cassette when it came out and played it until it didn’t work anymore!!! I have that album memorized like the back of my head. I’d consider it a perfect rock record. Once I discovered BLACK FLAG, I slowly got into more and more hardcore punk, the first crust band I heard was NAUSEA, (I heard them on a compilation CD that I got for free at a Tompkins Square Park show) and they’re what got me into animal rights and vegetarianism/veganism.
They also paved the way for all the political punk bands I like, and I had been playing drums for a few years at that time so I was ready to start a band. I met Travis Bacon (WHITE WIDOWS PACT, GRUDGES) through an old friend. She introduced us and said we should start a band. And that’s exactly what we did, we started our old crust band, TERROR LEVEL RED. We were a band for 5-6 years. Put out a seven inch, an Lp, toured the US. all pretty much during and right after high school. Me and Travis have continued to play music ever since. Going back to that first seven inch to where we are now is crazy to see how much we both have grown as musicians.


– Nowadays, things seem a bit different. Like you seem obsessed by Morrissey & THE SMITHS, grunge and shoegaze (ALICE IN CHAINS, SOUNDGARDEN, SEEWEAD or RIDE just to name a few bands), and different kinds of hardcore bands than DISCHARGE or DISRUPT for example. Where I come from, people are definitly not that open-minded: it can be considered totally delusional to own for example TURNSTILE first LP, MERAUDER 1993 demo tape and DYSTOPIA entire discography! What do you think about that?

My dad HATES THE SMITHS/Morrissey, but I got the first SMITHS LP from him!!! I think he had to review it at some point. All that grunge stuff is stuff I grew up on, it just stuck with me. I think when it comes to making music, you truly need to have an open mind. Look at bands like TURNSTILE and ANGEL DU$T, they’re doing something COMPLETELY different than most bands. There are so many separate influences on those records and that is SO sick. I just think it’s boring to limit yourself to just hardcore, so many kids are missing out on some of the greatest stuff and it’s right under their nose! If I strictly only got punk and hardcore records, my collection would be so much smaller! Music is something I have an emotional attachment to, and if I feel something I can relate to in a record, I’m immediately caught and drawn in.


– What about being straight edge or vegan? Do you think that’s a “hardcore thing” or, on the contrary something very ethical? What are NYC best vegan restaurants?

I’ve had a up and down history with being sober. I never had fun drinking/doing drugs growing up, but also found peer pressure to be really easy to fall into. I’ve suffered from depression for a really really long time, and had a hard time fitting in with any of the kids I grew up with, so I would drink with them in hopes that it would help. It didn’t. Finally about six years ago, after some really bad stuff happened, I made the choice to claim edge. I never want to go back to where I was and who I was back then, and now I have a life commitment to back it up. Straight edge is definitely a punk hardcore thing. I’ve met people who are straight edge and aren’t involved with punk or hardcore and it just seems weird. Most of the time it’s something they grew out of, but still wanted to be sober.
Being vegan on the other hand has been something I’ve held on to for about 12 years now. I can thank the song “Electrodes” by Nausea to my passion for not consuming animals. While the song focuses on animal testing it made me sit back and think about exactly what I was eating and exactly where it was coming from. Growing up, you’re never really taught to think about it, you know it’s an animal, but society is taught not to really think about what happens to them, we’re taught at a young age to turn a blind eye. I know it’s not that way for everyone but, that’s how it was for me. Not soon after, I said “fuck that I don’t wanna eat meat” and went vegetarian. About a year later, my friend Spencer (Mad Diesel/Lords of Death) helped really push me to be vegan, it wasn’t hard to make the switch, And I haven’t looked back. Veganism can be a punk and hardcore thing. But I’m not doing it for that, yes punk brought it to my attention, but I don’t want any animals deaths on my conscience.

– In which bands are you currently playing in? MANIPULATE or GRUDGES are really different bands, would you be up to join other completely different bands which would reflect your really open-minded musical tastes?

Currently I am in GRUDGES, ABYSMAL DECAY, and a currently unnamed straight edge band.
I’m actually not in MANIPULATE anymore, there’s no bad blood. My style just wasn’t what they were looking for. They currently have Paul Klein (THE BANNER/SUBURBAN SCUM playing drums for them. Much respect to them, they definitely found someone who fits their style more. Paul is one of the nicest dudes I have ever met and an unreal drummer.
GRUDGES is the weird brain child of me, Travis and Jake Gordon, we all have diverse musical tastes but mostly it’s a perfect blend of New York hardcore ala MADBALL and MERAUDER mixed with grindcore bands like NASUM/ASSÜCK and DISRUPT. Travis moved away from New York for a bit and when he moved back, he called me and said “hey do you wanna start a band that sounds like MADBALL mixed with NASUM?” And I said “fuck yeah.” We have a 7 inch that we sold out of but you might still be able to find it through distros, two tapes and a full record of songs we haven’t released yet. Hopefully looking for a label who wants to put it out.
ABYSMAL DECAY is a sludgey death metal band. Old school riffs, really catchy stuff. I play drums and sing. My lyrical content deals mostly with depression and death. It’s a good outlet for me and just further proves how important a factor music is in my life. We don’t have anything recorded yet but we should have a demo done by the end of the year.
The unnamed straight edge band is a collaboration between a few friends of mine here, and a few of our friends in DC, who play in bands like stand off and nuclear age. Those are bands people should definitely check out. Our sound so far is akin to NYHC in the late 80s/early 90s. Kinda like MADBALL “Set It Off”/”Droppin Many Suckers”. One of my best friends, Claire is singing. She’s probably one of the smartest and most compassionate people I know, I’m stoked for her finally sing in a band. We wanna be able to be hard as shit, but sing about important matters at the same time.
I’ve also been known to fill in time to time for THE WRONGSIDE, which is pretty cool. It’s not easy to fill DFJs shoes, but the songs are fun to play regardless, and we always do some covers. Always a fun time.
Playing with GRUDGES is always fun. It’s usually smaller shows, like at the Acheron or Saint vitus in Brooklyn. We’ve played Abc No Rio a lot too. That’s always fun. A ton of history there.
Playing with MANIPULATE was always fun too, we usually got to play bigger shows, which meant I got to share the stage with a lot of my favorite bands. Same with WRONGSIDE. I’ve done a few shows where I’ve played with both bands at the same show, those are tough.
I’ve been trying to start a shoegaze band for a minute. That would be fun, but I’d love to be in a band that sounds like hole or “going blank again” era RIDE.

2/ When did you start shooting photos?


I started maybe 5 years ago, I bought a Polaroid camera from my friend Evan, right before Grudges did a week long tour. I did a little tour diary. After that I was hooked, started getting more into film cameras. I learned a lot from my roommate Marisa who was pretty much my mentor.

– What was the catalyst of that passion? Was it a family thing too? Like having photographs books…

It was more just another artistic outlet beside music. I was never good at drawing, poetry or anything else, but always had fun shooting photos.

– How did you get your first camera? From time to time, do you like to use different equipment or try different conditions of shooting? What is your favorite equipment?

Like I said before I got my first camera from my friend Evan McKnight. He’s a great photographer and portrays the city in a way no one else does.
I like shooting mostly from my little point and shoot.  For live band stuff I always use digital. I’ll take a few photos with my film camera but it’s too easy to completely go through a roll of film within the first few minutes of a band! Film is so expensive nowadays, so I use it sparingly. I don’t really like to mess around with my conditions too much, I’ve got a style I like and I don’t really wanna mess with it too much.
As far as favorite equipment, I gotta say my Yashica T4, it’s withstood so much abuse from me and still takes amazing photos.

– I guess NYC can be a hella playground for shooting, I guess that’s why there are a lot of different headings on your website (from live pics to Polaroïds)?

For sure. Sometimes I’ll walk home from work, (about 5-6 miles) and I’ll just take my time soaking in everything I see, and capturing most of it.

– When did the idea of the “Casual Ties Of Common Life” come out? Is the book still available?
Was it your first project? Do you plan to release a new book someday?

I’ve been friends with Stephen for a while, I think we just had mutual friends and it was only a matter of time until our paths crossed.  He runs Little Death Press (who put out the book) with Ian Shiver and they approached me about doing a book with my photos, Stephens poetry is truly amazing and worked well with my photos.
That was my first serious book. I made a zine when I first got into this stuff called “so I lay my head to rest and dream of the misery to come” with old photos and random writings.  It was poorly done, I did it all for free in a staples with my friend Dano (he taught me how to bypass the payment part of the photo copy machines). Personally I hate that zone, and I find it pretty embarrassing.  I have a few ideas floating around and I should have a new book or two out at some point or another.


– Do you have friends who shoot photographs too?

Yeah quite a few actually! Marisa Abaza, who’s been my roommate for years, she’s taught me pretty much everything I know about photography.

Claire O’Boyle, another amazing photographer.  She’s the singer of the unnamed straight edge band I mentioned before. She has a nice way of capturing emotions that I can’t quite put my finger on, they put me at a real loss for words some times.

Evan Hunter McKnight, I mentioned him before. Great street photographer. He captures moments in the city that I’ll never get a chance to see.

Angela Owens, who might be my favorite live band photographer, her style is often imitated, but no one does it like her.

Rebecca Lader is a great travel photographer, she captures moments and places I only wish I had the time to experience.

– When you plan to take pictures during a show (let speak of CATHARSIS, NUCLEAR AGE, POWER TRIP, TITLE FIGHT or PURE DISGUST for example), do you think that’s another way of attending to a show? Do you feel the music differently? And when you take an eye on the results, do you think you have caught the spirit of the moment? What was the best show you attended to and shot so far?

I enjoy taking photos at a show especially knowing people will look back at them and remember how good a show it was, or for people who couldn’t go.  I always focus on the band first, I honestly try to leave the crowd out as much as possible. Sometimes they’re in the photo, sometimes they’re not.  But my focus is on the band always.
If I’m taking photos of a band I like, it can get distracting cause I’ll be getting into the music, so I try to keep a good balance between enjoying the band and capturing the moment.
My favorite show I’ve taken photos of was probably the stand off/nuclear age show I went to in DC.  The DC scene is so cool and all the bands that played were great.  I got some really good photos of my friends in nuclear age and stand off too.

3/ Concerning the collector thing.
– When did you start collecting records, OG bands t-shirts and video-games?

I bought my first LP when I was 13, it was “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” by DEAD KENNEDYS, I had been buying tapes and CDs before that, but my dad gave me a record player, so after that I just kept buying them.
As for shirts, I remember seeing some guy on the street in a old QUICKSAND shirt with the Ouroboros design.  I thought it was so sick.  I always would buy shirts from bands but eventually it became more of a collecting thing and I started to search for vintage shirts.
The videos games though, those have been with me for a while. I got a Super Nintendo in 1994.  I’ve had a handful of those games since then, if I’m out at a flea market and I see some games I always pick them up, I still play most of them,  I’m actually on my way home from a retro video game convention as I’m answering these questions right now, haha.

– Is NYC full of awesome second hand or collector record shops? Do you sometimes need to drive or travel to find great items? What about Internet?

I grew up going to Generation Records, they’re still around but the used section isn’t quite as good.  Heaven Street Records is good for metal/noise they have a pretty good used/rare section.  My favorite in the city is probably either Academy Records or Human Head Records, they both have great and really varied used selections.
My favorite record store I’ve been to is right outside the city called Clockwork Records.  The owner Mike is such a nice dude, old NYC dude. He sold me so many cool records, plus some old flyers too.
I definitely use Discogs/eBay  a lot. It’s definitely an easy access to some really hard to find records, plus Discogs will send you emails when people put records you’re looking for up for sale. That’s crazy.

– Do you have a few anecdotes to tell us about record shopping? Like the best deal you ever made, the most expensive piece you bought or how many times you purchased the same record just because you love it so much?

Not a whole lot of crazy finds, but I had a ton of friends who worked at places sell me records for insanely cheap.  Like for example, I got OUTBURST’s “miles to go” for two bucks. Or MELVINS “Houdini” for like 30 dollars.  I have a bunch of lesser known Profane Existence records test presses, like the CHRISTDRIVER LP which is amazing, and the STATE OF THE UNION LP, another amazing under rated band on that label.  I recently got some test presses from Yannick from HIS HERO IS GONE, he put a bunch up on eBay, I ended up getting a few.
I’ve bought multiple copies of the first WEEZER record, on a few different formats, haha.
My dad gave me the first press of the first RAMONES record, autographed by all of them. That’s probably my most valuable record but that’s never gonna leave my collection.


– Do you pay attention to collect as much OG records as possible or sometimes you need to own different pressings, bootlegs, reissues?

I usually go for OGs if I can, some represses are really nice, but I have a a few bootlegs of records I know I’ll never be able to afford or own, like original GISM records, or THE SMITHS “There’s A Light…” single.

– When and how did you get your Swatch X-Rated?

I have no cool story about this, I got one for cheap on eBay cause the band was broken. Everything else about the watch was fine. I fixed it up and wear it every day.


– Actually, I don’t get why people sell old bands merch. Sometimes it’s not just “too” expensive, it’s almost creepy. You see people on the Internet asking for offers 90% of the people can’t afford and these assholes almost cry when you tell’em “Hey dude! That’s way too much!” plus, if we consider the fact that making your own t-shirt is not so tough, everything looks pretty stupid! What do you feel about that?

There’s a crazy vintage community online. Some people truly think they can get thousands of dollars for shirts.  There’s also a vintage store here that ups the prices of every shirt they have, I saw an original New York dolls shirt for 2000 dollars. It’s crazy, I’ve gotten a good grasp of what things are worth.  I have a friend who collects shirts and sells for a living and showed me a lot of the stuff I know now.

– What about video-games? Is it something you keep doing since childhood? What games console? I know shit about that, do you own very special items?

Video gaming has been something I’ve done since I was a kid. I grew up on Super Nintendo and Nintendo, I have both of those systems plus, I’m a huge fan of Sony’s systems. I never had one growing up but borrowed one from my friend in school at the time.  I always enjoyed video games cause it was an escape from life. Growing up with depression and having video games was an easy way to escape that.  I have a few Super Nintendo games that are now worth 200+ dollars! It’s insane.

– To finish the interview I’d like to ask you what are your different Records, T-Shirts & Video-Games Top 10 of all time and which different pieces you’d like to own in the next days, months, years, decades?

Wow, that’s a lot!
I’ll start with my ten records first.
1. WEEZER – ST (the blue record). I’ve loved this record since it came out.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to it.


2. DYSTOPIA – “Human = Garbage”. One of my favorite records from my crust days, some of the craziest music I have ever heard. No true way to describe it besides it being negative as fuck.  Listen if you haven’t already, Dino is one of the best drummers I’ve ever heard, and is a huge influence on my drumming.


3. MADBALL – “Hold it down”. The first MADBALL record I heard, it’s my favorite in my opinion.  It a little less raw than set it off or any of the ones before that but “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” is such a ripper, and “Fall This Time” has my favorite madball breakdown.  Definitely a perfect album from front to back.

4. AVAIL – Dixie. I started listening to AVAIL in middle school, I was getting bullied a lot and whenever I listened to them it would make me happy.  They’ve held a special place in my heart since then.  “Dixie” has some of their more powerful lyrics, and it’s probably the funnest avail record to play on drums. (I practice to this record constantly.)


5.  CATHARSIS – “Passion”. I don’t remember how I found out about this band, I think I saw someone wearing a patch back in the day and I checked them out. There was an immediate connection to the record.  A lot of raw emotions that I could connect to. It’s a perfect hardcore record. Insane musicianship and perfect lyrics.


6. RAMONES – “Road To Ruin.  My absolute favorite RAMONES record.  Nothing else to say. The true kings of punk.

7. NEUROSIS – “Souls At Zero”.  An amazing record by one of the heaviest bands in the world, this was the first record that didn’t have any hardcore punk elements in it. Just a straight up weird metal record.


8. THE SUBHUMANS – “The Day The Country Died”. I love this record. One of my favorite political punk bands, I’ve seen them countless times, they still hold up to this day.


9. ALICE IN CHAINS – “Facelift”.  I love this band. It’s hard to pick a favorite record from their earlier catalogue, but I’ll have to go with this one.  It’s the first one I heard, they’re the perfect heavier grunge band.

10. BIG PUN – “Yeeeeah Baby!”  This is my absolute favorite hip hop record. It’s the sound of New York, big pun was one of the best rappers of all time. His style was unmatched, insanely fast and just didn’t give a fuck. I love it. (RIP)


Top ten t shirts? Maybe a little easier than records.
1. CRO-MAGS – Down but not out ’89 shirt. This ones easy, I always wanted this shirt, and last year around my birthday a good price, so I finally got my hands on it.  This shirt is most hc kids most wanted shirt, I’m not a reseller, I’ll never part with it.  People have straight up offered me $500 for it, there’s no way I could ever do that, call me crazy but it has too much sentimental value.

image1 image2

2. MERAUDER – Demo skull shirt. I bought this off of some vintage store on eBay from CT.  I’ve seen this shirt go for over 100 dollars but I managed to haggle and get it for way cheaper than that.  I love MERAUDER, one of my favorite nyhc bands. They had the perfect blend of death metal and New York hardcore.

image31 image32

3. QUICKSAND – Ouroboros shirt. I love this shirt, from what I understand it’s pre Rev? I could be wrong but the artwork on the back is what makes it for me.

image29 image30

4. ALICE IN CHAINS – “Facelift” tour shirt. I have an insane amount of AIC shirts, it’s hard to pick a favorite one. It’s either this one or my Alice in wonderland longsleeve. Both designs are so sick.

image27 image28

5. SOUNDGARDEN – “Louder Than Love” (red) I have three different color ways of this shirt. My favorite is the red with “TOTAL FUCKING GODHEAD” on the back. I also have a crazy amount of soundgarden shirts. Another great band from the grunge era.

image25 image26

6. EYEHATEGOD – lack of almost everything longsleeve.  EYEHATEGOD is one of my favorite sludge bands, this longsleeve I got by chance from a guy on eBay. I bought an older GRIEF shirt from him and he contacted me with a list of other stuff he was selling. I actually ended up getting quite a few shirts off of him for a discounted price. It’s always cool when people want to look out for people who actually appreciate shirts and aren’t trying to resell them.


7. L7 – hands logo shirt. I got this off of my friend Sergio who runs @nic_fit vintage. I always love supporting him, he’s a great dude and very reasonable. He always hits me up when he has stuff that I’d be interested in.

8. MADBALL – “Set It Off”.  Bought this off my friend Gavin, didn’t know I bought it off of him until the PayPal receipt went through. Pretty funny, but always love helping a friend out when they need cash.  I love the old school MADBALL logo, this shirt is perfect. One of my favorites.

image21 image20

9. DYSTOPIA – Deforestation shirt.  I’ve always wanted an OG DYSTOPIA shirt and I finally got one this year. My favorite band besides THE SMITHS. Has the lyrics to “Population Birth Control” on the back and isn’t a design they kept in print. Very cool. I bought it off of an old metal head from Oakland. Legit stuff.

image18 image19

10. SMITHS – hatful of hollow. I bought myself this for Christmas a few years ago, I got a really good deal on it, because otherwise I’d never be able to afford any original smiths stuff.  It’s really thin on screen stars I’m always worried it’s gonna get ripped to shreds.


Top ten video games might be hard too but I’ll try.
1. Earthbound (SNES). Probably my all time favorite game. It’s a RPG but with a less serious tone and more realistic characters you can relate to. I actually try to play through this game once a year.


2. Final fantasy VII (psx). This isn’t a very diverse game to like, most people either love it or hate it.  I love it, I play through it once a year as well.  Didn’t have PlayStation growing up but I had this game for PC. I finally own it years later, and I have a ton of memorabilia from it including one of the promo shirts, which I found at a thrift store! They sell on ebay anywhere from 100-400 dollars! Crazy.


3. Metal Gear Solid (psx). I actually borrowed my friends PlayStation and this game when it came out, and I played through it 2 or 3 times.  It’s the first game I’ve ever played that had a movie style script, and also one of the craziest stories I’ve ever followed. Hideo Kojima is an actual genius when it comes to complex stories. It’s sad to hear he’s retiring at the end of the year, he is known for tricking people so maybe he’s lying again.


4. Mega Man X. (SNES) I always liked the mega man series but I enjoyed the X series way more.  The music is some of the best in the series, and I’ve spent countless hours playing through it. A truly fun and challenging game.


5. Final Fantasy VI. (SNES) probably the first RPG I’ve ever played. Great story, funny characters and a ton of secrets!


6. Donkey Kong Country. (SNES) one of my favorite platformers, I used to play it with my family all the time, also one of the first games to use the super FX chip which changed the face of gaming forever.  Back then I couldn’t believe a game looked like that.


7. Super Mario World 2. Yoshi’s Island (SNES). The first super Mario world was one of the first video games I ever owned and played! But the second one was cooler in my opinion, the artwork was really weird and stuck out more in my opinion.


8. Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. (SNES) one of the other first games I played!  I loved every second of this game, easily the best game in the Zelda series.  It was a great adventure and got me sucked in from the first few seconds.


9. Chrono Trigger. (SNES). another one of the greatest RPGs of all time, it was insane at the time how in depth this game was. Long story, different characters and outcomes depending on how you play the game. It was so cool to be able to play the game and then play it completely a different way the next time around.


10. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4). Wow a current gen system on my list!  This has been dubbed as the last metal gear solid game, which is really sad, cause I’ve been following that series since the beginning.  I’ve played through the story once in this game so far, which took about 60 hours, which is unheard of these days from a game!  It’s easily one of the best games I’ve ever played in a while.  I strongly suggest anyone who plays games and has a current generation console to pick this game up if hey haven’t yet.


As far as things I want to own in the future? The list is endless but a few gems I can think of off the top of my head is an OG AGNOSTIC FRONT “Cause For Alarm” album artwork shirt. My friend gave me the banned artwork shirt, but I love the actual artwork from the album.  I’d love an OG INTEGRITY shirt preferably the “In Contrast Of Sin” artwork.  I want the original first ALICE IN CHAINS shirt design, it’s so hard to come by and I’ve only seen it twice.  I’d love some of the SOUNDGARDEN stuff I don’t have.  I’ve always wanted an OG DISCHARGE shirt, definitely some older crust stuff, like AXIOM and DISRUPT, and I really want the KICKBACK – “Hell On Earth” shirt.
As far as records go, that list will never end.  Right now I’m really looking for the CARCINOGEN demo(pre-DYSTOPIA) and the HIS HERO IS GONE demo.
And as for video games? That always keeps going, I really want Mega Man x2 and x3 for SNES I never had those but they’re so expensive.
There’s a few things I want but know I’ll never have.  Like the WARZONE “Super Bowl” shirt, that goes for 700+ regularly.  Some video games too like Hagane (SNES) Metal Warriors(SNES) and little Samson(nes) all go for INSANE amounts of money. I can be hopeful that’ll I’ll find them for cheap(shout out to the game chasers) but it’s unlikely.
Thanks again for interviewing me, it’s been fun talking about all my favorite stuff. If anyone wants to keep up with my photography/collecting you can on Instagram @eyehatelucas and my photography website is www.lucashenryezekielanderson.com.


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