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I Had an email from ‘Crucial’ John Scharbach about four weeks ago about a new band on Mosher’s Delight called Might. They hadn’t recorded anything yet but I think he knew it would be my gear….and it is.

Interview Conducted with Mir (Vocals)



DR: So Mir, tell us a bit about what Might is all about bro?

M: Might is the meeting of four friends and minds to create something very special that resonates deeply with us. It’s a feeling, a thought, an idea, one that we felt was on the back-end of things in the spectrum of 2015 HC. We are advocates of a ‘to each their own’ philosophy, but you don’t have to wear a crop top or change your style with the musical trend of the month to stand out. The way you can stand out is by being you, it’s how you define yourself. HC, or lets take it a step further, even LIFE, is beyond the current fashion trends of trying to appear dirty, or spooky to raise an eyebrow, or having a competition to see who’s dangly accessory is more ornamental.

We wanted to bring back to the table a sound, a fervor that was more reminiscent of what you’d feel when looking at the cover of BDTW. A crowd, full of self-expression, and on stage, a monolith presenting to them a plethora of ideas. We of course are no YOT, but they def. played a direct impact on our vision, along with the sounds of Unit Pride, Wide Awake, Turning Point, Enuf, Chain of Strength, and of course NYHC. That was the goal with our sound.

We are of course a straight edge band, there will never be any ‘if, and or buts about that.” Everyone walks a different path in life, and I’ve been on mine of a long ass time, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Honestly, it’s beyond the edge label since I’ve always been on this tip. On a similar token, I don’t believe we will appeal only to our ilk since the lyrics are about a personal struggles and disillusionment, they’re very real when juxtaposed with an overly unreal/optimistic outlook. Even though a line may seem apparent in meaning, there is a lot behind it to me on a personal level. For a reality dose, refer to the Raw Deal demo. I also have on ongoing debate with a few friends about how AOQ lyrics > BDTW lyrics.


DR: Who is in the band and playing what? Are any of you from any other bands?

M: My name is Mir, I’ll be your vocalist for this evening, Connor Jones is on the guitar, Michael Virgin is on bass, and Mark Ramos plays the kit. We recently added Enrique Marquez of Minority Unit on second guitar, so that’s definitely going to bring our sound to another level. If I could pinpoint where we began, it would be at a dinner with a few friends at a local spot in the city called Tacos A Go Go aka TAGG, where my friend Ramos mentioned starting a project with Virgin and him since we all had similar tastes. Upon that, we had a few friends who didn’t make the cut since BOLD wasn’t a top priority, and eventually added Connor into the mix, who quickly became the glue we needed. Our first practice was in May of 2015 at our friend Kevin from United Races’ practice space. I’ve been studying for the last 15 years, so I knew what I wanted, and together with input from everyone, we were able to record our demo with Josh Bokemeyer late August. Other current bands of the MIGHT crew, well, Connor is basically in every band in HC right now, he just hit three with MDR. Virgin is part of Mass Movement with the Bollywood model, Jay Krishna. Ramos and I will be starting a project soon that will sound like LUSH making love to Stone Roses.


DR: So you asked me what I felt when I first heard the demo and I said …….YOT bro! Is that the kind of idea all the members want to go for?

M: We love YOT, but honestly different people will hear the demo differently, and maybe what we tried to do turned into what it became. Who knows. I was most definitely using various spirit animals for my part. My goal was to produce something memorable, not just ‘another band’ so time will tell, I guess. The world doesn’t need anymore sub-par cheesy HC at this point, regardless of its finite category.


DR: What are some of your personal favourite Straight Edge Hardcore bands & Records?

M: Those are all obvious, right now I want to talk about how good the new Beach House record is. Have you sat down and listened to Depression Cherry? Do you understand how that record makes me feel? The four tracks I keep going back to are Levitation, Sparks, Space song, and Beyond Love… basically the beginning chunk of the album. I literally haven’t been able to get the line, “tender is the night for a broken heart / who will dry your eyes when it falls apart,” out of my head. There’s something about the first part that creates a story-line in my mind that I just can’t shake off. Sub Pop’s dream pop duo has surely done it again. Oh, I’ve also been on a Unity – Blood Days kick for the past two weeks. “I search, for a path, man, that won’t lead me astray,” makes me feel the same way as the above quote but in a different way. Does any of this make sense?

DR: How did you end up hooking up with John and MDR?

M: John and I have been friends since probably as early as 2002. I think we met because of a zine I did called Look Beyond around that time and we’ve kept in contact for all those years, and I consider him one of my closest buds, even though I don’t approve of many things he says and does… jk… sorta. I knew him when he was diving and moshing in Insted shirts with bleach blond hair, trim, sexy, ripe af, speaking with his southern drawl, and so on. I’m also a Breakthrough Demo super-fan, and wish I was also able to catch them with Chris Casali of The Game on stage. Glad I caught them once at least, in Florida with Damage Control, and The First Step.


I met the other half of MDR, Zachary when I escaped Houston for a long weekend to MA and then DC, he was about to put out the first Intent demo at the time. He didn’t speak much but we bonded over our love of the New Breed tape comp and kept in touch after that. Before MDR became a label I was helping them with reviews for the fanzine. Case in point, MIGHT was meant to be on MDR before it even existed.

DR: So you haven’t played out… when and where is your first show and who with?

M: Connor goes to school in another state, and we are all busy doing our own things, so I’m unsure of when we’ll play out. Our demo isn’t even out yet, and we were recently approached to open up for Madball, but couldn’t due to logistics. The notion of that opportunity itself somewhat blew my mind. I’m sure we’ll get on stage sometime soon. Our friend Bucky of Wired Up, a cool little record/toy/book shop wants us to do an in-store thing, so we’ll see what happens. Got something in the works for a weekend in TX next year as well.


DR: How far would you want to go with Might? Tours outside of the US?

M: Great question, to which I’ll reply, who freakin’ knows? I’ve been trying to do a band of this vein since 2001, and it just naturally fell into place with the best group of people within the past few months. Maybe we’ll do a 7″, maybe we’ll tour Europe, maybe I’ll get to see Sportswear, maybe we’ll disappear, the future is not always what it seems.


DR: When can we expect the tape to drop on MDR?

M: Whose cell number do you want? Zach or Johns?

M: Thanks for giving us some space on your web blog, it’s much appreciated. I hope everyone who listens to us gets something out of it, or enjoys it to whatever potential. It can’t be stressed enough how much love we’ve been getting, thanks to all our friends and supporters. Also, I want to mention that respecting and being honest with others and yourself is a major key to happiness. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything everyone says, or get along with everyone. It means you have to acknowledge other opinions exist and that you’re not living in a vacuum. Sober in ’15. Peace and blessings. XXX


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