Matt Wieder – Miracle Drug

By Ed


 Miracle Drug are a new Hardcore band out of Louisville, Kentucky.

 When Matt sent me the demo I knew it was my shit instantly.

This Band has old school values with members of Mouthpiece, Supertouch, By The

 Grace Of God and C.R.

DR: First up when and how did the idea for MD come about?

MW -Well,Thommy and I have been playing in bands together off and on for the last 20 years. I think he just mentioned to

me one day that he would be into the idea of doing another hardcore band with me. Since I sang in the last band we

did together, (Automatic) I was pretty excited about the idea of just playing guitar. The line up just sort of fell into

place when our friend Jeremy, who plays bass in Supertouch, moved back to Louisville. We played together a few

times without a singer but after finding out that Bricks from C.R.was now also living in Louisville, we did the only thing

that made sense and snatched him up. The guy is too good of a frontman and has way to much nervous energy to not

be playing in a band.


 DR: How has the Demo been received? What kind of feedback have you got

so far? Were you pleased with the recording process?

MW- We just kinda put the demo out there without a lot of fanfare and I’ve been really happy with the response. We

recorded with our friend Trip Barringer at his studio Treehouse  Audio. Trip does a great job and is super easy to work

with. We wanted to go in and rip out a pretty raw hardcore demo so we didn’t really spend a lot of time in the studio.

I’m pretty happy with the results


DR: How do you go about the writing lyrics and music process, is it a

together thing?

MW -It’s a little bit of both. The first song we had was Frozen and I had the one pretty much finished musically before we

ever got together. With the other stuff i would say it’s been a bit more of a band effort. Usually ,I will have the basic

framework of a song and we’ll arrange it as a band. We might add or take things away based on what works with the

vocals or Jeremy’s bass line etc. When it comes to lyrics, that’s all Bricks. That’s one of the things i’m most excited

about with this band. I feel like Bricks is a great lyricist.


 DR: What are some of the bands that have really influenced MD in all


MW- I don’t know if we have influences collectively. I think the only thing we really said was we want to play hardcore.

obviously “Hardcore” is a pretty broad term. That being said, for me personally when it comes to playing guitar, I’m

not afraid to admit to worshiping at the alter of Capone and DiCara.

DR: Have you played out much yet?

Where have you been so far?

MW -we’ve played a handful of shows so far. We just came back from our first out of town show this past weekend inIndianapolis.


 DR: Do you guys all live pretty close and get to practice semi hassle


MW –  Yeah, we all live close. it’s funny, because 3/4 of this band has spent a huge amount of time living in the NYC area.

It sometimes feels like we’re an east coast band transplanted to Louisville


 DR: Being a bit older, is it hard for you guys to balance adult

obligations like work and personal interests etc with being in bands?

I know for me I have to juggle a lot around to be able to get my

Hardcore fix ie go to shows and do this Zine.

MW -Yeah, Obviously it’s bit tougher as you get older to continue to play in a band. It’s not that big of a deal though. I

think as long as you manage your expectations it’s not a huge deal. I can’t approach being in a band at 41 the same

way I did at 21. Sometimes it’s a bit of a bummer when you have to turn down things that involve extended travel but

for the most part I think we all feel just as energized and stoked on playing music as ever.


  DR: Have you had much label interest yet? I’m already stoked to hear more.

MW-  We’re doing a small run of tapes with a local Louisville label but beyond that we don’t really have anything in the

works as a far as labels go. So any interested labels. feel free to get in touch.

DR: What are your personal favourite Hardcore records?

MW That’s a tough question. If we are talking strictly hardcore I would say. Can I Say, Age of Quarrel, Walk Together,

Rock Together, Quicksand 7″, Inside Out 7″ Start Today…those are probably the ones I have listened to the most over

the years.


 DR: Where do you want to go with MD?

There is really no clearly defined goal. I just want to play hardcore. I enjoy doing it.  I want to write songs and play as

many shows as possible. Putting out a record would be great as well.

DR: Thanks Matt, looking forward to hearing more MD!

MW Thanks

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